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We all love YouTube because it has almost all variety of videos uploaded by millions of users around the globe.
White and black aren’t the most exciting colors that everyone would want on their mobile device.
PhonesReviews UK- Mobiles, Apps, Networks, Software, Tablet etcAll about Mobile Phones Reviews & Updates. For more information about jailbreaking, I suggest you read about what jailbreaking is and why jailbreak your iPhone.
To make sure you are using the latest jailbreak available, please visit this page and search for your device model and firmware version, then use the relevant jailbreak tool.
In Cydia (the new app that was installed when you jailbroke your iDevice), search for WinterBoard.
Once you found a theme, simply install it in Cydia, then go back to WinterBoard to activate the theme. I find the themes in cydia not that good ( this does not included stereos lepard ,best theme ever ) I’ve been using iphonebrower to change the stock icons for ones which look lot better. I finally decided to jailbreak my iphone … thanks for all the articles, which kept encouraging me to do so =) … looks like now a lot of new options are opened for me now to customise my phone!
I understand running more basic posts from time to time, but I would also request you add a bit more content for your regular crowd too. Customizing by directly accessing the iPhone file structure is (at least for me) best way to go. A great theme that I’m sure a lot of users would appreciate a detailed step by step instruction for is Black Leather HD Theme from Cydia.

Most notably, the glassy dock was chucked out for a more translucent background that picked colors off the wallpaper.
Not quite interestingly, you can’t configure the dock background to have a specific color. The Control Center will lose the slight translucence and will no longer have a blurred background seeping through it.
He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.
They have many different products that they do like phones, computers, gaming, music, specialty, soft goods, gift cards, and you can see some color samples that you can mess around with. There are various methods for jailbreaking your device, depending on the model and the software version.
This application allows you to download themes and to activate and manage them on your iPhone. This is probably the hardest part of the job because there are hundreds, if not thousands of themes available. You will notice there are sections for specific themes such as battery themes, keyboard themes, etc, but I just want to focus on the essential. Some themes only include a wallpaper, some include full customization with battery, dock, icons, dialer, keyboard, SMS, and more. I understand that you can select several different mods such as a status bar battery or a keyboard but all it let’s me do is just use one theme.
But if your background is producing an oddly-colored dock, the muted gray might be a better thing to have.

This website is pretty neat because you can choose all these different types of colors and you can also add different effects (like a gloss).
I made my own theme by using different icons and different bundles from all sorts of themes. I and my development team are releasing the Android Market on the iPhone by June 1st, if all goes well too. One good thing to come out of this is that no matter what your background is, the dock color will remain unchanged. But that’s about the only change I saw after turning ON the Increase Contrast setting.
You can change the white or black back part to a better color that you may enjoy and surprise others.
By the way if you are a guest, you wouldn’t want to miss out on an awesome application that iTouch Tech Talk is creating called Arcade Extravaganza. I also use Photoshop CS4 to change things that I don’t like for example, the color of something or the size of an icon. You can sign up from my VIP List by clicking here or you can check it out and learn more about this special application by clicking here.
Speaking of icons, I would use Shrink or Shrink Grow which ever one to make your theme look a little better because not all themes look good with certain icons.

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