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There are really two ways that you can change your hotmail password so we will cover both and you can chose which one you prefer, they both get the job done! Once you have logged into your hotmail, click on your name (on the top right hand side of the game). We do also highly recommend that you add your mobile number to your hotmail account just to add extra security and reduce the risk of someone else accessing your account. But, especially if you check your email account from public places (coffee shop, the local library, or a shared computer at school or work), it's a good security measure to "preemptively" change password now and then.
But now you can configure Outlook to get all the Windows Live Hotmail emails using POP3 without having to install Outlook connector. This will take you into Change your password page where you need to enter your current password and select a new password (you need to enter the new password twice).

Once you have completed click the Save button and congratulations you have changed your hotmail password. I also recommend that you change the password settings so every 72 days it alters you to Change my hotmail password to add extra security to your account. Configuring Hotmail in Outlook is very simple and follows the same process of adding a new POP3 account. If you need some help with hotmail sign in then our hotmail sign in information page may be helpful. On the next screen, click on the "Account details (password, addresses, time zone)" link (that's the first link under the first section, "Managing your account"). Since your Hotmail account password is case-sensitive, make sure that CapsLock (all-caps) is turned off, and enter your new password twice in the next two fields (the second time is required for confirmation and to avoid typos).

I use Otlook 2003 on XPH SP3.Reply jack d September 11, 2009 at 10:48 pmi tried this for outlook express but i get my emails in my local folders instead of the hotmail folder ? Just enter your new password and you are done!Successful update notificationsAs security measure, Microsoft will send you a "Microsoft account password change" confirmation email. The same happens for other sensitive modifications in your account, to allow you to quickly take action in case you did not request that particular change.

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