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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Slide 1 Good afternoon and Warm welcome with many sweet smiles from the village children’s to my Presentation. Poor Education System Another most important cause of the illiteracy is poor education system in our society. I will gather people… Though is not possible to solve overnight, but at least I could try more than few nights.
Make sure Job facility In my areas there have lot people whore are educated but they don’t have any job. It seems that Delhi government is leaving no stone unturned to enlarge and spread out the scope of homoeopathy in the country’s national capital. To achieve this purpose, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Thursday started a website for homeopathy. Apart from this, the website will also carry vital information regarding the government homeopathic dispensaries and general homeopathic medicines.
Commenting on this, Dikshit said: “Homeopathy enjoys a high reputation and its remedies have been used traditionally in Indian families for over 150 years. The CM also informed the media persons that the Delhi government homeopathic dispensaries have treated nearly 7 million people in the last five years. Dikshit further added that her government is fully committed to develop the popularity of homeopathy in Delhi.

Slide-2 Slide-3 Take a look in Google map and fly at the sky of my village with the power of technology!
In the primary and middle stage teachers behave with the children like an animal and they are very used to with torture. Pupils learn to develop flow diagrams and to debug programs when things don’t happen as they should. Child Labor is rampant among poor families who aim to increase their family income by sending out children to work from a very young age. But if we can ensure them that after education we will give them a job as their education quality hope they will be interested to be literate and also to send their child for schooling. As it is in an industrial area that’s why, here population percentage is little bit too much more than other village.
May be poor people don’t have the ability to send their child to school because of money but though few people have the ability to send their children to school but they are not doing this, because they don’t know the importance of education, advantages of education in real life, that’s why they Ignore it and giving us an illiterate nation.
High school are too far from our village, as a result most of the child don’t want to go over there by crossing a long way again sometimes their parents don’t feel safe to send their little child far alone. Moreover, these children are forced into illegal early marriages and then saddled forever with the responsibility of managing a household, family and work on their young shoulders before even gaining the maturity to fully comprehend the meaning of any of them.
If I can successfully convince them then I will tell them to gather more people from their side. If totally I can erase all of this from my society hope my village will be model village for others.

If totally I can erase all of this from my society hope my village will be model village for others. Though I wish to solve all But at this time it’s not possible for me to solve all or any three problems like any lamp’s gin. Because if we can understand the cause perfectly then it will be easier for us to find out the way to solve it.
Some religious people do not allow the education of their children particularly girls except religious education. Which one is more severe problem and also cause of few more social problems, and if I could solve that one hope also few problem will erase automatically from my society. Here my idea is Arrange Educational Program or seminar This is goanna only for rich illiterate people who are basically not aware about education. Because if u call them to night class they will never come , but by changing the name we can bring them and provide them than idea about education, share them importance about education , problem not being an literate man. Also for maintaining their property they need education otherwise they can be cheated by any one.

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