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I just received a handful of emails from different individuals who all wanted to know how to change their primary Facebook email address.
The primary email is used for all communications, for instance notifications that someone messaged you or that a user logged in with your account from another computer.
Locate Email under the Settings tab (which is the default tab) and click the Change link on the right of the preference. A menu looking similar to the on shown on the screenshot below should be displayed on the same page when you click on the change button. If the email is not there, enter it under New Contact Email and click the Add New Email button afterwards.
Update: Facebook has modified the general account settings page and thus the process to change your primary email on the social networking site. The first thing that you need to understand is that you need to have at least two email addresses added to your account before you can switch the primary address. Please note that you can use all emails as the log in username, and if you do not have access to one of the emails, I'd suggest you click on remove next to it to delete it from your account. You can add another email address here as well in case you only have one registered with Facebook.
Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005.
I have the same problem -- Add Another Email doesn't show up when I click on the edit screen -- that option simply doesn't display.
I don't know how but facebook got personal an email address of mine that I did not add to the account and put it in the primary contacts section under account settings. I can't login with what it shows as the primary email address either; have to use the username approach. My current mail address still in use but disabled as per mail received from facebook, how do I fix this problem?
I have two email addresses in my account settings THAT ARE NOT MINE, and I can not remove them. Facebook apps are still sending to the older email - the one I originally signed up to them with. Do you know if the apps will eventually update thier database and switch or do I need to quit the app and re-sign up? I have a friend that used her husband's email address when she set up her fb account because they were just using the same account. My primary email account got removed because someone tried to attach it to a different facebook account, and I accidentally clicked on the confirm link.
I also have the same problem, and when i tried to add a new email address, it says yo may not use your facebook email add as a primary, and when i removed it, it say you must have a primary email address, how can i add a new email address and make it my primary email address.
Hi, hey this is all cool but right now when I add an email, the confirmation email goes to my primary which is no longer valid i.e I cannot access it so I can't authorise the new email address.
I have added a new email address and it sent a notification to my new email address but nothing to the old one.
I know it's not the first time that facebook has made such a change, and it won't be the last -- still it really makes me mad.

If you have added a mobile phone number to Facebook, you can also log in with your phone number.
My account settings page does not look like yours, does not use the term "contact email,"and does not include the option to change contact emails after I add my new email.
Owassoisms 2010, 2011, 2012 NO information, photo's or content from this page may be shared WOP. Similar to Picasa, YouTube, Flickr and other social networking sites, Facebook offers a unique mobile upload email address to every Facebook user. However, there can be some caveats of this mobile upload email address, if you forget it or accidentally share it with a friend or a third party website.
The other day I lost my mind and shared my unique mobile upload email address for Facebook with a third party site, in exchange of a free Facebook Tee shirt. The best way to prevent that spam site from uploading photos to my Facebook profile was to change or reset Facebook mobile upload email address.
Please note that you can only reset your personal upload email address a limited number of times. 101 websites for getting things done - an informative book which will make you more productive and efficient.
Do you have a flair for writing and understand technology, software, gadgets and web applications well? While it could be all the same person sending me emails from all of their accounts, I'd say it is still worth an article. If you do not have access to your primary email anymore you will not receive those notifications and communication, unless you change it on Facebook.
If the other email address that you want to use on Facebook is already listed, select it and click Change Contact Email. You need to go back to Settings > Email to select the new email address under Contact Email.
You can use the Remove links next to all emails but the primary email to delete it from the account. Once you have at least two, you see a selection menu on the general account settings page that allows you to switch to another email. If you want, you can also remove email addresses from the account, but not the primary for obvious reasons. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand. That afternoon when I tried to sign in on Facebook a red message told me I had changed my password at 1:26pm that day.
I can’t change anything because it keeps saying “You must choose a primary email.” And can't add an email because you can't add a secondary email without a primary. Just remember to confirm in your new email then go back to facebook account setting and it will now give you the choice to change primary email account. The email I got said to click on the link to confirm the address but the only links in the email are the email address itself. This mobile upload email address is especially useful when you want to upload photos and videos to your Facebook account, directly from your mobile device.

After a few minutes, I discovered that the site is offering nothing and is purely a survey scam. Note that after resetting your personal upload email address for Facebook, you will no longer be able to upload photos, videos and post status updates to your Facebook account with that old address. Once Facebook has changed your personal upload email address, you should copy it to your address book or request Facebook to send it at your primary email address.
Your current friends will still be able to view your basic profile — there’s no way around this — but all your activities will be blank. This lets you choose if you want your name or social actions paired with an advertisements. It contains a confirmation link that you need to click on to confirm that you have access to the email address. This email contains a link to cancel the operation, so that the new email address is not added to Facebook. A click on Change Contact Email opens the password prompt again where you need to enter the Facebook password again to confirm the change. Here you need to enter your password for the site again before you are presented with a menu where you can change your primary Facebook email address to another registered address. When I click change and the tab expands the primary email field is blank and it will not let me add any email cause there is no primary.
I can't change anything because it keeps saying "You must choose a primary email." Did you find a solution?
I tried to fix it and it looks like she may have never verified his email as the primary on her account. As soon as I click on the link, it creates a new message instead of opening a link in my browser.
I've forgotten my log in to Facebook, and it won't send me a reset link to my new address since i can't log in.
All you have to do is upload the files as email attachments and send the email to your secret Facebook mobile email address. Since I had already shared the mobile upload email address with the spammy survey site, they were frequently uploading random photos directly at my Facebook profile. If clicking does not work copy and paste the link in the email to your web browser and activate it that way.
I can not believe you did not take this into account when you wrote this article!!!!!!!!!!!!! Facebook will automatically identify your mobile upload address and the photos and videos will be posted to your profile. Is there a way to cancel the pending request so she has an option to enter a different email address? Right now she has to login by user name and it's technically not linked to any email address.

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