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A leader gives people the chance to make a difference, and push away their stress at the same time. Kristin Scott Thomas has admitted that she could perform a U-turn after pledging to give up film. But The English Patient star, who was recently made a Dame, has admitted it might not quite be the end of the road for her on the big screen. The Gosford Park and Four Weddings And A Funeral actress returns to the stage in May to play the Queen in The Audience, a role that (fellow Dame) Helen Mirren has recently reprised on Broadway. We are quickly approaching midway of yet another fast flying year so naturally it’s time for a pep talk to give you that needed motivational kick up the derriere. Arriving at this stark reality helped me to climb out of the paralysis of confusion and despair that was caused by job search engines that failed to bring up anything that I really really wanted to do. Think of it as buying a new fancy piece of technology online, and before placing the item in your shopping cart, you add specs and add-ons you want and remove those you don’t and therefore purchasing something that customised for your needs. Remember that the most important thing is to create your own yardstick of success and satisfaction and not what is prevailing among your peers. Identify areas where further study and qualifications are necessary and start putting steps in place to attain them. Enter your email address to subscribe to this website and receive notifications of new posts by email. It an exciting time for Lesley Dewar – after having been retired from writing for the past twelve months. As time goes by, you will see some changes on this site – as content is re-purposed, and revised. A common response is ‘there is not much to tell’ I challenge this response and say that everyone has a lot to say, I challenge you to look inward and see the person you really are. Images, ideas, emotions even sensations occur in our mind involuntarily while we are asleep.
Although it seems out of the blue, often when you’re speaking to your friends and they tell you about some awesome thing that they just happened to fall into, they’ve actually done some ground work to get there, they just didn’t realise.

The day starts with sleeping in an extra half an hour, as I was up late the night before reading and soaking up some of the very rare ‘ME TIME’. For a lot of people finding the perfect career means to identify that perfect job that is well sized to their skills, strengths, interests and most of all, one that they ‘love’. It made me come to terms with the fact that dissatisfaction will kick in from time to time, and boy has it ever! So if you’re after a career tweak or full on career change, here are some things you may wish to consider (Note: this is not an exhaustive list).
Use this opportunity to map out not only what you want to be doing, but how you want to be doing it. You might not know anyone personally who is doing what you would like to do so make use of tools such as LinkedIn to reach out to people and seek their insight and advice. Real hands-on experience will form part of your research and help you decide if it’s for you. A lot of people who may have built expertise within one industry are now offering their services as freelancers, dictating their level of commitment and charging their own rates as well as possibly carrying on a creative business with two other friends. Leaders can reduce stress by giving people control, even though it may be limited in its impact. It has also been suggested that dreams are a connection to our unconscious mind and that they manifest from our deepest desires and anxieties.
Are you sick of the constant worry about the mounting bills versus the lack of income coming in to pay those bills? I had different hopes and dreams as a child but in my teen years all I really wanted to achieve in life was to build a house, get married and have kids. The truth is, well for me anyway, there is no such job because no job was created with you in mind to bring you everything you’re looking and leave out the things you’re not.
But this time, I see the bright side as it has given birth to new musings on what I need to do to steer my career in the direction I want, and of course to this article for your assistance (hopefully). Arrange job shadowings where you can, and if this is unfeasible set up meetings and ask as many questions as you have and then some.

Perhaps I’m too logical with my thinking to allow myself to do something that I know might put me in imminent danger.
Do you feel like burying your head in the sand some days and just wishing it would go away on its own? The job spec was created for the benefit of the organisation and it is you who must fit into it - evil manager and unrealistic objectives notwithstanding.
Each job I’ve ever done contained something I valued, albeit alongside a list of things I hated. Valuable networks have been formed over something as simple as liking and commenting people’s Instagram posts.  At the London signing of her book, Leave Your Mark, DKNYPRGirl –Aliza Licht gave an example of a girl somewhere in Texas she had connected with over years of interaction on twitter.
Are there outgoings that can be scaled back or discontinued in order to sustain your financial health?
You’ll never catch me jumping out of a plane, stepping off a rock-cliff or strapping some elastic to my ankles and jumping off a bridge, just to test that it doesn’t break. I need to try to combine the elements I like and remove the bits I don’t like, and the more I increase my value by building experience and the older I get therefore the less willing to put up with certain types of BS, the more empowered I am to do this. Are you happy in your field but want a few tweaks or would you like to change fields altogether? Eventually Aliza was able to act as a sounding board when the Texas girl decided she wanted to make a career change. Ask them about what it’s like to work in that field or to work part-time or to be your own boss.

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