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It can be tough to change an unfortunate birth name — let alone get anyone to stop calling you by it — but your Twitter username is not the one bestowed upon you by your parents. Though often used interchangeably, your Twitter username and real name are not the same thing.
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Well sometimes rebranding yourself or adding a level of professionalism isn’t such a bad thing.

Try to keep it simple, short and reflective of you for the sake of your followers — most of us don’t like riddled usernames. Type in your desired username (15 characters or less) in the text field to the right of Username.
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Your real name on the other hand, is the personal one that appears above your username on your profile page or to the left of your username in your Twitter feed. Changing your username will also leave your existing followers, direct messages, and replies completely intact. A message will appear prompting you choose another username if your first choice is unavailable. You can also always refer to the Twitter Help Center for more details regarding your username and the various restrictions surrounding it.

It’s part of your online identity and it can often say more in 15-or-less characters than you can in a generous 140. Although not always the case, it can help clarify an ambiguous username that may not directly identify you, your brand or business (i.e. Just make sure to let your followers know so they can interact with your new name instead of scouting for your old one.
When finished, click the blue Save changes button at the bottom of the page to save your new username.

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