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Continuous rain cuts down your social activities and restricts you to your homes and you find it hard to pass your time with nothing to do, eventually leads to boredom. It serves as a blessing in hot weather and holds certain attraction for people of diverse tastes. Some people also like to enjoy rain with others and they do so by sending them messages related to the rainy weather.

You may come across quotes that are according to your taste and provide perfect description of the weather according to your mood and perception. It brings joy and happiness to everyone, especially kids who make the most of rainy weather by indulging themselves in sports and fun games. They find several rain quotes and share them with their friends through mobile texts or as status on social networks. You can also let others know about your feelings regarding the rainy weather by sharing these quotes with them.

As this weather is considered romantic by many, such quotes are also used to share the messages of love and express your feelings to you loved ones.

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