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Change My IP is an application aimed at laptop users who access multiple network connections with the same computers and thus need to change settings every time.
The program allows you to set up different profiles for each network, which basically means that you can easily switch from one configuration to another with no fuss. You can create as many profiles as you want, each of them prompting users to input IP address, subnet mask, gateway, primary and secondary DNS or enable DHCP. Once you’re done setting up all your networks, the main window of the program can be used to enable any configuration you want, depending on the network you are connected to.

Last but not least, Change My IP allows you to configure profiles for different network interface adapters, in case you have more than one installed on your system.
While there’s no doubt that Change My IP can come in handy to many users, it lacks many important features, including a System Tray icon to let users quickly jump from a configuration to another.
Overall, it’s pretty clear that Change My IP serves its purpose very well and it addresses quite an important issue. What’s more, the same window is being used to show the aforementioned settings or enable DHCP on the go.

Thus, users have no other option than to launch the program every time they connect to a network. Unfortunately, it lacks some very useful features, so it urgently needs a major update to attract more users.

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