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To call attention to the Tell, I used Google Earth's elevation readout along with its Add Path function to create elevation contours spaced at 25 feet intervals.
Tell Madaba Archaeological Project (TMAP) area of interest is identified by the dark-red square. Great STAR page written by an engineer, writer, poet, a co-yoga practitioner, a congenial friend, and a lover (this Valentine, of course!)Namaste!
All too high-tech for me - but I DID enjoy the read - oh, and congrats on your well-deserved star page too.

Save or share your relevant files like activites, homework and worksheet.To add resources, you must be the owner of the Modality. But have you ever thought of finding the height of a hill or depth of a lake in comparison to the nearby ground level?Here's a simple way to find it on Google Earth.
According to the Google Earth Digital Elevation Model (GE DEM) the highest elevation on the mound is 2624 feet (800 meters). This occurs as a result of the Earth’s axis of rotation being tilted in relation to its orbit around the sun.

On the image below, the mound is coincident with the ovoid contour line in the center of the black one-mile-square box.

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