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Before watching the video there are some important points about yoga for beginners which we should cover first. It can be tempting to crane your neck in order to look at the video to work out what is going on. Whenever you’re learning something new it’s worth finding a few people who know what they’re doing. Whenever you step out of the noise of thinking, that is meditation, and a different state of consciousness arises.
As with the introduction to meditation, I want to help in the understanding of what mediation is and in so doing help with your level of consciousness. In this guide we will examine how to do meditation and make it in a regular part of your life. In order to practice meditation it is recommended that you find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Step Three: While meditating your attention will occasionally move away from your breathing. Step One: In this meditation you will be using a mantra which is a word or phrase you repeat over and over again.
Step One: For this type of meditation we will be using either a lit candle or a crystal as a means of providing focus for our mind. Step Four: As you meditate you may find your mind drifting away from the candle flame or the crystal. Zen, or Zazen (“Za” means sitting and “Zen” meditation) utilises a specific sitting position that allows the practitioner to focus for an extended period of time without discomfort. Kneeling Position (Sezia): In this position the practitioner kneels with the hips resting n their ankles.
Having found the correct sitting position, it’s time to continue to the actual zen technique. Position your hands in the cosmic mudra: The cosmic mudra is performed with the dominant hand’s palm facing upwards and the other hand, also face up, on top. Practice the above Zen meditation technique for twenty minutes a day every day for at least one week. Correct breathing techniques are necessary for these benefits to occur in their fullest extent, unfortunately many people do not know or understand how to breathe properly which is the reason for this post. You can notice this at night time when you reflect on conversations you may have had with others. We can simply place a rock in front of us and concentrate on that to help silence our thoughts in meditation, but it is more feasible to concentrate on breathing from our diaphragm as it also relaxes the body and mind. I talk to people all of the time who want to take up meditation but are totally overwhelmed by the undertaking.  They shiver at the idea of sitting still for 5-6 minutes let alone 30 minutes or an hour.
It is so important for you to remember that with any new thing that you should do, there will be questions and adjustments, and your mind will probably want to talk you out of it as well. Just remind yourself if you persist and experiment, you will get to where you need to be with your meditation practice.

Understand that meditation is not something that will happen overnight or something that will be automatic from the onset. One of the ways that you can get into the flow of this practice is to start to focus on your breathing throughout the day. When you are hurried and rushed, do you notice that your breath is shorter and more labored?
Practice your breathing techniques together with the release of tension in your body parts. Stretching your muscles a bit before sitting to meditate is a great way to get blood circulating and get in the moment. I’ve only just started doing Yoga myself and am delighted to share this excellent video from Ali Kamenova with you. Yoga is about releasing tension in the body so it is important to be gentle with your body. Although you will be closing your eyes during the meditation of most of these practices it is generally better if the environment is clean and free from clutter. It is better to meditate regularly for only five minutes than to meditate once a month for an hour. Allow yourself to become settled by simply noticing the sounds and physical sensations you are experiencing. If you are new to meditating aim to meditate continuously for 5 minutes at first and then build up. The legs are crossed with both knees flat on the floor, with one ankle in front of the other but not over. Also, should your mind wander at any time, simply acknowledge the fact that your mind is wandering and calmly return your focus back to your breath.
When you have relaxed to such a degree that you can count to ten without a single distracting thought, begin to count the inhalations and exhalations as one entity, rather than separate. It will improve your immune system, promote inner calm and help fight any negative and depressing thoughts. It opens up the airways, clears the nostrils and relaxes the body through the influx of oxygen. Due to the ever decreasing attention spans of humans and the commotion of daily life the mind has adapted to constantly thinking about the past and future, but very rarely the present. However, if we want to achieve balance and happiness in our life we need to begin noticing the present more often and taking the little pleasures from it. If you thoughts wonder 50 times, bring your concentration back to your breathing 50 times, the more often you do this and meditate the easier and more enjoyable it becomes. Breathe in for 6 seconds, hold your breath for 2 seconds and then breathe out for 7 seconds. This is breathing by contracting your diaphragm, a muscle located in between your chest and stomach. If so, begin by focusing on each breath, taking deep breaths in through the nostrils and releasing through the mouth.

If you are trying to sneak in ten minutes of meditation in your lunch hour, dressed in your business skirt and heels, chances are you may feel  rushed and hurried. If those around you know you need quiet time, hopefully they will be open to give you space so that you can have the time you need in order to work on you.
Yoga is an excellent way of continuing the online meditation training that we have been doing on TheDailyMediation. If you need to watch a part of the video, stop doing the exercise and just watchm work out what’s going on then try again. These three methods include breathing meditation, a simple mantra meditation and meditating using a crystal or candle flame. You will not need to use music for these meditation methods as most people find this to be a distraction. You do not need to use any type of sitting that may be uncomfortable for you such as the lotus or kneeling positions. Over time you will find that you can maintain your focus for longer periods of time and can extend your meditating sessions. If you are using a lit candle notice the flickering of the light and the patterns that it forms. Because you have placed yourself in a meditative state you will have a much better access to your inner voice. The reason that oxygen is so important in meditation is because it is a natural relaxant; Dr. We use our meditation to silence the mind and become present, we use our breathing to help silence our wondering thoughts and over-active mind. To do this you need to inhale deeply and slowly through your nose, push out your abdomen as you do this and continue breathing in. Set aside a time that is appropriate where you can wear loose fitting clothing and where you can concentrate. You will be able to tighten and release your muscles and breathe in and out to release that tension. In my experience most people are only too glad to offer some advice and to show off their skills. Experience what it feels like physically to breathe, such as the feeling of air on your throat. For some practitioners, tightening and releasing muscles as they go along makes for a greater awareness of the release.
You then exhale through your nose and slightly pull your abdomen in, once it is in let the rest of the air in your lungs exhale.

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