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Pool is an interesting project for flash because it demonstrates multiple objects interacting with each other, as well as being a fun game to create and play. Once the table is drawn, create a new layer and draw a rectangle to fit the area of the green (the inner bounds of the bumpers). At the top of my watch list is the forthcoming billiards crime drama 8-Ball, starring and executive produced by David Barroso.   Mr. Less about billiards as sport, and more about billiards as an allegory for life, is the 2007 short film 8 Ball, directed by Inon Shampanier.
This seven-minute Australian film, shown as part of the 2012 Aurora Short Film Festival, anthropomorphizes the 8-Ball as an enlightened maverick, fleeing the confines of a pool table to explore the outside world. This four-minute American film, made some time in 2012 or 2013, has no dialogue, no plot, and sadly, no purpose.
Using billiards as a backdrop, this four-minute American film, made a few years ago, was directed by Garrett Gutierrez, while a graduate student at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University. So, the next time you’re thinking about making a film about billiards (or not about billiards for that matter), heed this advice:  There’s still an opportunity to cash in on the 5-Ball or 13-Ball. This entry was posted in Billiards Documentary, Billiards Movies, Billiards Short Films and tagged 8-ball, billiards, billiards movies, eight ball, pool, pool movies on May 21, 2014 by Jason Moss.
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Subscribe to Receive New Posts by EmailRead the latest billiards movie, short film, TV episode or web series review. There are also billiard clubs that you can join in and be a member of every activity and tournament of your team. However, if too much pool related activity isn’t really your thing, you can always start playing it online in your free time.

This tutorial assumes some experience with drawing on the stage, symbols, and basic actionscript knowledge.
Just draw a graphic, convert it to symbol, set the type to button, and set the instance name to newgame.
After all, the eight-ball is laden with symbolism, given its inherent neutrality in the battle of solids and stripes, as well as its association with both good and bad, depending on whether it leads to someone’s victory or defeat on the billiards table. Barroso promises the movie will borrow elements, narration, and plot elements from Godfather Part II, GoodFellas, The Usual Suspects, and The Silence of the Lambs.
As Shampanier shared with me, the larger allegory is that “like balls on a pool table, the lives of strangers collide and change course.
Directed by George Monard when he was probably 17 or 18, it features a “dangerous” pool player who is unsuccessful in his intimidation of the other players. Having nothing to do with billiards, the movie is about a man having a personal crisis who seeks solitude in a park, when a passing stranger named 8-Ball takes an unwelcome interest in him.
It is about a single mother who, having just been released from prison, is trying to start her life anew. If you plan a night with your friends at your or their home, a pool table and the cue is all that you need to have a great time competing against each other. This way you can also learn the rules and the tactics that you can use in any pool club afterward.
Like poker, hearts and other games, there are several options to get involved in a game, so players can afford to be particular in choosing where they want to play pool competitively. One method to assure the table is symmetrical is to draw one quadrant of the table and then duplicate it. Next, drag the movieclip hit area from the library onto the stage and resize it so it is the size of the rectangle.

This is a crowded market folks, and as difficult to believe as it may be, I uncovered five billiards movies and short films called 8-Ball, as well as a couple of non-billiards movies of the same name. A far better movie that brings pool balls to life is Pool Talk, a two-minute 2009 short film. You can also visit places meant for these games, where you can play against other men and women. I don’t know why it’s called 8-Ball, but I’ll cut the director Aku Louhimies a little slack, since its original title is 8-Pallo.
Billiard clubs are very popular because they are associated with good fun and place to hang out. The options for advanced players include playing for prizes or pay for the opportunity to make money in an online game.
There are surely many in almost every city so if you are planning to turn this into a new hobby, you can start playing it now. Use the menu at the bottom right of the screen to start a new game, get out, and get new players or listing rules. Right mouse button and drag the cursor back to prepare your shot and release to strike the cue ball.

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