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If you’re looking for a way to change the boring Google logo to your own name, then don’t forget to check out a few cool websites below. Besides Google style logo, you can also create another logo themes related to Yahoo!, Lord of the Ring, Star Wars, Coca Cola, Harry Potter, Aladdin and more logo styles & colors. In this tutorial you will learn how you can make your own personal search engine with a custom name as logo. Hey, that is something interesting in itself, I have never even think that Google will allow to change the name on behalf of it.Thanks for cool Tip.

The step by step process is already given in the very first post of this thread along with images. Then selecting the settings gear from the upper right corner, and in the dropdown select "Settings". Enter the name you wish to appear with your email address into the text field, then click the Save Changes button. You should now be at the Google+ account associated with your Google Apps for OSU ONID account.

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All these websites provide simple and easy-to-use logo generator that enable you to create your own Google theme logo page and set it as your homepage to show your colleagues on how cool is it!

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