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Everything is changing so rapidly you have to become the change or get left behind the change. You also have be in the heart of change, and when you try to change, make it such that it doesn’t feel like it.
Perhaps the biggest benefit of deep and rapid change is that everything needs to be reexamined. One common trait amongst organizations that have emerged as winners during rapid change was a concerted investment in people — from employees to channel partners.

Many of the companies that are now India’s most admired put significant effort into engaging their stakeholders (employees, customers, partners) for a wide variety of things: explaining the policies and beliefs of the company, communicating strategy and milestones, and often involving them in seeking solutions and new ideas. When survival is at stake, all the “crazy” ideas that were dismissed earlier resurface for serious discussion.
What now matters is the speed of change that matches or exceeds people expectations for change.
To be part of the change individuals and organizations have to learn how to think and act exponentially about their work and their business.

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