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This section shows you how to ask for a court order changing your gender, both in cases where you also want to change your name or when you only want to change your gender. Transgender Law Center: Provides information on other issues and resources available to transgender communities. Gender Health Center: Provides information and help to walk you through your options, understand the process, and fill out paperwork. Although Caitlyn Jenner introduced her new identity on the cover of Vanity Fair's July issue, her transformation became official only recently. Some other details that accompanied her petition were also kept under wraps after Jenner cited privacy concerns and threats she said she had received during her transition.
Jenner's official name is now Caitlyn Marie Jenner, replacing her birth name of William Bruce Jenner.
In a previous episode of her docu-series "I Am Cait", she talked to LGBT advocate, Drian Juarez, about the name-changing process.

The transgender icon filed legal documents this week to officially change her name and sex in the eyes of the state. The step, though largely procedural, is an important one for Caitlyn Jenner’s transition to live as a woman. The transition has been difficult for Caitlyn’s family as well, especially as it has played out before television audiences. You do not need a court ordered gender change to change your California driver's license, social security card, or U.S. Superior Court Judge Gerald Rosenberg has approved her legal request to formally change her name from Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn.
The approval also means that she will be able to get documents like a driver's license and Social Security card that conform to her new identity. Jenner filed the documents in Los Angeles on Tuesday, though, as TMZ reported, she left out some details.

Since opening up to Vanity Fair earlier this year about her new identity, Caitlyn has been open about her desire to put Bruce in the past.
Caitlyn Jenner omitted information about her medical history, saying it will feed into some of the threats she has already received.
She said it has been difficult revealing herself to the world as a woman, though not as hard as it was living a lie as Bruce Jenner.

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