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I'm your biggest fan!"Mario's first partner throughout the entire series, Goombario is a small but highly intelligent young lad who knows something about everything.
His main ability is his "Tattle" ability, which doesn't do much for you gameplay-wise, but which can provide advice to you and make HP bars for enemies you've used it on visible.
Angel Face, Demon Face: In order to signify that he's a "good" Goomba, after years of evil ones, he has more rounded teeth and Blush Stickers on his cheeks.
Lethal Joke Character: The first partner in the entire series, and he's a Goomba who, at the start of the game, only deals one damage.
However, once you can use action commands and start upgrading him, he always deals one more point of damage to enemies than any other partner besides Bow, the latter of who can't deal damage to enemies if they even have a single defense stat. Also, Goombario also gets the charge command and multibounce as default commands once at max level, the latter of which stacks with multibounce.
With a few turns of charging, Goombario can easily one-shot quite a few bosses before they can go into their desperate attack modes. Despite being the first partner, many consider him to easily be one of the best boss destroyers in the series. He has the ability to fling his shell and come back like a boomerang—even across mid-air! You see what I bring to the party Mario?"Mario's third partner is a fiery young Bob-Omb named Bombette. Though unlike most examples, she somehow comes back every time she blows up, no worse for wear.
Pink Means Feminine: She's actually not the first pink Bob-Omb in the series, but she is the first one identified as female, and she just so happens to be pink. Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: In addition to being pink, she has a blonde braid for a fuse and a heart-shaped key.
He can carry Mario across short gaps, but he's also involved in a lengthy sidequest to nab one of the game's rarer badges. Early-Bird Cameo: In the first game, he delivers Peach's invitation to Mario, well before he actually joins your party in Chapter 2.

Let's Get Dangerous: According to Goombario, despite his personality, he is downright intimidating in battle. In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, a letter from Parakarry can be found within World 5-1's junkyard.
Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She kidnaps the Star Spirit from Tubba Blubba in order to have Mario help stop the Boo-munching fiend. Noblewoman's Laugh: We never get to hear it, but the way she puts her fan by her head definitely suggests she has one. Then eventually, we get to hear it in the second game: "GWAH HEE HAH!" Paper Fan of Doom: It can even make people dizzy!
Mario rescues her from imprisonment in the Big Lantern Ghost's lantern in Shy Guy's Toy Box. She's a Sparky (specifically, the daughter of the original Li'l Sparky) and can light up, showing Mario hidden things. She also has the ability to attack people ''through'' their defense, making her incredibly useful in battle.
Armor-Piercing Attack: Makes her quite useful against defensive enemies, especially Bonus Boss Kent C. Little Miss Badass: Young as she is, she's capable in a fight and immune to electric damage. Standard Status Effects: She can paralyze enemies with Power Shock (one enemy) and Mega Shock (multiple enemies). You must be from far away or something."Mario's 7th party member swings it right back around in terms of age—Sushie the Cheep-Cheep is getting up there, but she's still got it!
Action Mom: One of the letters at the Postman's office in Toad Town reveal that she has a daughter. My Beloved Smother: According to her character taddle, the Yoshi kids she babysits see her this way. He starts out as a member of Bowser's cronies, but joins Mario so that he can shape up for his girlfriend, Lakilulu.

He can carry Mario across hazardous surfaces—and it also happens to be faster than walking speed. Good Feels Good: He decides that this is the case after helping you destroy the Puff-Puff machine, firmly cementing his Heel?Face Turn. Women Prefer Strong Men: All that tough posturing was so that his girlfriend Lakilulu can have someone to admire.
That's why you're the king!"An elderly female Magikoopa adorned in purple robes, Kammy Koopa is one of Bowser's top henchmen, seemingly on par with Kamek. Despite showing signs of senility, she is an adept magic user and strategist, at one point being described as "the brains behind Bowser". This is a far cry from her conniving, Vain Sorceress depiction in the original Paper Mario. Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: She's conspicuously absent in Super Paper Mario, possibly because it would've been too hard to insert her into the story due to Bowser being one of the main protagonists. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: After spending almost all of The Thousand Year Door as comic relief, Kammy joins Bowser as a Dual Boss during the finale of the game. Dub Name Change: From Kamekkubaba, which translates to "Old Magikoopa Hag", or "Magikoopa Grandmother". Flying Broomstick: A fancy one that looks and sounds like the "putt-putt-putt-putt" sounds The Alleged Car often makes. Foregone Victory: It's impossible to lose against her during the final battle in Paper Mario. Gadgeteer Genius: She apparently built the platform Bowser uses to power himself up in the final battle in Paper Mario.

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