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Indian marriage system is one of the most respected marriage systems known for the commitment in the relationship and less divorce rate.
Consent of two families (of course with or without consent of boy and girl) and the acceptance of the relatives.
Parents stand by their children and try to resolve the conflicts between couple in tough times. There is no over-expectation from either boy or girl since they have never fallen in love before their marriage. It was Christmas of 1939, and Ida and Viola, my two sisters, were working in Salt Lake City. The next thing I knew I received a letter from Ida telling me of her experience that morning.
The LaGrande 2nd Ward, of which I was a member and from which I was leaving for my Mission, gave me a farewell party as we customary in those days. My brother Alex and his wife had not been to the Temple to have their marriage sealed since she had joined the Church a few years before. Those of us going down to Salt Lake were Alex and Mildred, their two sons, Richard and Gerald, my sister Viola, and Dorothy Richeson, a friend, and myself. Then, Monday morning, I checked into the Mission Home on State Street for the two weeks training they gave all Missionaries prior to their leaving for their fields of labor. Previous to my going on my Mission and during the time we were making plans to go, I had somewhat of a heavy feeling. Then, the morning of April 25th came and I found myself, along with all, or a lot, of the other Missionaries getting ready to leave on various trains for their mission fields. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, we were met at the Union Station by the District President of the Los Angeles District, Ferris R. Later in the afternoon, I took the Pacific Electric Train out to Belflower where I met Elder Archibald, my new companion. For the first few days of our stay in Belflower, I got to meet a lot of people who were members of the Branch. We often went with President Visser to Long Beach to Leadership meetings as that was their stake Headquarters. Of course, I was ready in the alloted time and on my way to Downey to work with Elder Ray Fransen. Another interesting experience we had was one Sunday when they were having Stake Conference in the South Los Angeles Stake. After visiting with him all afternoon and again in the evening, after Conference was over, Theron took us home. In a couple of weeks we called back to see if she had read the book and to pick it up if she was through with it. After he left, we went out to Sister Mossa€™s place to break the news to her and her husband, because Elder Holt also was being transfered to Compton, California, and there would be no missionaries in Downey at all. Saturday morning, October 12, President Hagey, my District President, came to Downey to take me to Los Angeles to report to President MacDonald for my instructions about the new district.
While in Los Angeles getting instructions from the President, I got to visit some with the other missionaries at headquarters. President Hagey and I stayed in Los Angeles that night and the next morning he drove me out to Riverside, which I greatly appreciated, as I did not have a car then. We soon moved our headquarters of the Mission (District) to a better location, and the Missionaries started coming into the District.
As soon as I had assigned all of the Elders to their various fields of labor, I wrote to all the Branch Presidents in the District to introduce myself. One of the outstanding experiences I had in that District was holding Cottage Meetings in Hemitt.
Needless to say, I was a little nervous also with the minister sitting in the back of the living room staring at me.
A few months later, after I had been transferred up to the Bakersfield District, I received a letter from President Choate, saying that the Rev. I remember the Easter Sunrise Service we held in Hemitt that year as a District Conference.
With two carloads of missionaries from our district plus one carload from the mission office, for we invited them out to speak at our conference, plus all of the people from over the district, we had a real conference. At the end of the first month I was out in Riverside, which was the day before I was to expect Mr. About a month later I was down in the Los Angeles area and went out to call on them for a visit.
On one of those subsequent visits I remember telling her that I hated to see them wasting their time outside of the Church. Once, President Durham wrote to me to see if I would come down and speak in the Downey Branch for their Sacrament Meeting. She had originally resigned as pastor of the local United Brethren Church there in Holiday, California when she first decided to join ours; then after backing out of being baptized she went back and accepted the position again.
With this introduction, they all commenced talking at once telling me what a bad thing I was doing, disturbing people who were happy in their own religion until they heard me.
The last time I saw her in the mission field was about three months before I was to be released to go home. While in Riverside, I had the privilege of baptizing a Sister James and her six children into the Church.
I have surely been blessed to have the opportunity to meet many of my friends from the mission field. Another interesting experience was when President Blood (Verna€™s next Mission President) called me into his office one day to talk about the Imperial Valley District.
Once, when I had gone down there to take over the office from President Burton, I toured the district and visited all the branches in it.
While down there we accompanied one of the local brethren over to Yuma, Arizona to the branch there to speak in Church.
I met some wonderful friends down in the Imperial Valley; President Cyril Gardner, and President Lunsford of the El Centro and Brawley Branches. It was here we met and stayed with a wonderful family by the name of Arthur Lee {LNa€™s note: This man, Arthur Lee was a first cousin to Rhoda Jane Perkins Wakefield, being a descendant of Mosiah Hancock}. At this time of my life my hair was getting pretty thin in front, and in her conversation she turned to Elder Richards and asked him if he was out of high school.
As the month of June was drawing to a close, I received a letter from President Blood transferring me up to organize a new district in Bakersfield, California. They immediately started to explain to me that a€?Eldera€? was not their name, that it was their title.

Both Elders Grant Fisher and Glen Sorenson turned out to be really good missionaries and both served as District Presidents before their missions were finished. That evening I held a meeting with the missionaries and gave them their assignments as to where they would labor. After all the elders were assigned and working, I took three Elders with me and drove to Bishop. One day the two Lady Missionaries who were working out in Oildale, came in to the office asking if I would go the next week with them to a Cottage Meeting they had scheduled.
We met regularly every week with her in her home and enjoyed the Spirit of the Lord to a very great degree. It had grown into a habit each week that after our subject matter was completed and we had taught them that part of the Gospel plan we had decided on, that Dorothy would bring in some sort of refreshment such as pie and ice cream. When I arrived in San Francisco it was raining and nearly evening by the time I found the Mission Home. That night and the next day I spent time with President Ellsworth outlining what he had in mind for me to do. On my way up to San Francisco I received a letter as I was going through Bakersfield, from Clayton M. The last week of my Mission, after having visited all of the districts in the Mission except Reno, Nevada, President Ellsworth called me into his office for a visit. Then, he told me to go to Reno, Nevada, hold the Conference there and instruct the Missionaries.
I was in Reno, Nevada when my release took effect, and with instruction to stop in Salt Lake to be set apart as a Counselor in the Bishopric, it would not allow for me to go back down to Bakersfield to baptize Dr. The next morning, which was Sunday, I went out to go to Church with my sister and brother-in-law, Paul and Helen Zaugg. The first of the week, or Monday morning, I went into the Church Offices to be interviewed and report my mission. Girls at IIT are not exactly spouse hunting on campus though a skewed sex ratio would make this very easy for them.
For India's tallest family, life is about finding shoes that fit to cinema seats with legroom. The candidates from the Union territory of Puducherry aspiring to join the Indian Army can attend a recruitment rally on September 12 at Indira Gandhi Station. The candidates who had come to the recruitment rally were made to participate in 1600 metre run. The Maharashtra Paramedical Council Act, 2011 was introduced and passed in the legislative assembly on Thursday. The selection trials of u-19 and u-22 years Kodagu, Udupi and Dakshina Kannada district teams for Mangalore zone inter-district tournament will be held at Madikeri, Manipal and Nehru Maidan here on May 8, May 15 and May 21 respectively.
In an arranged marriage, the bride or groom comes pre-approved like a good credit card customer. By the time, I hit 'marriageable age', or my late teens, it became clear as day that because my parents, and my grandparents before them, had had 'love marriages', I too would have to fend for myself in the marital department of life. To begin with, how wonderful it would be if I could, on the strength of my family's reputation alone, find a man. Another thing an Arranged need not worry about is whether or not she is wasting her time with a commitment phobic moron. And last but not least, one of the biggest challenges that face those of us who must marry for love - meeting the parents. But no matter the differences, there is one striking similarity between a Love and an Arranged match.
Subscribe to The Times of India Crest Edition and stay connected with our unequalled network of correspondents, analysts, writers and editors to figure the changes bubbling below the surface of society. It’s an occasion you celebrate with your loved ones, relatives and friends announcing change in your social stature. A person loves a girl without proposing her, But finally he gets same girl as his wife in arranged marriage. Taylor of the First Council of the Seventy, I was asked if I wanted to go to New Zealand, being as that was where my Mother had been made a convert to the Church and had lived all her growing years until she was about twenty one years old.
Moss got a little tired of their conduct also, for she reached over and slapped one of the women on the arm who was doing most of the talking and said, a€?Shut up!a€? She told them if they would just listen to me I could explain everything.
She had a sister who had been at her home a couple of times when we were there teaching them. Button asked me when I entered with Elder Crandall was, a€?If I should decide I wanted to join your church and asked to, would I have to deny all the spiritual experiences I have had?a€? My answer to her was, a€?Our Church was founded on revelation, which in, and of itself, is a highly spiritual experience.a€? That seemed to strike her very pleasantly and that night we started a very congenial, friendly relationship. Lyle Wynn came in to take my place as District President, and I left along with Elder Sorenson who was transferred with me.
Button: As a young girl she met her husband while in a seminary studying for the ministry of the Methodist Church.
Button and her membership in the Church: Each year for two or three years she would lock up her office and go up to Salt Lake to do Temple work and research in genealogy. Growing up in a rather liberal home, I knew that one fine day, I would go off and either find or not find a life partner. I was grateful that my mum and dad weren't annoying busybodies planning my future, but were instead happy to let me have boyfriends and find my own way. While most of my girlfriends had received at least one offer of marriage via their families, my tally was depressingly a big fat zero (I refuse to count the really creepy Physics tutor who wanted to marry me when I was 17). I always believed that women in arranged marriages were not running around wasting time in the bargain basement of life, rummaging about for a good deal, instead she was shopping in a boutique where the products on display had been handpicked after an intensive whetting by sundry aunties, uncles and other do-gooders.
No of course not, thanks to the aforementioned aunties and do-gooders, her selection set will comprise men, not boys, who actually want to be wed. The question of WHEN to introduce your significant other to mummy-ji and papa-ji is a big one. They meet the parents pretty much immediately, and if for any reason they haven't had a chance to get acquainted, they have at the very least been pre-approved - like good credit-card customers. You see, regardless of how you met your husband, in a night-club, a strip-club or a church, know this - his mother will always think he could have done better.
A It’s a ceremony of exchanging vows between a boy and girl, promising togetherness with love for the rest of their lives. Typically, in an Indian scenario parents would not agree to the marriage, since in a love marriage it is very unlikely that the caste and social status match between the families. She writes on issues that matter in our Indian community and forwards fresh and sometimes revolutionary ideals. Raju-mein do char ghar aur pakad lunga Are you Still looking for some more jokes related to Love?

Moss to come out and get me to take me back to baptize them, back in Downey, I received a letter from Mrs. A Twitter parody of a disapproving khap panchayat is ready with a rap on the knuckle that makes you chuckle.
Arranged marriages were uncommon in my clan and it was apparent that I would not be getting any help from my folks or anyone else on that score. They were cool parents, who would be down with whoever I loved regardless of religion, nationality or bank account, and so I was unable to relate to some of the horror stories I heard of girls being forced to breakup with their sweethearts only to be 'married off' to someone they barely even knew. I even had a friend whose second cousin sent her a proposal, and while she cringed at the idea, I secretly envied her.
Unlike me, this girl would not have to dress up and parade around nightclubs until the odd hours of the night looking for a man, he would instead be presented to her in the dignified ambience of her home.
The rest of us, on the other hand, have to take our chances - which by the way, are about as good as winning a lottery.
Introduce them too soon and you appear over-eager (my husband met my parents before we started dating), introduce them too late and it looks like you may be a commitment phobic moron (I met my future mother-in-law after I had lived with her son - shrouded in the kind of secrecy the KGB would have envied - for over three years, and I met my future father-in-law two weeks before my wedding. Vaz is a New York-based comedian and the writer and performer of the one-woman show 'Unladylike: The Pitfalls of Propriety'.
Marriage is the way you choose to live your life and a prominent decision making that everybody needs to make.
Caste and status in society have been the two main factors from a long time, Indian parents look in an alliance for their children.
I actually felt sorry for these girls, they would never understand the joys and excitement of a love affair! It was with silently mounting terror that I realised I had mistaken my parent's inability to pull a proposal for 'coolness'. Once we identify a guy we really, really like, we are then left wondering 'how serious is he?'. Only one person in the family knows anything about you, and no one knows your khandan, so you don't even have good credit history. In this age of globalization, parents in India are also factoring education and job into finding the right alliance. While you read through this blog, we understand that you are looking for potential life partner for you or your beloved one. There were lots of barriers, caste, family status, family honour and socioeconomic and cultural impediments. Archibald, was transfered into the Mission office, and Elder Lamar Fairbanks came in to replace him.
The next day we went with Brother Lee out into the country to visit a man, a non-member of the Church. Times have changed though and with globalization, comes uninhibited freedom readily granted for Indian youngsters of the current age.Love marriage, the choice of most Indian youth of todayOn why Indian youth opt for love marriage is because life nowadays is more intricate and complex.
You are not allowed to just come out and ask because men as we all know are rather timid creatures and get freaked out by all this commitment stuff.
It usually takes one day to one week for either the boya€™s parents or girla€™s parents to express their consent for marriage before they fix the marriage date. So, instead, you become a paranoid bundle of nerves trying to work this all out in your head and the head of your loving girl friends.
She said she didna€™t want to have anything to do with the Church, but as she had a brother in the mission field she wanted to do something for us because of him. Moss came over to the door and took my hand, in their presence and with tears in her eyes told me, in a voice loud enough for them all to hear, how bad she felt for me, a servant of God, being persecuted in her home.
She did this for sometime and eventually the same feeling came over her, and she said she knew it was not true.
It is not to say all love marriages see the day till death do us part but what is wanted is the ability to make choices and sound decisions.
Button and told her that she should go ahead and have one of the other Elders baptize her and not wait any longer.
If one finds his or her lover incompatible, they can break up and look for the next one which hopefully is compatible. Moss answered the door, I could see she was all ready to leave the house, so I apologized and said I would run on. Rather than getting to know about their dark past after marriage and feel betrayed and inclined for divorce or worse, domestic violence, ones in the love relationship might as well be in the know before marriage. They had been through the Salt Lake Temple and had their marriage sealed for time and all eternity.
They claim that girls are heart breakers while guys are brittle creatures who are always sincere in love. Of course it’s all to easy to pass the buck to girls and make guys look like innocent victims right?
And then this blame on girls to drink, saying that the heartlessness of girls in love drive guys to drink. Tamil songs like below make me agitated:In addition, some guys want a modern and sexy girl friend. Later they dump the girl saying that she is is not wife material and marry a homely angelic girl, most probably in an arranged marriage. When you were in school, you didn’t love a boy or girl because he can give you a secure married life or because she can cook well. Mind you, I saw a schoolmate of mine rejecting a boy’s proposal because he was from a low caste. I mean, how many of us would tell our wild period to our parents and to someone who is interested in getting married with us? Of course such people are not spared from humiliation, disappointments and hopes only to be dashed on rocks later.But, nowadays, Indian parents increasingly rather let their grown up children find their own better half and support love marriage. This is because, later if the marriage crumbles, the children have only themselves to blame, parents are free from scruple.Many Indian parents too want to free themselves from the burden of finding a soulmate for their son or daughter. A relative of mine said that it is hard to find a bridegroom nowadays so she won’t stop her daughter who is in Form 2 from having a boyfriend or change boyfriends.

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