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If your business name has changed or you have been living with a misspelled Facebook page name, then there is now a simple way to request a Facebook name change for your Page.
In the past, you were stuck with whatever Facebook name you selected, but now if an organization rebrands, you can rebrand across social media in a much easier way. Having the right name, in particular your company name, as the name of your Facebook Page and URL is important as Facebook extends its use of Open Graph to make the connections and activities of people, pages and apps more prominent. We work on a mix of online marketing projects for publishers, educators, cultural and mid-size organizations.
Vancouver internet marketing strategists with an expertise in online marketing for digital publishing. I don’t understand why the name is not accepted, see this list Why was my Page name rejected?.
Since your page has more than 200 Likes you are unable to rename (re-brand) the existing page at this moment. At some point during the life of your business, the time may come where you need to change your business name.
So now that you’ve made the commitment and involved your audience, how do you actually go about changing your page name? If you want to change your page URL, click on the Edit hyperlink on the Page Address line of the Page Info section. If you want to change your NAME on Twitter (the name that is displayed above your handle) go to the Settings tab and select the Profile tab from the left menu. As far as I know, there is no limit to how many times you can change your name and username on Twitter. If you need to change your personal name on LinkedIn (maybe you got married or divorced and are changing your name), you can do this by clicking on the Edit button on your profile page. If you want to change your LinkedIn page name, go to your business page and click on the Edit button in the top right corner. Changing your business page name on Google+ is so simple that it’s almost impossible to figure out. Great tips Jenn, I just stopped by to check out the site…wow it looks a whole lot different!
Meet Jenn!I am here to help you make sense of Social Media management and to understand the current trends in Social Media.
Click on my photo to visit my About page and learn more about me and my perspective on Social Media management.
Download this easy-to-follow ebook for everything you need to know about how to use Instagram. But it was even better to chat, catch up, and "girl talk" about life and business with this incredibly wonderful and supportive lady!
This and the next step look a bit different on Android, but still you have to choose the same things, so you'll find it there easily. But VERY LUCKY for you, we've recently made a generator for Facebook names which you should use to make the coolest possible Facebook name with symbols in no time.
Make a Facebook name with symbols and cool lettersA tool that will enhance your Facebook name with cool letters and symbols.

Previously, Facebook provided no ability to change the Page name, which left organizations in this situation to rallying and encourage their fans to migrate from one page to another. Your Facebook Page name is going to show up in more places more often with the new timeline layout. Follow him on Twitter 21 comments and add yours You have a successful business page for your company, but your company name changed and you have more than 100 people following your page.
De link die je hebt neergezet werkt niet, zou je mij kunnen vertellen hoe en waar ik het precies kan vinden? I changed my company name but I need some assesment because im based in guatemala, do you provide name change services if i name you as an administrator? I am also the founder of the Social Media Club in the Netherlands and WordCamp Netherlands.
It may be a merge with another company or an evolution and rebranding to a new name and feel. Once you’ve done this your page will show a bunch of little blue pencils in all the fields that are editable.
Remember to include your audience in the announcement of changes and make the transition as easy as possible for them! I promise to always do my best to provide helpful and useful articles in order to make your online marketing strategy more successful.
And so, today's blog post has the whole event distilled down to 3 words - and ALL my thoughts around those three words! And it's your name, so it's only up to you to decide how you want it to look, it's your style. In addition to announcing Facebook timelines for business pages yesterday, Facebook now provides a way to change your Facebook Page name.
So, if you have been living with a terrible name, a misspelling or now have a name change, take the opportunity to file your request. I would add that it does not change neither the owner nor the mission and activities is born. It said it could take up to 14 days and that I would receive an email but I haven’t gotten anything.
Or you might just want to streamline all of your social media accounts to use the same username. So, if you decide to keep your existing pages and just change the name, how are you supposed to handle this change? Let your audience know when the change will become effective, what the new name will be, and how the new brand will look and feel. To change your page name, go to your Profile page and hover your mouse directly over your business name. Yes, my #yetimicrophone is acting as a tripod on top of my filing organizer ?? Not the best plan but it held in for the whole recording!
If they have gotten used to seeing your current name in their feed, you want to make sure they know what name to look for in the future and that you’re one and the same! You can change the name of your business page simply by filling in the new name in the Company Name field and then clicking Publish.

You can change your name or username by simply typing in the new name(s) and clicking Save Profile.
Find ways to involve them in the transition and make them feel like they are a part of the experience. If you want to show your former name as well, click on the Former Name, enter your previous name, and select who can see this name.
None of the options in their little box (why do you want to change the name) fits the reason we want to change..
It seems that they typically grant these changes without any questions, however, it may take a few weeks to actually get a response and complete the process. And to be honest, I think you've really put wa-a-ay to many symbols in your desired name ^.^ Too cool sometimes seems a bit stupid, really.QuestionHey I've read the article and I'm still lost!
How do I surpass the errors?AnswerSometimes you can only surpass the errors if you try another username.
This was like "know your enemy" thing to help you filter out some usernames by yourself (without trying) and understand the system better.QuestionI wanted a put a minus at the beginning of my surname like [-Surname]. Though, those people you're talking about probable have just "[symbol] Surname" as they're surname.QuestionHey, I wanted to put a star at the end of my name, I've seen several of my friends have done it but when I try it - it just doesn't seem to work, it says "The name contains invalid characters".
I used your Cool text Symbols for Facebook a?„ thing but still nothing, I've also tried copying the symbols from friends that have done it, still not working.
Remember to put a space between and try other stars.QuestionI want to put a A?a€zA? (Trade mark) sign at the end of my last name but it won't let me!
It worked for me that way.QuestionI copied facebook symbol from someones name itself but it doesn't work on my name. Why?!AnswerProbably, some symbols have been blocked from some time after your friends have put them in their names. Cheer up and try some other one ;)Of course, the problem may have been because you have put that symbol in some wrong place in your name where you shouldn't have put it.
If you want some other symbol - find one in Cool text Symbols for Facebook a?„ and try it on Facebook. If it'll work - tell it to me and I'll tell it to others ;)CommentJust wanted to let you know wat worked for me. I was able to change the letters of my name to make it look different but facebook still would not let me enter any of the symbols from character map to my name. I had a star for my middle name for months but today facebook wouldn't let me log in until I changed it to a "valid character".
Please, try like I wrote in the article.QuestionHi!I changed name from Parag Kadam to Xyro Frenchgoatee Frood and then to Xyro Frood.But now it won't let me change it back to Parag Kadam!

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