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In today’s technology-powered world, everything from our emails, social networking sites to our Internet banking details is protected by invisible walls built on code, accessible by us with a string of characters, also known as the password. Now, you probably already know through movies and pop culture that the individuals who hack are called hackers.
Here’s an infographic by rapid7 about the top 30 LinkedIn passwords that were cracked by the hacker, which were then posted on a Russian hacker forum. The second incident of concern was the Dropbox password leak in which users had used the same username and passwords for their Dropbox account as they have with other third-party accounts they own. This site will tell you how long it takes for the computing power of a normal desktop PC to crack your password.
Another password strength checker that tells you where your password stands on 4 levels of security. Here is a workaround to help you conquer and manage your passwords, and no, it doesn’t involve taping your password to your screen. Feel free to jazz up the spelling so that it doesn’t reflect a word in the dictionary, in any language. This way, even if you forget your exact password, you can easily regenerate it based on your personal inclinations, and try until you can regain access to your account.

I’m no expert in creating and managing passwords, in fact, I get locked out a lot which can be a pain. As technology continues to better (and plague) our lives, it has become inevitable that our information can, and is stored online. You can even order anything from fashion items to fast food, luxury items to everyday groceries over the Internet. There are skills involved when it comes to hacking (and sometimes it’s just pure, yet smart, and brutal guesswork). What you may not know is that they may come in several forms – designated by the color of hats, defined by their intent. One, a hacker broke into 6.5 million LinkedIn accounts in June 2012 obtained their emails and passwords and listed half of them online. The password should carry at least 8 characters and be a combination of numbers, symbols and letters in both lower and upper case. Just for the fun of it, try to make a password that will give you a BEST reading like what you see below.
This would ensure that even if one account has been compromised, the same password would not work on the other accounts that you have, even if you use the same username for each account.

Have a generic personalized bit of the password, one that you can add to each unique password just to make it harder to crack.
Spruce it up with a mix and match of lower and upper case letters, and sprinkle some symbols in between to add flavor to your passwords. But why go through all the trouble when there are plenty of tools found online that can help us manage these invaluable passwords. We know how to use these tools and services, but do we actually know how to keep our online accounts and information safe? If you do however take this advice to heart, then you might face another problem: remembering all your unique passwords.
So before you become a victim of a hack, or lose control of your personal accounts online, do some spring cleaning and change those keys to your gates.

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