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The decision is made to appear unique to our brand Vardia Insurance in all channels and settings. I have a popular group page on Facebook that I manage and as it’s become more busy, the original name doesn’t really describe it any more. Fortunately the group name isn’t in that small category of permanent names, and it’s not entirely obvious how to change it, but it can be done. To start, go to your group page on Facebook but don’t click on “Edit Settings” because it ain’t what you want.

On the 7th of December 2015 Burke Shipping Group will be changing their name to Doyle Shipping Group (DSG).
With this change, we renew our long-term commitment to you our customers, to provide you with the same reliable service on which we have built our reputation and which you have come to expect. Over the next few weeks you will see our new branding appearing on our emails, websites, letterheads, business cards, signage and equipment. BergesenScandinavian Insruance Group AS becomes Vardia Insurance Group ASA as of 16th of desember 2013.

I think the only thing you definitely can’t change, the only thing that’s just locked into place once you choose it, is a shortened URL shortcut.

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