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I wanted to reset the iLO password of our HP Proliant DL360p Gen8 Server; simply because I could not remember the password I have set . HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility (HPONCFG.exe utility) is a tool which allows you to configure iLO from the host operating system.
If you forget the Administrator user name and password of iLO, we can launch HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility (HPONCFG.exe) and reset the password. Now, let us go ahead and check how exactly we can reset the password of iLO without rebooting the server.
As I am using Windows 2008 R2 on our DL360p Gen8 server, I will be using the Windows based HP Lights-out online configuration utility. If you could not find this tool at the driver download page of your server, then you may click the link provided here. It's a rare Windows 8 computer that doesn't have you typing your password as your computer returns from its sleep state.
Having selected a picture, you'll be prompted to select three gestures: Circles, straight lines, or taps.
Tony is the owner and managing director of Microcraft eLearning and is one of the creators of the AUTHOR eLearning Development System. Hi guys, we can change the user password very easy via the command prompt window in a Windows operating system.

Learning the Command Prompt also provides a gradual transition to Unix and Linux systems also. Did you lost the iLO tag which was attached to the server and do not know how to reset the iLO password ? This server was installed with Windows Operating System and was in Production, I do not want to turn OFF the server and use the System Maintenance switch (iLO Security Override Switch) available on the Server system board. It means, if you wish to configure iLO while you have logged in to the server operating system, you can use this tool to configure iLO. Always remember that HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility does not ask for any password when you launch it. Remember that this is just one way of resetting iLO password, you have numerous ways to to reset password on your HP Proliant Servers.
You can download this tool from the driver download page of your Server (Select Windows as your OS).  The driver download page of your HP Proliant server will look like the screenshot provided below.
Once you download HPONCFG (HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility) on your server, please install it.
If these drivers are not installed, you may face issues with HPONCFG utility (HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility).
In your laptop, open a web browser and enter the iLO IP address at the address bar of browser.

The size, position, and direction of the gestures will be your new password.  You can make it as simple as three taps on different parts of the picture or a combination of the gesture types. The steps included in changing the password for a user or administrator over the command prompt window are pasted below.
Now it will ask for the new password for the user, type the password carefully and hit enter button. Or your Server administrator suddenly left the organization and you are left with bunch of HP Server without passwords? After researching on this issue, I found that HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility allow us to reset the iLO Administrator password without rebooting the HP Proliant Server.
Moreover, when you reset the iLO password, HPONCFG will not ask for the previous password.  Looks easy, right?
In short, this article will help you to reset the forgotten iLO administrator if your server is running Windows operating system.

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