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I am now a Senior in college and while I’m not graduating (I’ve got one more semester), most of my friends and roommates are and most of them are moving away. It’s hard and not fun that I still have to endure change and upheaval while waiting for heaven.
What happens when campus ministry leaders are compelled by a God-given vision that is bigger than any one of their own ministries?
Find out what happens by reading about what God is doing at the University of Texas through Campus Renewal Ministries. People who understand the cycle of change fair better during the change cycle and are more satisfied with the outcome. Stage Two Dreaming and Scheming is when you come up with loads of different ideas for where to go and how to redefine yourself.

Stage Four The Promised Land is where you are cruising along and making minor adjustments to a pretty good system. During the fall of my Senior year of high school, I would have at least a panic attack a week about where to go to college. The world as I’ve known it for the past four years is about to explode and I might as well face it, because there’s no use in hiding. I think that my disdain for change and my desire for stability and coherence has a lot to do with Jesus. If I were still teaching, I’d print it out and hand it out at the first staff development day. I remember one night I was watching Gilmore Girls (a great show, by the way) for a little relief and in the show, Rory (the main character) started getting worked up about where she should go to school.

God is constant and we can hold tight to Him knowing that He will stay with us throughout all of our earthly transitions. Will you be a hyphenated working wife, how about a stay at home making dinner and cookies kind of wife. Then when you’ve landed on and idea that sticks you begin to scheme how to attain that.

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