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Vennli believes that the best strategies aren't top-down, they're outside-in, starting with the customers' needs and wants. Want to learn what your customers really want so you can create a targeted, profitable strategy for growth in any market!?
If you’re in the same boat as I was and have some fans you’ve worked hard to get to like your page, you can ask Facebook to change the name of your page, but NOT the URL – not at least at this time. Go to your page, on the top right click on “Help” and then “Request a name change for your Page”. On the next screen, you’ll see two boxes, one with your “Current Page name” and one with your “Desired Page name”. I am looking to change the name of a page I manage as the company is undergoing a re-brand in May with a new name being developed but the only thing I can find on Facebook says you can only change if you have less than 200 likes! I had to send Facebook a request and let them know that I had changed the name as I had over 200 likes. About Jo Guerra, Owner of Kick A MarketingWe specialize in WordPress web development and make sure your website kicks A. In fact, most companies go through a handful of names before finally landing on their company name. We passionately believe continuous growth will result when the customer’s voice drives decision making.

But if you’ve misspelled your page name or have changed your company name, here’s your chance to ask Facebook to change the name of your company.  Hit “Send”. I’ll make sure your site looks great and can even write and get to the heart of your story, so you are not just another company - you make a difference for your clients. Well, we combine ongoing customer surveying and a proven competitive strategy model within an advanced data visualization and analytics software.
We make it easy to understand how customers make choices so that businesses can take quick, precise actions. Before you had to have less than 100 fans in order to change your name and this information is still listed on Facebook’s help section. That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.”Why would a business change their company name when they already have an established brand? Ultimately, we enable businesses to accelerate growth by being different from competitors in ways important to customers. Changing your business name requires a lot of work, including changes to your website, brochures, business cards, etc.I can understand when one company takes over another, you either have to settle on one of the old names, combine the two, or think up a new name.
I can also see if you name your company using a local flare, but then begin to service nationally, you should change your name. For example, ServiceMagic, a company many of you are familiar with has recently changed its name to HomeAdvisor.How does this change affect them?

Simply by changing your company name, especially an online company will affect search rankings. Not just because of the name but because of the catastrophic failure for a company that had so much data fail at the internet game.With the examples I gave above, you would believe that the reason to change your company name is only to hide from your past failures. To allow your army of telemarketers to go back to contact contractors who are familiar with your past company?Yet there are actual reasons to change your company name. Or is your company name too generic, and there are thousands of other companies with the same name? It’s just easier to stick with the one you have, isn’t it?So why would you change your company name?
It is his mission to create awareness of marketing online to the home improvement industry, and to educate, inform and assist contractors on taking over their own online presence.Related posts:Content Is King Get Your Content Out There What Is This Duplicated Content Everyone Is Talking About?

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