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In a world saturated with stress (whether work-, home-, school-, or even traffic-related), we find ourselves being lured by people and media ads into trying anything that brings relief. WebMD defines meditation as the act of channeling your attention in order to usher awareness and calmness into your mind.
For several years, meditation has been used for treating addiction problems, pain, high blood pressure, as well as hot flashes.
Meditation has been proven to increase brain size, according to a study conducted by Harvard, Yale and MIT academicians. A 2009 study conducted in China showed that participants who practiced meditation showed better blood flow in the right anterior cingulate cortex, which is responsible for things such as attention, motivation, and emotion.A  Research has further shown that decreased blood flow to the said area of the brain have been linked with mental health conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, dementia, and attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Netflix enthusiast, horrible speller, jiujitsu hobbyist, weekend drinker, and occasional poker player. Meditation is training for your mind, and just like any physical training it has many benefits. It is advisable to meditate in the morning, while your mind is tranquil, “empty” and when you are not sleepy.
You can also recite a sacred syllable “Om” – a Hindu symbol of the Absolute- unmanifested (spiritual) and manifested (material) aspects of God.
Relaxation technique called Yoga Nidra can also help you relax your body and introduce you to the meditation. Imagine that you are driving a car – your thoughts should be like the things on the sidewalk you glance while driving- they exist but you don’t pay attention to them.
I am a devoted hedonist who enjoys nice things – food, wine, fine arts, spending time with friends and family. Decorating your home can cost a lot of money, but there are plenty of ways to stretch your budget! Ever since the discovery of meditation as a resolution to several disturbances in the human mind as well as body, it has become widely accepted and appreciated.
There are several kinds of meditation techniques that have their own set of instructions to provide an effective solution to its practitioners, however, you can decide the one that best suits the need of the hour. Try to sit upright and keep your spine straight for as long as you are comfortable, without exerting pressure on your body.
Start visualising a specific object in your mind and try to consider the object as yourself. It is likely that while concentrating on an object, you may fluctuate between other issues concerning everyday situations. Try to increase the speed of your breathing pattern and observe your stomach compressing and expanding. Meditation is an absolutely wonderful practice, but can be very difficult in the beginning.
Though all possible measures have been taken to ensure accuracy, reliability, timeliness and authenticity of the information; Onlymyhealth assumes no liability for the same. Start your week mindfully!Join the Left Brain Buddha mailing list and get a mindful update every Monday morning.Plus you'll get 40 Ways to Bring Mindfulness to Your Days and Mindfulness for Kids, two printable pdf's to inspire mindfulness every day! We often define the rooms of our homes by what we do in them – dining, living, entertaining – or the objects we use in them – beds, TVs, baths.
Last year, I decided to create a small meditation space in my home as a place, and as a reminder, to practice stillness and silence.
We’ve recently done some minor remodeling and redecorating, so we repurposed part of our study {which is actually the living room, but since no one really uses living rooms, we’ve made ours an office} to expand and redecorate the space in our home for stillness.
You may want to make your space visible. For some, a meditation area may be private, but I love that my space is in the front of our home. This article from The Art of Living has more advice about choosing a space in your home, as well as creating a meditation space in your office. Find a few more things to consider in this article, Create a Meditation Space at Home from Mother Earth Living.
Question: We are looking to make a change very soon and may be selling or renting our house as we travel. This is relatively new to me so trying to be consistent has been challenging while in one place, I would like to get used to using something simple that I can take on the go now, rather than wait until we are on the go. This is something that I have wanted to create for such a long time, but I don’t know where to have it. 33 Minimalist Meditation Room Design Ideas - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
Let’s face it, it can be difficult to get away to a meditation retreat, Not only do retreats tend to be very expensive, but it can be very difficult to find the time off work. Thankfully, with a little pre-planning you can easily create a retreat at home.  Here’s how to do it.

Find the time: You’re going to want to set an entire weekend aside in order to do your retreat. In order to help you to prepare for your retreat it’s important to make sure that your home is clean and tidy before beginning.
In order to make your retreat effective you’re going to want to decorate at least one room of your home for.
Your friends and family may well wonder what you’re up to when they don’t see you for a weekend (unless, of course, you are doing a group retreat with family and friends). Have Books and Material Ready: You may want to include some specific reading in your retreat. When meditating, one needs to assume a seating position and breathe slowly and regularly for 15 to 20 minutes.A There are two types of meditation. Nowadays, more and more studies have been done to support meditationa€™s beneficial effects on brain function.
In a study done by psychologists Michael Posner and Yi-Yuan Tang, results showed that students who meditated showed lower levels of fatigue, anger, and depression.
Better memory is associated with the thicker human cortex (known as the thinking cap) developed in people who meditated several minutes every day. In a study published in the Frontiers of Human Neuroscience, November 2012 issue, results showed that the MRIs of individuals who underwent meditation training showed decreased right amygdala activation. With a session lasting as short as 15 minutes, meditation can prove to be the inexpensive brain booster, stress reliever that you have been looking for. This is especially important for beginners- you will probably meditate for only 5 minutes in the first few weeks so you won’t have to get up much earlier. Once you learn to focus on a particular image in your head you will move to the next phase easy. Now that you’ve mastered the visualization technique, practice it in reverse or to be precise “concentrate on nothing”- cast away every thought that might come to you. Teaching mandarin Chinese is my life vocation, but my dream is to open a small restaurant and a patisserie. Meditation at home has overweighed its traditional approach of being taught by a yoga expert.
Try to visualize yourself to be the way the object is in terms of shape, colour, and texture. If you have or suspect having any medical condition, kindly contact your professional health care provider. This article about creating a meditation space from Gaiam Life advises you start by thinking about the purpose of your space – is it to have a private place for meditation, or to have shared space with others?
Even after attaining Enlightenment, the Buddha remained of this world and lived in this world. By “sacred,” I don’t mean religious or spiritual {although you certainly could make it that if it’s part of your practice}. At Left Brain Buddha, she writes about her journey to live and parent mindfully, joyfully, and thought-fully in her left-brain analytical life. I meditate kind of anywhere… I definitely have some spaces in my house that could be put to more meaningful use. I would love to attach the idea of meditation (not paying bills!) to something that I can take with us. Depending on your taste, this room might just be extremely clean, or it might contain specific objects. Breathing meditations are perfect for general relaxation and for getting you into a relaxes  state.
As you are doing a complete retreat you have the time to do a proper meditation on each chakra. An hour’s yoga will help you to find complete relaxation and which also exercise your body.
The first one is concentrative meditation, wherein sound or mantra is spoken or sung in coordination with onea€™s breathing pattern.
According to the research, the subjects were seen to have less cortisol, a hormone associated with stress. In other words, their brain scans showed that they respond to stress better because of their emotional stability.
There is no need to change anything in your usual way of breathing, just try to be fully aware of your breath.
To empty your mind successfully don’t “fight” the thoughts that occupy your mind, it will have the opposite effect.
Doing meditation at home is the best resort for people, who cannot afford or who do not wish to go to a yoga expert for learning the techniques of meditation.

The usual position for meditation is crossing the leg, but if that is uncomfortable, you can choose to sit with your legs stretched or in a position that gives you utmost comfort and relaxation. No matter what kind of meditation technique you opt for, practicing the above mentioned basic steps can help you figure out the complex ones with ease. I have done meditation with a psychologist and yoga instructor before, but I want to do it at home now as I can't afford it. We may have spaces for sewing, writing, reading, gardening, painting, or model train building. You could also use an empty, spacious closet {if you have one!} Based on the purpose of your space, you could make it in a main area of your house, in a corner of your bedroom, or even in your backyard or garden.
Most people recommend a minimalist approach to decorating a meditation area, in order to avoid distractions.
But if you use a meditation pillow and cushion, or a singing bowl, or beads in your practice you could display them. To help them focus their attention, we ring the bowl and breathe silently until we can no longer hear even a trace of the sound. It calls us to our practice, to literally re-treat ourselves each day to stillness and mindfulness. I love the idea of a meditation space as I usually am in my small writing office, which is not a real serene spot (many papers are scattered on my desk). You might want to get some  Buddhist art, perhaps a water feature, maybe a statue of your deity and any other objects that you associate with spirituality, inner peace and meditation. This article is aimed to point out the different benefits of meditation on a person’s brain functionsA and how it keeps the brain healthy.
The other is mindful meditation, wherein an individual briefs himself with all the emotions and feelings that enter his mind. Herbert Benson lauded the relaxation response brought about by meditation, which can result to improved brain waves, and better breathing and heart rate.
As a result, they performed better in the examinations, compared to the students who have not meditated prior to the exam. The effectiveness of the meditation technique highly depends upon the level of comfort, in which it is pursued. If the visualisation does not come naturally, do not push yourself into thinking, what your mind is not comfortable with. Ensure that you develop your concentration on your breathing pattern and gradually revert to visualising yourself as an object. Is there a way to meditate at home without the need of an instructor guiding me through it? The purpose of your space will help you determine where it should be and what you will need. You should associate this area of your home with stillness, with special time for yourself or your family that is devoted to your practice. You may do that at any place but a special one is better, it would help you to relax faster. Choose a weekend and make sure that you get anything on your mind out of the way before beginning the retreat.
Taking a half lotus or a full lotus position isn’t necessary to meditate successfully, just make sure that your back is straight – this is essential for correct breathing. Try counting your breaths as you inhale and exhale from 1 to 10 and than again- this should do the trick. You can begin with plain concentration on something around you and gradually build into visualising the object to be you.
Meditation room is a cool idea for those who got used to relaxing every day and gaining their spirituality. The last thing you want is to have chores or responsibilities on your mind when you enter your retreat.
My children know that the decorations are not toys, and that this is an area of the house they can come to when they need some quiet time alone.
Create a minimalist space in calm colors, there’s no need for many things, just a cushion, a candle, maybe a seat.

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