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The married name change process depends on your state of residence and personal circumstances.
You will need to supply a certified marriage certificate as your legal proof of marriage when you file your name change forms. Instead of re-inventing the name change wheel and spending hours on research and form completion, consider using an online name change service. Depending on when your friend got married and what state she changed her name in, she may have experienced a completely different process than the one you need to change your name in your state. It’s easy to overlook the fine print regarding what you need to bring or include in your name change filings. Name change is a permanent decision (unless your divorce or petition the courts for a legal name change order).
TSA are sticklers about names on identification documents matching the name on your flight tickets, so be sure to book travel in your maiden name until you have your married name on your IDs. The married name change process can be tedious and complicated, due to various government form filing rules and different state level filing procedures.
Danielle TateFounder & CEOAs a successful entrepreneur, Danielle is a name change expert, writer, author of a top rated Google newlywed blog and a bridal magazine contributor. Legally changing your last name is one planning detail that has to wait until after the wedding. In order to change your last name, you will need to have the original, certified marriage license (with the raised seal and your new last name on it). Fill out the application for a new Social Security card by visiting the Social Security Administration’s website. This one’s a big deal, especially if you and your spouse will (or already have) set up a joint account. Once you receive your new driver’s license and social security card in your married name, changes in other areas should be a fairly easy. Almost every guest—no matter whom—expect to enjoy lots of amazing food and drink at your wedding. Classic Canada Summer Real Wedding, Colorful Wedding Inspiration, Spring Wedding Ideas, and More! Take a moment to research your state’s name change laws, so you select an option that is allowed.
Many government offices will return your certificate with your new form of identification, but some will keep it. They complete all of the necessary name change forms for you and provide helpful filing tips and advice.

Check out your state’s motor vehicle website for name change information or consider using an online name change service to ensure you follow the correct steps.
This prevents having some of your personal identification documents in your maiden name and others in your married name. Be sure you know what forms of identification, proof of marriage and methods of payment are accepted by each office before you file for your new name.
Both the State Department and Motor Vehicle Offices require a certified marriage certificate to process and change your name on your U.S. The good news is that a little prior research and organization will help streamline your transition from Miss to Mrs. And just because you have a marriage license doesn’t mean you automatically have a new last name. If you didn’t receive a copy of the marriage license after the wedding, contact your clerk’s office where the license was filed and submit a request. Once you complete the application, you should receive your new card within 10 business days.
Bring every form of identification you can find, including your old license, your certified marriage license and your new Social Security card. The quickest way to change your name on all banking records is to visit your local branch location and bring your new driver’s license and marriage license. While some changes may be as simple as logging into an online account or making a quick phone call, others may require a copy of your marriage certificate or social security card as proof. Typically brides can choose to hyphenate last names, take both last names without a hyphen, take their maiden name as a middle name or take their spouse’s last name. You can then complete your forms quickly and accurately, as you’ll have all of the necessary information at your fingertips.
Ordering 2-3 certified marriage certificates from your county clerk’s office will allow you to file multiple forms simultaneously and ensure that you don’t lose your only certificate. All sorts of travel and tax snafus can occur if you are using two names, and no one wants to deal with that.
Ten minutes of research could save you the agony of spending hours standing in long office lines multiple times. Use the tips below to cut through the red tape and to navigate the process of becoming a Mrs. Mapping out the specific order to file your name change forms will help you keep the process in order and moving forward.
Most states issue your new license the same day you file, but the State Department takes 5 weeks to issue a new passport.

Colorado has modified this legal principle; in many cases, a court order is required to change your name. If you change your last name to your spouse's last name because of marriage, you avoid the need for a court order. You will have to comply with the requirements of various issuing authorities to replace your identity documents with new versions that reflect your new last name. The fee is $17 for the first copy and $10 each for additional copy at the time of publication. Bring it to the local office of the Social Security Administration along with your marriage certificate and a government-issued photo ID such as a drivers license, a non-drivers ID card or a passport. The Social Security Administration will amend your records and issue you a new Social Security card.
Present your new drivers' license or non-driver's ID and your marriage certificate to change the name on your bank account and have new checks issued. Mail it together with your current passport, a passport-style photo and a copy of your marriage certificate to the address listed on the form.
If your passport was issued more than one year ago, you must use Form DS-82 instead of Form DS-5504.
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