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The IP (Internet Protocol) address helps to identify the terminal that one is using when surfing the internet while at the same time enabling one to trace their online activities.
In order to gain the IP address, you can make a request from the internet service provider. The procedure for changing the IP address in Windows Vista is similar to that used in Windows XP. You can now input the new IP address or alternatively, you can automatically receive it from your router or modem.

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Hix, noi chung do em ko co can b?n m?y v? c?u hinh IP Local nen r?t kho hu?ng d?n em, ko bi?t noi sao?? When using the command prompt to change the IP address, there are two options that one can use. Changing IP address is not easy especially if doing it promptly as it requires a long process.

But some ISP assign static IP addresses which when you need to change you need to contact the ISP to offer the technical support to get a new one.

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