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One of the things I like about Android is that I can change the look of things to suit my mood. Any of the fonts you see in iFont can become the system UI font for your device so you can end up with a different looking view.
So, once you open iFont, click on the Online tab, select the language and scroll until you see a font you want.
After you choose Set you'll be asked to confirm your choice and told that your device will reboot (to set the new font).

PowerPoint 2007 font section is where you can start personalizing and being more creative with your PowerPoint presentation.
The Next button is called the clear formatting button the button has two a's on it with a white eraser below it.
Moving on the underline button this is the button that has a "U" on it do the same thing highlight the text and press the "U" button and your text will be underlined.
The next button is the changing case icon this is where you can change from upper to lower case.

If you would like a color not listed click on the More Colors link and the color window will open with more options.

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