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Personal Brand consistency. If you care about building your personal brand online you should strive toward name consistency across all your online profiles. Increase the SEO power of your channel and your Author Rank. This is the most important benefit to me. If you’ve created a new YouTube account since 30 June 2012, you were already offered this option if you had a Google+ profile with the same name as the one you were trying to create. Dane, from feedback we’re getting from other readers, it would appear that this option has not been rolled out to all accounts.
The other concern is similar to what Ronnie alluded to – how are my subscribers going to find me if I change the name? I had this problem the other day when I was searching for new videos from my friend Andy Bailey. Your Author Rank is dependent upon an overall trust ranking that Google gives you in the multiple topic areas about which you regularly create content. I’m completely convinced that one of the main reasons for Google+ is to help Google identify trusted agents on the web in order to improve search results. I never would have found it by scanning my subscription list because at the time, I had no idea that he changed his channel name and I also had no idea that would change how he appears in my subscriptions list.
It’s wonderful that people like Ronnie and yourself will put out great information to educate people on this, but Google needs to provide this information in a way that everyone can see it and knows what is going on. Maybe the simplest way to answer your first question is to say that Google Authorship is the tool, and Author Rank is the (potential) thing built with the tool. Authorship refers to the project by Google wherein they have given us a set of methods to make a verified connection between our original content anywhere on the web and our Google+ profile.
I want to caution that much of what we say about Author Rank, as with any search engine ranking factor is speculative. I would think it is not an issue with G+ as you can see the underlying profile link is more visible… on YouTube, well there may be more issues with a lot of John Smiths, etc. Google’s really getting on my last nerves with their pushy marketing tactics they use to get our personal information. I understand that you are now in the cell phone business and that telephone numbers are gold to you, but please respect that I don’t want to add my fucking phone number! We sent out our weekly bulletin and the office was flooded with calls for Danny Brown from people I’ve never met.
It used to be only family and friends who would ask for Danny- now half of India (and God knows who else) has a national holiday in my name. Last I heard, Schmidt was making Billions over at Google so why is he so desperate to take our information and publish it to the world? Or maybe you should ask Google to refund all that money you spend monthly to keep all those gmail accounts working for you!
Also, in breaking news, Eric Schmidt hasn’t been at Google since April of 2011, when co-founder Larry Page took back the CEO reins. So I guess it is totally up the the channel owner to try to alert the troops about the new name change! Said another way, each YT Channel you change will be associated with a Different G+ account.

You can change the connection and then revert (return to the prior Channel name) according to YouTube, so try it out and see what happens! One question: Anyone have experience with getting a YouTube channel to connect with a Google+ PAGE (for a company) when they were set up with different email addresses? I wasn’t thinking back then in terms of personal branding and the SEO value of YouTube. For example, the videos on your YT channel may have nothing to do with what you do with your G+ personal profile. The URL retains your old name, (which means all existing links to your channel are not broken by the change). Do make sure that your YouTube channel and Google+ profile are linked to the same email address. You’ll be shown how your name will now appear on YouTube and be told that the change will not affect your login or existing links to your videos or channel.
You should now see the Google+ notifications and share bar at the top of your screen whenever you are logged in to YouTube.
This option is not active on my account either even though I was asked by YouTube a while ago to change to G+ identity. By participating in Google Authorship, you’re really volunteering to help Google do that. There is something I’m still not clear on – when it comes to SEO, what is the difference between Author Rank and Google Authorship? This concept of them rolling out changes is very annoying and almost reminds me of Facebook.
Based on a Google patent and what we have heard from Googlers, we believe the ranking score is a sort of trust evaluation, based on both how much your content is engaged with in each topic area, and who engages with it. I beat them up all the time for silly moves, but man they have a mess on their hands trying to keep this stuff all straight, esp.
It just changes the visible name of your channel, and more closely links it with your G+ profile. These people try to bypass my secretary with any trick they can and why are they calling for me? Never knew you got the option to link you Google+ name, but I am still very surprised YouTub haven’t yet made an easy way to just change your username.
You can also access your Google+ notifications from the Red Eye of Sauron (my nickname for it) in the Sharing Bar.
What does change is that anywhere you post on YouTube (comments, uploads, channel name, activity, etc.) will have your new name.
This is assuming that your Google+ profile and YouTube account are under the same Gmail address.
You’ll find the settngs link in the dropdown next to your channel name at upper right.
This tells you that your YouTube channel is now fully connected to your Google Plus profile. For example I’m already getting some benefit from Google authorship because of my blog.

I think it’s hard enough to get people to know that you have new videos and changing the channel name will make it even more challenging. Quite the contrary: the more great content you post in your main topic areas, wherever you can, hooked up to your G+ profile, and the more that content gets engaged by trusted users, the more trust rank you build in your topics, and that trust rank floats all your boats, all your content for that topic. The whole Google Authorship program is predicated on the ability for Google to identify what content on the web belongs to you beyond a shadow of a doubt. Google can find out who is producing the content that real people actually trust and recommend, and boost them up the search rankings, as they deserve.
I am planning on ‘borrowing it’ and linking it back to this post in short order!
I read you other post and the two terms seem to be used interchangeably (for all practical purposes). I don’t have time to keep checking my settings looking for the ability to add custom thumbnails and now this name change feature.
Because that’s the name on the email… Computer Repair is dead- only Danny Brown remains. YouTube is forcing the Channel to be identified with the individual Google+ profile and the channel should be associated with the company.
I have another way to change you youtube username on my blog but it invloves closing your youtube account but saving your videos and subscribers. I was dismayed when I found out that people creating new YouTube accounts could immediately connect them with their Google+ profiles, but we YouTube vets could not.
But if you use Google+ and YouTube for personal branding and to build your presence online, there are advantages to making this change. That effect will be greatly multiplied if you’ve activated Google Authorship on all your online content. You will also start seeing the Google+ notifications and share bar when you are logged in on YouTube, telling you that your YouTube account has now been fully integrate with your G+ profile.
Even is there is some kind mechanism to send an announcement to your subscribers, there’s no way to ensure that people are going to read or even remember the announcement the next time they go looking for your videos. They want to clean up the site (especially the notorious comments), and many of us believe that there will come a day when you can’t leave a comment on a YouTube video without a real name verified by a G+ profile. There has got to be an easier way to inform people of these changes and providing more specific details about when things will happen. Now your YouTube channel becomes a positive force to help you build Author Rank authority that will increase your ranking power on Google search. Technically doesn’t Google already know that all of my blogs and and my YouTube channels are owned by me based on the way my accounts are interlinked? In the same way, this new YouTube activation establishes that undeniable link between the two.

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