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My husband and I have often said that the decade of 18 years old to 28 years old is one of the most important decades of person’s life, professionally speaking. So it makes me wonder, if those are the years that are so vital professionally, are they just as vital emotionally? For me it has come, over decades, in stages, starting with learning to recognize God’s love and truth and how that feels.
The courage to keep this process going (which others tell me looks like confidence) comes from keeping in touch with the first stage and doing what I do, as much as I can, from that vantage point.
Take the Hidden Hungers Quiz – find out what you are really hungry for (probably not food!). Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Researchers were able to predict how confident someone would be about a test score just by noting how confident they were about a completely unrelated previous test score. Remarkably, just by knowing how confident someone was on the first test, it was possible to predict how confident they would be on the second test.

In one of these tapes, the doctor just said, “You have nothing to lose,” and went ahead with the prescription.
When dealing with people we know well, we can judge whether their confidence is high or low for them.
The power of words can inspire me, help me see where I’m stuck, and highlight a better path forward. Of those people who scored in the top half on confidence in the first test they took, 90 percent scored in the top half on the second test.
We take advice from confident people even if they’ve been wrong more often than less confident sources. I remember standing under the stairs in one of the buildings until everyone was in their classes because I felt so insecure even walking down the hall – so insecure about my looks. Yet confidence did not predict accuracy; the more confident people were no more accurate than the less confident people. The patients viewing these videos found the confident doctors most satisfying, and they rated the one who looked in a book to be the least satisfying of all.

Other experiments have shown that confidence is a general trait: People who are highly confident of their skills in one domain, such as visual perception, also tend to be highly confident of their skills in other domains, such as memory.
In short, confidence appears to be a consistent quality that varies from one person to the next, but has relatively little to do with one’s underlying knowledge or mental ability. According to a recent study by a group of economists in Sweden, identical twins are more similar to each other in how confident they are of their own abilities than are fraternal twins.
Since identical twins have essentially the same genes, but fraternal twins are no more similar genetically than ordinary siblings, confidence must have at least some genetic basis. Your confidence isn’t entirely determined by your genetic makeup, but it’s not entirely independent of it.

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