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I like the powerpuff girls, but not this, but I won't hate it as long as good ol Lauren Faust is working with it. The second season ended some time ago, and we're waiting for the third one in a few months. If the count is really going down it's because somebody is going back and deleting their posts. Man, I wish that I could attend Canterlot Gardens, since Fighting is Magic is going to be available to try out.
And finally, after seeing some of the preview cards for the MLP card thing, I'm now a bit more excited to get the cards.
It's been speculated that it might be coming either at the end of Summer or at the start of Fall.

It was a neat experience, and thanks to the show, I've met many new friends and people, and that alone was worth it, and I would never trade that. You can click the link in my sig if you never want to see Pinkie the same ever again (no, it's not shipping, but by the time you're done, you'd wish it was). Of course the action of going back to earlier posts was mentioned earlier so this may very well be the case. It was created so that you can edit your comments, that way, you won't have to post more than once. Oh, don't get me wrong; This is still a hilarious addition to the series, and I recommend that you watch it if you're a fan of the previous installments.
Your Apple ID allows you to sign into services like iTunes, Game Center and Apple online store.

If you're going to post in the topic, try and keep it about the show, or at least things that are related to the show, such as merchandise and fan made works. Double posting and sometimes triple posting is really annoying and pointless, especially when you can just as easily edit your comments. If you feel that you want to discuss anything that isn't directly relayed to the show, please feel free to post it in the appropriate topic.
I prefer if the team ended it than if the show loses quality, like beginning to include simple or rude jokes or something.

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