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Drag here (dragging is when the user holds the mouse button down while moving the mouse) to change the size of the window. This document provides a step-by-step set of instructions on how to change your Broad College of Business domain password from a Windows 7 computer at the Business College.
When you remember your old password, it's pretty easy to change computer login password, only 2 steps.
If you have another user account which has admin privileges, which works for all Windows OS. Note: This method may cause you lose access to all encrypted files, stored passwords, and personal security certificates in your computer. Windows Password Recovery is a professional tool for Windows users to change and remove Windows login password. In addition, Windows Password Recovery also works to change desktop password or laptop password for those running Windows 7, Windows XP and lower versions of Windows. Unless you setup a computer yourself, the default names for your computer and user account are usually not what you’re going to want to keep long-term. Whatever the case, there are times when you need to change your account name, computer name, account picture or computer password.
To change the account name for a Microsoft account, click on Start, then Settings and then click on Accounts. Click on Manage my Microsoft account and it will load up the Microsoft Account webpage in your browser. To change the account picture in Windows 10, follow the same steps above: click on Start, Settings and then Accounts.
You can also click on the Camera button and take a picture if you have a camera connected to your laptop or desktop.
To change your password in Windows 10, you can do it from the same Settings screen as shown above. To change the computer name in Windows 10, you can click on Start, then Settings, then System and then click on About at the bottom left.

For Windows 8, everything is pretty much the same as for Windows 10, but the procedure to get to those screens is different because Windows 8 doesn’t have a fully functional Start button.
Whereas you could click Start and Settings in Windows 10, in Windows 8 you have to click on Start, which opens the Start Screen and then start typing PC Settings. Once in PC Settings, it’s easy to change the user name, password and account picture.
If you are using a local account, you can change the account name the same way as Windows 10 via the Control Panel. The only major difference between Windows 10 and 8 is when you want to change the computer name.
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Additionally, you'll also need to change your computer password if you have problem remember your login password or just forgot your login password. For instance you can change computer administrator password for Windows 7 constantly using this method. Type your old password, type your new password, type your new password again to confirm it, and then press ENTER. A more secure option is to choose Windows Password Recovery tool to do the password recovery job.
When the booting finishes and you get the congratulation message, you should now remove or change PC password. As we mentioned 3 different options for you, you can select the most suitable method when you want to change PC password.
You also get the default picture from Windows and you may or may not have a password setup. The procedure for changing your picture or password is the same for either type of account, but not for changing your account name. If you scroll down a bit below the name of your account, you’ll see a section called Your picture.

Go to Start, click on Settings, click on Accounts and then click on Sign-in options on the left-hand side.
Even if you are logged in with a Microsoft account, you can change the password from within Windows. You’ll get a message that you have to restart your computer in order for the name change to take effect. Click on Accounts and then Your Account to change the Microsoft account username and to change the Account picture.
Click on the Start button and type in User Accounts. To change the account password or PIN in Windows 8, open PC Settings, click on Accounts and then Sign-in options, just like in Windows 10. In Windows 8, you open PC Settings, then click on PC and Devices and finally click on PC Info. This is done by giving a reboot to your PC and then, usually, by clicking F8 key after the first images from the restart. I've started using a tool called Hirens, which can be downloaded from the internet from free, and it has got a utility which removes passwords from accounts. Then click Start, type in the Run box (press "Win+R" keys to open Run Box) "lusrmgr.msc" in the Search Box or Run Box.
Then you will find that you could log in your computer without password or with the newly created password.
If you have a local account, you can change the user name locally, but if you are logging in using your Microsoft account, you have to change it online.
If you have a PIN setup in Windows 10, you can either change it or remove it on this screen. I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.

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