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Gamer Tag is the key to everything in Xbox when it comes to getting social and impress other players with your unique name. In this tutorial we will learn how you can change the Gamer Tag of any Xbox Profile both for the first time and later again by paying MSP. Once you have created an Xbox Profile which is connected to XBOX Live Account,  You will see a random tag already assigned to you. You have two options here, First enter what you like or ask Xbox Live to suggest you something.
This will cost you 800 Microsoft Points so make sure you are ready to buy or have and if you do not have you will need to have payment option set with your profile to buy at the very moment. Enter a new gamertag and the system will make sure it is unique else you will need to choose something different. A die hard fan of Windows, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone and Xbox, Loves to Do Video reviews on Windows Phone Apps, Games, Xbox Games, Xbox Tutorials. Like you, thousands of people in the UK choose to change their names by deed poll each year! Continue reading and you'll soon be able to change your name for FREE by using our deed poll service. Perhaps you've just married (or divorced) and want to change your surname or you just don't like your current name, then this is the deed poll service for you. If you require a service that will print and send you your deed poll, you'll find plenty of links to deed poll companies dotted around this site. Thank you for visiting our deed poll service, if you find this site useful, then please spread the word to your friends and family.
Name change Deed Polls can be used for various reasons relating to a person legally committing themselves to doing something.

To summarise, a name change Deed Poll issued by this site provides you with the written evidence that you are legally binding yourself to using your new changed name. In addition to a standard PlayStation Network avatar, you can also display a real photograph of yourself to your chosen friends on the PlayStation 4. Once you’ve logged into your PS4’s primary account, push up on the d-pad to access the top layer of menu options.
In the menu, scroll down to the option labelled ‘PSN’ using the d-pad and select it with the X button. In the PSN area, scroll down to the option labelled ‘Account Information’ using the d-pad and select it with the X button. Once you’re into the ‘Account Information’ screen, scroll down to ‘Profile’ with the d-pad and select it with the X button.
Once you’re in the ‘Profile’ area, scroll down to ‘Profile Picture’ with the d-pad and select it with the X button. A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy's covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it. However many first time Xbox players aren’t aware about the importance and choose a name which they later want to change.
For example if you changed it a minute back, your friends will see the same old profile but probably if you send an message, it will be updated instantly.So you dont need to add them again or anything else. He Owns a Lumia 950 XL, Lumia 550, Lumia 1020 & BLU WIN HD LTE and have used all the Lumia Phones and Non Lumia Phones as well.
All you need is a 'deed of change of name' document that has the correct wording signed by two witnesses. This gives you your own printable deed poll document that you can send to relevant authorities allowing you to change your name.

It is a style of legal contract, differing slightly from normal contracts between two or more individuals, in that it only relates to one person (it is only endorsed by that person).
However deed polls in general have one accepted meaning, changing a person's name (name change). To rename an account, go to the Account Service menu on the right-hand side and select Nickname Account.
Scroll all the way to the right until you find a toolbox labelled ‘Settings’, and tap the X button. If your Facebook account is successfully linked, this will bring up an image of your current Facebook profile icon.
A name change Deed Poll thus binds the individual who signs it to a specific course of action (deed) as written on the Deed Poll document, name change. It must be noted that the correct legal name for a deed poll document that has been made to change a person's name is a Deed of Change of Name. You’ll need to ensure that your profile is linked to your Facebook account before following these steps.
To enable this, tick the box labelled ‘Use My Facebook Profile Picture’ with the X button and select ‘Confirm’.

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