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While it did not surprise me that Oprah was the most dreamed of celebrity (I dream of her myself on a weekly basis!), it did surprise me how many of you claim to never dream of celebrities. Celebrities a€? Celebrity – Your ability to shine and perform or to receive recognition and applause for a job well done. I get this one a LOT.A  This result doesna€™t surprise me because the meaning of it says a lot about so many of us.
House a€? Home a€? Apartment – No matter whether you dream of your actual house or some random dream house, it symbolizes YOU, your state of mind, the dwelling place of your soul. Finding new rooms: There is much more to you than you are letting on, or than you are allowing to thrive. House Under Construction: Rebuilding yourself, you are undergoing renovation, transformation and making changes in your life.
If it is a house you used to live in, then it may not be about the house but who you were back then.
If you are trying to find your way back home then you are probably trying to get things back to normal in waking life.

Chasing a€? chased – If you are being chased in a dream then you are running from some issue or confrontation in waking life. If you are chasing something or someone in your dream then you may be up against a deadline in waking life, perhaps even a self-imposed deadline. A zombie may also refer to a lack of emotion.A  Are you or is someone around you no longer in touch with feelings or reality? Who wouldn't want a bookshelf that conceals a secret passageway or a door that opens to a tiny jewel box-like space? What the celebrity is doing in the dream may reflect how you are acting in life or in a particular situation.
Do you need to leave that part of you in the past or do you need to reclaim that old you and bring it into the present?
In all my years of research I was very well aware that this is one of the more common nightmares but the amount of you that reported this nightmare was jaw dropping!
While some are designed to give guests a run for their money when they're hunting for the bathroom or as a private getaway, others may just be used as a place to stash your stuff.

What is your dream celebrity best known for, what qualities do you associate with that celebrity? What issue or relationship or behavior do you need to let die so you can move on?A  If a zombie is chasing you then you are avoiding dealing with this issue, therefore keeping it alive when it ought to be allowed to end. Get instant, immediate access to my HUGE online dream dictionary (over 5800 symbols), my interactive dream journal and tons of other powerful dream working tools. And what is even more shocking is how many of you reported that you were being chased by zombies!! For a one time fee of only $9.95 you can have everything you need to easily figure out your dreams ANY TIME YOU WANT! Or is it a confrontation you know you need to have but hope it will go away if you ignore it long enough?

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