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To reset the maintenance interval, select the "RESET" key using the joystick and push the "ENTER" button.
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Download motorcycle manuals - instant-manual., Instant download a factory service manual for your motorcycle straight to your computer in just seconds, we carry the largest selection of factory repair manuals on the web. Notes: I am doing this on my XRS with a 2ZZ-GE engine (same as the Matrix XRS and Celica GT-S). User Warning: This job has the potential to seriously injure you, and cause extensive damage to your property. With your car on hard level ground, e-brake set and car in 1st gear or park, jack the front up; I used the drivers side jack insert just aft of the front tire, and support the jack with a jack stand right next to it. First take off the Oil cap (lefty loosey, righty tighty), the worst scenario would be draining the oil and not being able to put any back in!
With the oil cap off we need to find the Oil filter, they are shaped like a cylinder pointing somewhere off the engine. Note: Check the old oil filter and make sure it still has the rubber ring gasket, if it's come off it may be stuck where you took the oil filter off.
Note: If the drain plug does not come out by hand the drain plug threads could be worn (drain plug replacement), or the drain pan threads could be worn or stripped. With the new oil filter on and the drain plug put back in you can add your oil to the engine. With the double-checks done, keep the car in park or if a manual put it into neutral: start the engine. If all is well, lower your car back onto the ground (if you want to triple-check go ahead before lowering).

When you’re happy with your oil level, put the oil cap back on and put the oil dipstick back in its tube. Haynes teaches you to do always do the oil changes with the engine hot, so the oil is less viscous, and all the gunk comes out. Give the tire (in the air) a good shove to make sure the car is sturdy on the stand (so the car doesn't fall on you while your working underneath). I place my oil cap where the hood release is so that I can’t close the hood with oil cap off. The oil pan drain plug can be found underneath cars near the bottom of the engine on the oil pan. Engines can be very hot and you may be susceptible to burns by the engine or the engine oil, especially if you have just driven the car. If you put the new filter on and the old oil filter rubber gasket is still there you will have a huge mess when you check start. Get out of the car and make sure that there are no oil leaks coming from the car, give the car a little rev to make sure there are absolutely no leaks. Many quick lube places or auto repair shops will take them from you for free as long as it isn’t mixed with any other liquid and is in a suitable container.
What I like to do is leave the oil cap off and the dipstick out so the oil can drain out a bit quicker.
True to its roots, the 2015 Acura MDX continues to .Please someone give me the amount of oil that I should place into my 2004 Acura MDX with an oil filter change as well.
Take the oil dipstick out just to make sure it isn’t stuck or broken, and then put it back in the tube.
On the ZZ engines the oil pan drain plug is near the bottom towards rear of the engine oil pan pointing towards the rear of the car.
Move the oil catch pan under the drain plug and slightly towards the rear (oil shoots out).

If oil is spewing everywhere from around the oil filter turn the car off ASAP and check the oil filter.
Also oil can be very hot after the vehicle is driven so be careful if you plan on changing your oil after the car is driven. I am batting zero on my other questions on the .Elite Acura offers competitive prices on oil and filter change services in the Maple Shade, NJ, area.
I am not responsible for any incidents or accidents to you, or the damage or malfunction of your property. On the ZZ engines the filter is located underneath the car towards the front of the engine, in front of the oil pan.
It is however not necessary to prime the oil filter for the ZZ engines so it’s up to you. The oil dipstick is located at the front of the engine, it has a yellow loop on it’s end. Lube the rubber gasket with a little oil so that it’s easier to take off next change. It's more likely that the old oil filter gasket has stuck to the surface and your new filter doesn't seal. If you decide to fill the car up to the top indent try not to overfill the car (go over the indent) a little bit over is ok and won’t hurt the car, however a lot over will. Just pour the oil a little bit at a time and check the stick after a few seconds to see the progress. Double-check that your drain plug and oil filter are tight and that the oil dipstick and oil cap are on and in place.

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