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Our Four Tribes AgreementsTribes promotes inclusion within the classroom, school and community. This book explores how to build confidence by focusing on making changes in three core behavioural areas - Feelings, Actions and Thoughts. Unlock Your Confidence: Find the Keys to Lasting Change through the Confidence Karma Method ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files. There is a force in each of us that compels us to overcome our limitations and strive to experience ourselves and our life at its very best. Changing Mindsets & Developing Spirits - Inspirational Coaching through Verse for Success in Sport and Life PDF (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open PDF (Adobe DRM) files.
Students learn collaborative skills by incorporating the Tribes agreements to develop personal success and academic achievement in a positive, equitable and inclusive child-centered environment.
Psychologist and life coach Gary Wood shows how, once we understand the interaction between these three areas we can develop lasting confidence at work, in our relationships and, in fact, in every aspect of our life.

Tribes enables children to develop self-confidence, effective decision-making and collaborative problem solving techniques.
Throughout, the emphasis is on building on your existing strengths and skills, working with what you already do well in order to grow to greater confidence.
By changing our mind 'sets' and connecting with our Spiritual Self we can finally tap into our awesome inner power to achieve the best in whatever we desire. We learn the importance of seeing confidence as a 'whole body' phenomenon and of looking after your health, ensuring adequate rest and sound nutrition as vital for building your sense of inner strength. The author provides practical advice on body language and voice projection skills so that you can 'act' confidently while you build your underlying level of self-belief.
However, Dr Wood also emphasises that behaving in accordance with your values and deeply held beliefs is essential to developing lasting confidence. Ensuring that you understand what really matters to you in life is a major step toward the faith in yourself that underpins true confidence.

Finally, the book reveals how to build strength and resilience so that you bounce back from the temporary setbacks that can occur as you start to move out of your comfort zone and into the life you truly want. The book features questionnaires and practical exercises to help the reader put the ideas into practice, and is extremely user-friendly and accessible, with chapter previews and summaries ensuring that you are clear on the key points and action plans. Case studies and examples from the author's practice help to ground the advice in real-life scenarios and provide realistic and achievable strategies for change. If so, this beautifully written book captures the essential qualities and fundamental principles for success in sport and life.
Combining her exceptional expertise in the field of peak performance coaching and personal & spiritual development, with the art of inspirational verse, Helen K Emms coaches us to change disempowering mindsets and nurture our spirit.

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