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A few weeks ago I professed my love for Instagram and predicted that this easy photo-sharing app would soar.
Of the Americans surveyed who currently use a social media platform, only 18 percent currently have a profile on Instagram. Of those who have a profile, 61% have used it in the past 24 hours, an adoption level only surpassed by Facebook (at 84%).  By comparison, Twitter stands at 55%, Google Plus 44% and Pinterest 52%. Of ALL those social media users surveyed, 48% declared they are using Instagram more often.  This blows the other major platforms out of the water. Of those who have an Instagram profile, 83% use it at work, again surpassing even Facebook and YouTube by a long shot.
Since Instagram is a mobile-only application, its adoption will increase as the trend toward smartphones continues in 2013.
There is also an intangible quality in play here that I think will make Instagram a red-hot property. Most people scoffed when Facebook acquired the 11-employee, non-revenue-producing Instagram earlier this year for $1 billion.
By the way, this is just one tiny glimpse into the amazing dataset compiled by Edison Research and the Social Habit report which is being released this week.
An interesting point and i think a good development provided that the platform doesn’t get filled with crap. Mark, My favorite aspect to Instagram is that it makes it so darn easy to produce content and distribute it to my social assets. I seriously love Instagram — as evidenced by my pretty much stalking and commenting on your entire trip abroad. Which can probably be directly attributed to the app being released on Android, and its huge userbase.
I think the main reason Instagram is so popular versus a web-based version (like, say, Pinterest) is that it’s a snapshot in time from a personal life, versus a curation of a likeable image on a web page.
And it definitely has the fact of being mobile-only on its side (which made me chuckle a little when I saw a comparison last week to its growth versus Twitter via mobile).
I already commented here on how much I love Instagram, but it’s well worth to do it again. Agreed – there was no rhyme nor reason (as far as I can see) to close down the brand. It’s comments like this that make me yearn to move away from my BlackBerry as quickly as humanly possible. If you own an iPhone, you may be one of the 5 million who have downloaded Instagram, the popular photo-sharing social network. Users collectively post about 860,000 new photos to Instagram each day and have posted more than 95 million photos as a whole so far. Instagram is only available on iOS right now, though there are plenty of Android knock-offs. Apparently 2,500 apps already use the Instagram API, so if the company charged developers to use its API, then maybe it could make some bucks that way. Today in this short post, we will guide you How to Embed Instagram Photos Gallery in Blogger Blog?. After clicking the above link, you will see many options for customization such as Username, Hash-tag, Widget Type, thumbnail size and much more. We hope that this short post helped you in adding Instagram pictures in your Blogger sidebar widget. All the instagram presets for Lightroom can be downloaded from the company’s website.

The wait for Instagram is coming to an end pretty soon, according to Instagram’s founders. So why do I need this app when my GN already shares photos directly to those sites already (none of which I use)? The 3rd party apps may be the same, but the OS and 1st party core apps will probably always be different. A lot of times, it actually prevents me from seeing what they’re taking a picture of! Android apps have been steadily closing the perceived quality gap to their iOS counterparts (at least for phones, tablets are another story), and Instagram was one of the last remaining significant holdouts. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. Now, new data from The Social Habit seems to confirm that Instagram is poised for a breakout.
I project that there could be a huge upside across demographics because everybody loves sharing photos and it’s so easy to use even the non-tech savvy can master it in minutes. There is an almost voyeuristic quality to Instagram that is lacking anywhere else and I think this will appeal to the same human qualities that drive the popularity of gossip magazines and reality TV shows. This is a MUST HAVE and affordable resource for any agency, marketing department or social media professional.
Your data may reveal this, but it seems that the disparity between creators and consumers is lower on Instagram than other networks. I am working with a small business owner in France who has a great story to tell but not a lot of time to tell it. Now I know a lot of people actually aren’t happy with that, but I say stick to what you do best and stick to the platform that has a much brighter future. I know this makes me sound creepy maybe, but sometimes I just put in a random place hashtag, like #paris, or #tokyo and just go through pictures.
I posted stuff on Instagram that I’d did not post anywhere else, even thou with a push of a button I could have. Desde que fuese adquirido por Facebook, han sido varios los cambios que han ido realizando, casi sin darnos cuenta, como por ejemplo, reforzar la experiencia desde el navegador de escritorio. Five million may not sound like that many users, but it is when you consider that Instagram started just eight months ago and added 100,000 new users just this past weekend. The 100-million-photo mark is definitely in sight and will probably arrive in the next few days. Instagram allows users to add filters and effects to their photos and then share them through the app or through various social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and so on. Co-founder Kevin Systrom interned at Twitter before it was actually Twitter back in the day, and had a few run-ins with Mark Zuckerberg during Facebook’s early stages. Since the app is free and it doesn’ t have any advertising, like most free apps do, the company isn’t taking in much money. Recently, one of our daily users asked us how to embed Instagram photos in my Blogger blog? I’ve stopped looking at most pictures on FB that are posted via Instagram because they open via a new window instead of a pop-up that you can [esc] out of.
When I had my blackberry, a few of my friends with Androids were tweeting pics using an Instagram app. And according to Verizon and ATT they each sold more iphones than any other phone in their lineup. Of course lots of people post photos on Facebook … along with videos, cat memes and celebrity photos.

The platform certainly seems to be poised to take a leap forward, according to this latest data.
No reason for Instagram to devote resources to developing for a platform that isn’t tied to their exceptional mobile app. Like you mentioned, all the photos captured are very human and real, and you can see building and moments you otherwise wouldn’t see on other visual networks like Pinterest where most of the pictures are professionally taken. As an example of just how big an achievement that is, consider it took Flickr two years to reach the same 100-million-photo mark. The photos produced by Instagram replicate those from the old Kodak Instamatic and Poloaroid cameras. Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Quora’s Adam D’Angelo have invested money into Instagram, among other investors. Webstagram lets you view Instagram photos via the web, since the app is iOS only right now. The company claims to not only have included the new filters but the old ones from version 1.0 as well.
For those willing to have everything we also offer two products together in the ultimate collection for $29.98. The app is in private beta as we speak, so we should be nearing release right around the corner.
One of my friends ran a series on Instagram where he snapped pictures – and rated — the crazy coffee cups in his office kitchen. But there is just something different, something more intimate, about how people are sharing their visual lives on Instagram. Add in the nifty little filters and it’s really no surprise why people love IG so much.
You see the ugly sides of those places, you see so much art (which I absolutely love) and you see things that are universal, which is very humbling in a way.
It will stretch your mind, connect you to fascinating people, and provide some fun along the way. Cuando alguien nos etiquete, recibiremos una notificacion para que lo aprobemos y se sume a nuestro nuevo apartado. They have been dubbed “hipster photos,” since, as Mashable points out, many bands are now using Instagram to take their band photos. The small company totals 1.25 million users per employee, so there’s a lot that each person has to deal with. Plus people respond to and interact with photos at a much higher rate when they’re posted one at a time. Para que nos acostumbremos poco a poco a esta nueva funcionalidad, tendremos hasta el 16 de mayo para probar su uso, etiquetado de amigos y validacion de aquellas fotos en las que nos etiqueten, antes de que sea accesible al resto de usuarios.Pero, ?cual es su funcionamiento?
Who needs a professional photographer when you can just use Instagram to give your photo a vintage feel? Naturally, with Instagram’s rampant success, the company is focusing on hiring more employees now. Huge opportunity for small businesses and brands — it will be great to see what they do with it.

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