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The latest update for Google Chrome’s main page has now started to roll out to the public, and with it are some new changes that you may or may not like. Can this information be updated to February 2014, the information on this page is now outdated.
Change is not always a good thing and while I'm not anti-change at all, I only welcome it if it makes sense or aids me in a way or another.
The new tab page in the browser is another case where a change may not be in the best interest of users. It displays four popular tabs instead of eight that were listed on the previous version of the page. When you open a new tab page now in Chrome you are greeted by the old tab page again in the web browser.
The option to re-enable the old-look New Tab Page in Google Chrome was removed in the most recent update to the stable channel. As of Chrome 33, a redesigned landing page, which features smaller thumbnails, no apps list and a larger Google Search box, is the de-facto default; the setting that previously allowed the change to be reverted has been retired. But not everyone appreciates the new changes, or the decision to remove the option to turn it off. But with that method no longer available you may be looking for a new solution – and the good news is that there are plenty of them.
Before we look at how to workaround the removal of the previous workaround I would suggest that everyone gives the revamped New Tab layout a whirl. So while the above solutions are not as ideal as a built-in setting, they are, barring any sudden about-turn by Chrome developers, the best solution available.
After switching to momentum, I will never look for another alternative for the new Tab page. But how else will Google make it easy for other companies to hijack their browser AND their NTP in one fell swoop? All I want is my recently closed tabs in the bottom corner to come back and for that google search box to go away!!! Is the a new tab extension that gets rid of the obnoxious google search bar, but keeps the most visited pages? Is there any New Tab Page, whish can show me speeddial with both apps and websites on the same page?
What bothers me most is the invasion of privacy with the thumbnails of the most frequently visited webpages. Who needs the dang search bar anyway, I just use the address bar, and have for years, having a search bar is utterly redundant. So as one of the people dissatisfied with the forced change, I tried finding an alternative. I am not satisfied with these workaround as a few features are not available such as the recently closed menu and having my bookmarks show only on my new tab page. Firefox is plagued by the same cancer of braindead UIX designers, who have to justify their existence and job title. Yesterday, as I always do, I left the tabs I was working on open when turning off my computer, expecting to find them again when I reopened chrome the next day. The whole point is that apparently some people don’t realise you can search from the omnibar. Everything looks the same as Chrome did pre-last update, and it allowed me to import everything (and I mean everything) from Chrome, it even imported my extensions, plus it is a more secure browser than Chrome was. Since its introduction last fall, Google Chrome’s new Tab Page is perhaps the most redundant element ever integrated in a browser.
Since the cursor is already in the address bar, using the search bar implies an extra click before performing the query.
Therefore, thanks to the new option, users can extract the search query terms in the omnibox and access an instant preview of the search result while they type. Stay Connected Follow us to get the latest tech tutorials, news, and giveaways as soon as we post them.

Once a week, we send a recap of our best articles and, if we host a Giveaway, you'll be the first to know! We mentioned a few months ago that how you can change the look of your Firefox Browser and customize the whole look of your browser with Stratiform Addon and how you can easily create and share Windows 8 Themes on your desktop without using any third party application. There are tons of free themes are available on the Google chrome store, you can find some of the best Google Chrome themes here. To get started all you need a image that you want to use on your theme as background and My Chrome Theme addon.
Now from the next screen of the application you have to upload you background to start creating the theme or you can you the web cam to click your own picture. Once setting up the image and the image effects hit the net button to customize the look of Google chrome tabs. So there you have it, one of the best and fastest way to create Google chrome theme without using any pro application. Sidharth Rathore is Tech Blogger and Gamer, who love's to write about Mobile Tips, How to Guides, Google, Microsoft, Android and Games. One of the main things that you will notice is that the black bar along the top of the Google home page has been redesigned for a cleaner feel and shifted over to the right. The first, and currently only result, you will see will be the Enable Instant Extended API. ?????????, ?????????, "????????????", ????????? ??? science fiction ??? ??? ??????? ?????? ???? ????????. For example, I’m in Thailand so Google will offer me to download Google Chrome in Thai language. No matter where you look, search, Google+, YouTube, you will find many changes and loads of A-B tests. Apps and bookmarks are still listed on it, but the option to restore tabs or a window is no longer included. It may shove a stick in the spokes of your old workflow, but the addition of the search box makes getting where you want to go a little easier.
Its simple, minimalistic and the developers are promising more stuff to be added in future updates.
On Linux, the apps page is the only way to launch new apps since in Gnome Shell for example instead of opening apps as pinned tabs in the existing window, it does so in a new window, completely defeating the purpose of a pinned tab.
This is reasonable, except that they don’t open in my existing browser window when they should, which annoys me. I did like having the larger thumbnails for often used pages… but Google really needs to stop making stupidly unnecessary changes. I search from the address bar too, what is up with everyone thinking they need more search bars, omniboxes or whatever they want to call them.
I tried a few of the extensions such as the few metro clones and the one that takes you directly to the apps page. I have seen it around but until now I never considered it since Chrome WAS a darn good browser until they decided that they needed to make everything redundant… And for whom? Change yours default search engine for omnibox in settings to BING for example, and F**** GOOGLE disappears, after that just enlarge the view size to 125%-150% for new tab only and thats all.
Thanks to the change, the tabs I had open were completely gone, along with all their tab history. I have changed the startup page but everytime you click on a new tab the tiles are there again.
As the omnibox on top of the screen constitutes the main reason why users choose Chrome in the first place, that extended Google search bar offering doesn't really make much sense. Now again i am back with the new guide which allows you to create and share your owns Google Chrome theme with My Chrome Theme addon.
But if you want to try the new theme or want to create your ownd with your image or your Holiday picture or your Family picture than you have to try this My Chrome Theme addon.
You can download the My Chrome Theme addon from the Google web store or you can find the download link at the end of this post.

Once the theme is created by the My Chrome theme app you can download the same on your desktop and use it on your Google chrome browser. Just get ready with your image background and design your first chrome theme in a few minutes. The main page also sports the new Google logo, but also has the most visited sites tabs plonked underneath the search box, making the page look cluttered. If I don’t manually change language to English on the download page, I will get an setup file which default language is Thai. It appears that you need to open the History now to restore tabs or pages that you closed in the browser.
I love opening a new tab, checking out the inspiring image and quote, writing down my focus for the day, and listing about three important to-do’s I need to take care of.
When you type something in the search box in the middle of the page, it types on the Omini box at the top. From my experience following some of these recent UI changes, no amount of whining or starring on the bug tracker will ever revert anything.
I need to figure out how to solve those problems, but I haven’t figured out what I need to do. All I want is my recently closed tabs button at the bottom right… I use that every day.
Once they do; you can kiss the functionality of the old NTP goodbye, because the code has been gutted from Cr.
My Chrome Theme addon is free Google chrome browser addon which allows you to design your own customize Google chrome theme in three simple steps. Don’t get me wrong, I like the most visited sites tabs feature, but I prefer it to open the way it did in the previous design. The feature is useful for people who want their locality language as default language, however, some people may not want this. Also, every time I lose my focus and start searching the web, it’s there to remind me.
It should be very simple to give users the option so that they don’t appear, yet they just took it away by not letting us use the old style.
If you or anyone has a suggestion about fixing the issues, or suggested places to look for help, I’d be very grateful.
Not only you can design your theme with your favorite background also you can share that Google chrome theme with your friends or on the social networking sites.
Now you’ll get a link that you can give to others that will let them use the theme you have created. It was excellent before, why on Earth would you change it and take away the user ability to customize to their liking?!!!
On the left are screenshots for change language from locality language (in this example, it is Thai language) to English (United States). These bastards might have innovative ideas and technologies but they’re too *stupid* to follow through with them.
On right side – Web Content section (the second section from above), click on Languages and spell-checker settings (the last button in the section). So you have to make sure the language selection is correct before downloading Google Chrome. If it doesn’t display in the language that you want, just change it to what you want before downloading as in the figure below.
I think it cause language like you said And i try your methode but problem still appear ?Y?› It look like font problem.Have any idea? Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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