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Between all the online security threats and data breaches these days, you may come to a point where you have to change your Gmail password to protect your data. Last week, I was suspecting someone hacked into my Gmail account by sending an unrelated email to my friends, I decided to change my Gmail password immediately.
5)      Enter your current Gmail password and new Gmail password twice (New password and Confirm new password).
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Oren Hafif, a security researcher has discovered a critical vulnerability in the Password reset process of Google account that allows an attacker to hijack any account. He managed to trick Google users into handing over their passwords via a simple spear-phishing attack by leveraging a number of flaws i.e.

The link mention in the mail instructs the recipient to confirm the ownership of the account and urged user to change their password.
The Google HTTPS page will will ask the victim to confirm the ownership by entering his last password and then will ask to reset your password.
But in actuality the hacker has grabbed your new password and cookie information using an XSS attack at this step. Want the most interesting Technology and Hacking News delivered automatically to your inbox? Here, you’ll be required to enter your current password, along with your new password twice. No matter you are using Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail; you need to change the email password frequently to prevent hackers hacking into your email accounts.

However, I could not find the change Gmail password option at first and it took me at least 5 minutes to find the change password option.
If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Maybe you accidentally or unknowingly visited a dicey-looking website, and you want to be proactive and give yourself some peace of mind. Actually it is my first time to change my Gmail password and that’s why I took some time to figure out how to change my Gmail password.

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