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Your body, how you move it, and how you interact with your physical surroundings shapes how you think, feel, and behave. Beilock believes that exercise is equally important for older adults, as it can promote healthy aging mentally and physically.
Beilock stresses that aerobic exercise, which can alter the structure and functioning of the brain, is key for improving mental health.
How the Body Knows Its Mind provides many tips on how to use one’s body, actions or surroundings to stimulate the mind and to influence those around you.
Take active breaks from work or vexing problems to give your brain a chance to regroup and reboot. In the same way that that new research in nueroplasticity and knowledge of the brain and it’s functioning has enabled psychologists to revisit some traditional treatment therapies like cognitive therapy. Enhanced concentration, reduced anxiety, increased HIIT perception capabilities, reduced perception of pain, improved posture, improved self awareness and body confidence by improving physiological and biomechanical knowledge.
By focusing on these underlying human issues we subconsciously address and therefor prevent the defined bigger health issues of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
As a trained Psychosomatic therapist (Psycho-mind Soma-body) I understand intimately how someones state of mind is reflected through their face. Strategies like meditation, breathing, smiling, yoga, any form of exercise, supported with healthy eating, and appropriate stress techniques can help prevent illness affecting our bodies and mind.
Nice article… There are negative stress and proper dealing with your stress and proper Healthcare in one way to improve your mind and body connection. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Stress and related conditions such as depression and anxiety have always been with us and perhaps in economically difficult times we will see more of them. Emotions, which are freely expressed and experienced without attachment or judgment, tend to flow fluidly.
Some recently researches have also identified that chronic stress can really decrease your lifespan by shortening your telomeres (the a€?end capsa€? of your DNA strands that play a big role in the aging). Positive emotions help build up over time, create lasting emotional resilience and flourishing. Positive emotions broaden our perspective of the world, and they help inspire more wonder, creativity, and options. Barbara Fredrickson has spent many years on researching and publishing the emotional and physical benefits of positivity such as better sleep, faster recovery from cardiovascular stress, a greater sense of overall happiness, and fewer colds. However, in our thinking, when we want to defend against loss in life and threat, we often tend to prioritize bad over good. Andrew Weil, a doctor of a private clinic says that resilience is manifested like a rubber band. Resilient individuals do not deny the pain, and they also do not suffer that they are experiencing; rather, these resilient people will be able to retain a sense of positivity, which helps overcome the negative effects of the situation they have. The attitude of forgiveness means that you can fully accept that a negative circumstance has happened and you can relinquish negative feelings surrounding the event.
This result indicates that the practice of forgiveness also is associated with better immune function and a longer lifespan. Researchers indicate that in a more long-term outlook, suppressed frustration or anger may cause liver qi to become stagnant (called liver qi stagnation); this can result in menstrual disorders or depression. The long-term anxiety as a result of worrying about the future may deplete the kidney yin, kidney yang, and kidney qi, eventually it can leads to chronic weakness. Obsessing or too much thinking about a topic may deplete the spleen and cause a stagnation of its qi. Negative emotions not only affect to our mental health, but they also have a profound effect on our immune system.
Negative emotions, which are caused by worrying, stress, fear, depression and tension, are possibly the biggest cause of intermittent or short-term sleep problems.
In 1990, a study that lasted in 13 years was launched in the effort to determine all human genes and understand how they interact.
The feeling thankful for what you have, whether it is an achievement, a partner, or simply being alive, will boost your immunity, reduce your blood pressure and speed your healing throughout the body. In all human emotions, jealousy is known as one of the most painful and powerful emotions and it also is an emotion that is the most difficult to control. It is hard to know what is best a€“ whether you should vent anger or hold it in because both of them have negative effects on your health. According to scientists at a university of California, laughter can help relax tense muscles, reduce blood pressure, lower production of hormones causing stress, and help increase the oxygen absorption in blood.
Researchers at a University of Pavia have discovered that the falling in love can raise levels of nerve growth factor for around one year. Some studies have shown that positive emotions can help people be more resilient, overcome their negative emotions faster, and have ability to cope with difficult situations.
People, who are more playful when they feel happy, will have a better physical fitness, regular exercise and increased flexibility.
Medical specialists say that this stress reaction will be good if you need to prevent an accident or other dangers. Low socioeconomic status is linked to poorer health outcomes & higher risks of death from all causes.
Internalized stress from the feeling discriminated against can be linked to the high amounts of belly fat.
Stress hormones can damage the hippocampus that is the memory center in your brain a€” causing dementia and memory loss. According to recent studies, researchers indicate that people, who get a good emotional health, are aware of their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. First, she or he will need to ensure that other health problems are not causing your physical symptoms. Some relaxation methods including meditation are useful ways for bringing your emotions into balance. When you have the feeling of sadness, stress, or anxiety that are causing your physical problems, you should not keep these feelings inside because it can make you find worse. Mind-body therapies are techniques that are designed to help enhance our mind’s positive impact on our body.
Mind-body therapies are therapies, which use our body to affect to our mind including yoga, qigong, tai chi, and some types of dance. Identifying and then transforming your automatic negative thoughts are essential if you want to achieve health & happiness.
As a yoga teacher, I’ve had many friends and family ask me for advice on how to strengthen or stretch various parts of the body.
Once you cannot reach further, begin to pivot your front arm towards the mat, the other arm towards the sky. Once you are done holding the pose, slowly come up to standing with your arms stretched, and slowly release them.
Start in a natural standing posture, with the soles of your feet planted down firmly on the mat. Find your balance by focusing tucking your tummy in (engaging the core) and focusing on the standing leg. Health benefits: Helps relieve digestion or menstrual discomfort, opens up tight shoulders. Start to shimmy your shoulders underneath your body, and bring your shoulder blades closer together. Slowly with the back remaining flat, start to lower your upper body halfway down towards the mat. When you are ready, you can release one hand, arms stretched out with palms facing the sky. For a greater challenge, you may slowly start to extend your legs out straight and even lift your arms up, fingers pointing towards the sky.
To unwind, slowly bring the legs back to the mat and put your arms back down, grabbing underneath the knees.
This entry was posted in Do, San Diego, Thrive and tagged asanas, do, exercise, health, mental health, thrive, Yoga. Serina (San Diego) grew up in the Silicon Valley and found herself in San Diego in 2003 when she became a student at UCSD and graduated as a Cognitive Science major and Jazz Studies minor.
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Digestion is a complex and intricate system, and trouble starts when nutrients aren’t digested properly.
In other words, focusing on your digestive health may be the missing link to finding overall health.
While most of us like to enjoy a cup (or two) of Joe in the morning, coffee is very acidic, dehydrating, and can irritate the lining of your stomach. It may seem surprising, but studies suggest that stress and other psychological factors can also play a role in our digestion and gut health. The holidays are here and we’re all wondering the same thing: Where do we find the time to take care of ourselves? Instead of worrying about calories, food rules or those dieting plans you aren’t following, redirect the focus to reconnecting with your body through mindful eating.
To begin your mindful meal, remove distractions – say goodbye to TV dinners, cellphones and eating on the run. Gather old clothes, toys, gadgets or tools and donate to a cause you care about, like the Goodwill, or organize a coat or toy drive at your office. It’s the experiences we share with the people we love that bring meaning to our life, not things. Exercise increases heart health, which in turn ensures your brain gets the oxygen and nutrients it needs. Beilock said wearing nappies (diapers) and using baby walkers can limit a baby’s ability to interact with the world and hinder the process of learning how to walk. Activities like swimming, running, cycling, walking briskly or even doing household chores at a vigorous pace can benefit the brain, in addition to keeping the body fit.
New science shows that a walk in the woods rejuvenates our minds and improves our ability to pay attention and focus. MCMT is a treatment technique for allied health providers that work with movement and the body such as physiotherapists and exercise physiologists.
This research and information has enabled physiologists and movement specialist like me to go back and revise our treatment methodologies with consideration of that research and the new developments in our own field around exercise intensity and frequency. Mild anxiety and depression, teenage self harm and anorexia, injury prevention, anti-aging, harnessing physical and mental performance, improving gait, post operative joint rehabilitation enhancement, weight loss & positive mindset. There is so much to explore in the body-mind space.The long acknowledged impact of breathing fully or properly is well known in meditation. Forget fads and sporadic gym sessions and instead aim to improve your overall health and wellbeing, one organ at a time, with advice from fitness guru Tony Gallagher, health expert Dr Dan Rutherford, and nutritionist Sara Stanner. In contrast, repressed emotions (especially negative or fearful emotions) can zap hope and mental energy and lead to some health issues including digestive disorders or high blood pressure. If we recall a time when we were grateful, happy or calm, our body and mind will tend to relax.

Someone who has feelings of hopelessness or helplessness and negative attitudes towards his or her life may have to suffer from chronic stress. Poorly repressed or managed anger may be related to a few of health conditions including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, digestive disordersA and infection. The good news is that not only positive attitudes (including gratitude, awe, interest, playfulness, love, serenity and feeling connected to others) play a direct impact on your wellbeing and health, but also we have ability to develop them ourselves with practice.
While positive attitude is a tidy survival mechanism for anyone who is trying to stay hyper vigilant in some dangerous environments, the truth is that for almost people, they spend time on ruminating over the minor frustrations they experience such as bad traffic, or a disagreement with a person they love and they ignore many chances they have to experience awe, wonder, and gratitude throughout the day. Fredrickson calculates that to offset the negativity bias and get an experience of harmonious emotional state, you need to experience 3 positive emotions for each negative one. It means that no matter how far a resilient individual is pulled or stretched by negative emotions, she or he always has the ability to bounce back to her or his original state. In other word, positive emotions bring a scientific purpose a€“ for example, they help the body recover from ill effects caused by negative emotions. Giving thanks and acknowledging the positive aspects of life will create a powerful impact on the emotional wellbeing. In addition, there are other studies that have shown that the attitude of forgiveness brings you not only a metaphorical effect on your heart, it can currently lower your blood pressure and help you improve cardiovascular health. It is very interesting to note that some people, who often take herbs to release their stagnant liver qi, frequently experience bouts of anger as the stagnation is reduced. According to medical researchers, shock is particularly debilitating to the heart and kidneys. Treatment for this condition involves tonifying the kidneys with yang or yin tonics, depending on the particular symptoms. Grief or sadness affects to the lungs, leading to fatigue, depression, shortness of breath or crying.
A person who suffers this condition can have some symptoms such as forgetting to eat, poor appetite, and bloating after eating.
Many popular scientists have found that some of negative emotions can reduce our antibody levels and then lower our ability of immune system to ward-off disease and sickness. These negative emotions will cause anxiety, leading to a hyperarousal of nervous system, resulting in excessive brain chatter, restlessness, and an inability to fall into a good sleep. Stress and other forms of chronic negative emotions can boost your risks of developing depression. For example, when your irritation mounts, maybe you will feel increased blood pressure levels.
Some researchers discovered that while men in general become jealous when they suspect a sexual competition, jealousy in women is triggered by a suspicion of emotional betrayal.
Emotional tears were discovered to contain a high level of neurotransmitters and hormones that are associated with stress. Many studies reported that women who suppressed their irritation or anger in confrontations had a double risk of dying from conditions including stroke, heart attack, or cancer. In addition, laughing can may reduce the risks of a heart attack by controlling unwanted stress that can wipe out the protective lining of all blood vessels. Robert Sapolsky, a professor of the biological sciences at the Stanford University said, “In fight-or-flight, your body turns off all the long-term building and repair projects. This hormone-like substance may help in restoring the nervous system and improving memory by triggering the development of new brain cells.
In addition, abuse of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs can also be a warning sign of poor emotional health. In fact, your body releases hormones, which have ability to speed up your breathing and heart rate, increase your blood pressure, and even, make your muscles tense. However, if you frequently feel stressed, the natural fight-or-flight response of your body will last too long, and maybe your blood pressure will stay high.
This is not associated with poorer health habits, but to loss of control and feelings of powerlessness.
These people have learned the healthy ways to cope with their stress and their problems, which are a normal part of life. Although he or she cannot always tell that you are feeling anxious, stressed or upset only by looking at you, it is more important to become honest with your doctors if you are suffering these feelings.
In case your symptoms do not result from other health problems, your doctor and you can address some of emotional causes of your symptoms. According studies, people with resilience have ability to cope with their stress in a healthy way. Body-mind and mind-body therapies are interrelated, for example, our body affects to our mind, which in turn affects to our body and our mind. You should take a deep breath into your stomach; you count to five, then pause for 1 second, then you breathe out slowly to do another count of five.
Yoga is a pretty transformational practice in general; even holding a few poses for 4-5 minutes at a time can help tone the body and ease your mind of stress and anxiety. The soles of the lifted foot can rest on the ankle, calf, or the upper thigh of the standing leg. Keep your body flat like a wooden plank; I’ve found students tend to stick their hips high and this prevents the core from really working out. For a modified position, you may also bring your palms together right underneath your head. Take a moment to check in with your glutes (your butt muscles), make sure they are staying relaxed.
If you have any questions about any of the poses, or if you have any specific poses you would like recommended for your body’s idiosyncracies, feel free to leave a reply. She wears many hats – she is Senior User Experience Designer at Qualcomm Inc., is a part-time musician, and a certified yoga instructor. While this often results in more well-known stomach symptoms like gas and bloating, research is now looking into how problems in the gut might also lead to other more serious health issues — like depression, stress, anxiety, fatigue and allergies. To improve your digestion and feel better, here are seven strategies you can start using today. Their job is to balance your gut with good bacteria and kill off the “bad guys,” thus improving your digestive system. And when food particles are reduced in size during the chewing process, your body better absorbs some vitamins and minerals.
According to Ayurvedic Medicine, avoiding ice and drinking warm or room-temperature water instead can strengthen your digestive power and promote the elimination of waste. Not only will it increase the flavor, but research shows that lemon — and other citrus fruits — can help reduce inflammation in the body. Doing so will help you naturally get more fiber, which moves waste and toxins through your digestive system and keeps you regular. Mindful eating involves paying attention to the experience of eating, not what is eaten, and there are no rules to be followed.
If you’re looking for some variety, check out the 7 Minute Workout app and have a workout ready to go whenever and wherever you are. A simple closet cleanout gives you the opportunity to help others, which makes you feel good.
You both will get a mood boost, which inspires more positivity and better self-care during the holidays. Perform exercises that increase cardiovascular health, such as aerobics, yoga and brisk walking. The more quickly children learn how to walk and explore, the faster their cognitive development. It’s because the brain areas controlling finger dexterity and number largely overlap.
Physically downloading worries from your mind (by putting pen to paper) has positive performance outcomes and reducing that stress affects your health in good ways, too. It embraces nueroplasticity, music therapy, body language, musculoskeletal soft tissue management and psychology.
By practicing mindful movement 3 x week the mind and body experience a deep sensation of physical and mental contentment. I have practised this through pranayama in the yoga tradition and breath observation in the Buddhist. You can see by looking at someone how stress is being carried through their body,and how they approach life in general. Therefore, it is important for you to identify or recognize your emotions and thoughts to be aware of the impacts they have on each other, on your bodies, your behavior, and your relationships. Researchers have shown that when we imagine an experience, we frequently have similar physical and mental responses to those we have when the event currently happens. The chronic stress you are suffering will upset your body’s hormone balance as well as deplete your brain chemicals that are required for feelings of happiness.
These positive emotions will help literally reverse your physical effects of negativity and then help you build up psychological resources, which contribute to a flourishing life.
Many researchers indicate that resilient people have ability to experience tough emotions such as sorrow, pain, frustration, and grief with not falling aparta€”in fact, some of them can look at challenging times with hope and optimism, and they can know that their hardships will lead to the personal growth as well as an expanded outlook on life. Therefore, you need to cultivate positivity over time to help you become more resilient in coping with stress or crisis. For example, in a landmark study, those people who were asked to count their blessings had fewer physical complaints, felt happier, exercised more, and slept better than individuals who made lists of hassles. According to The Stanford Forgiveness Project, researchers trained over 250 adults in forgiveness in a course during 6 weeks. It means that by its nature, anger can cause qi to rise, leading to red eyes with a red face, dizziness, and headaches. This connection can be readily seen when excessive fear causes a person to urinate uncontrollably. Treatment for this condition includes acupuncture to points along the kidney meridians and the lung.
Sooner or later, people with this condition may develop a pale complexion from a spleen qi deficiency.
This condition can cause some serious digestive disturbances and eventually lead to the chronic fatigue.
A disorder that is related to joy can sound perplexing, since almost people want as much joy in the life as possible.
On the other hand, people with optimistic thinking who experience regularly positive emotions, get a stronger immune system and have a better ability to resist infections involving the flu.
Not surprisingly, these emotions also are the cause of at least 50 % of all chronic sleep problems like insomnia. More specifically, the researchers discovered that the DNA is not static, it means that it is frequently changing in the response to your environment. I believe that this does not come as a big surprise; however, do you know that hormones that are released during the period of stress may contribute to a steady decline in the mental health?
Emotional tears can lead to lowering pulse rate, blood pressure, and more synchronised brain-wave patterns.
Angry outbursts can last just a few minutes; however, they can cause massive surges in blood pressure, adrenaline and heart rate, and raise the risk of heart stroke or attack by up to 5 times in people over 50. Furthermore, your good giggle can help burn calories since it is possible to move over 400 muscles of your body when laughing.

For instance, high blood pressure (hypertension) or a stomach ulcer may develop after taking place a particularly stressful event including the death of a loved one. Maybe your doctor will suggest to you simple ways to deal with physical symptoms you have and improve your emotional health at the same time. Remember that using alcohol or drugs only causes many other problems including family and health problems. Meditation has various forms, for example, you may do meditation by exercising, breathing deeply and stretching. However, you should keep in mind that your friends and family may not be able to assist you in dealing with your feelings appropriately.
Next, you keep your stomach soft and you put down the magazine, and you do this five times, and then you can keep reading. Sometimes I encourage students to image a string tied to the arm extending upwards, pulling your weight up towards the sky. Serina’s wanderlust has taken her on backpacking, hitchhiking, and jungle trekking adventures in over 25 countries. Yogurt is one of the best-known ways to add more probiotics to your diet, but you should also consider fermented foods.
Plus, recent studies show that thorough chewing not only aids in digestion, but might also help with some brain functions, like alertness and attention.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, green tea has been recommended for thousands of years to help with digestive problems.
Some studies also suggest that lemon helps the body absorb more antioxidants from other foods.
Vegetables, especially artichokes and asparagus, are also full of prebiotics, which help with healthy digestion.
It’s part of a practice called intuitive eating that teaches you how best to nourish your body without judgment. The app provides movement instructions, a timer and announced and visual cues for easy use during workouts.
Follow the advice of professional cleaning consultant and author Marie Kondo, and get rid of things that don’t spark joy.
When you feel better, you’re more likely to set and stick to goals, from sleep to eating and exercise goals. A meaningful life with flashes of joy you create is often an overlooked ingredient of health and happiness. In the book Beilock unpacks the latest research showing that when kids exercise their fingers through regular piano play, their grasp of numbers improves. It also can help with self-control that may be helpful for working to break bad habits, like smoking. As your awareness increases, you find it easier to recognize what you are thinking, how you are feeling, and your attitude towards the experience. It also has a damaging impact on your immune system; therefore, you need to find the best solutions to reduce stress if you are suffering from it. A researcher indicates that there is a link between gratitude and joy, but with a surprising twist: it is not joy, which makes us grateful, but gratitude, which makes us joyful. Similarly, irritability and anger are often determining factors in diagnosing the liver qi stagnation. For example, in children, this relationship can manifest as bed-wetting that psychologists have related to anxiety and insecurity. This can finally affect the heart, and then it makes the person dreaming about the same subjects at night. For example, a person with a weakened spleen cannot have ability to turn food into qi efficiently, and his or her lungs cannot have ability to extract qi from air effectively.
The factors, that can cause the disorders, are the imbalance in our emotions such as too much excitement or stimulation, excessive happiness, or sudden good news, which come as a shock to the body system. For example, if you have an a€?obesitya€™ or a€?Alzheimera€™ gene, it does not mean that you cannot prevent them proactively from being expressed. And do you know that high levels of chronic stress can make an increase in your risks for Alzheimera€™s condition and some other forms of dementia? There are some subtle forms of anger such as irritability, impatience, grouchiness, damage health, and more — these states are linked to low mood, anxiety, and a higher infection risk because of depressed immunity. Some of researchers estimate that laughing over 100 times can offer an aerobic workout that is equivalent to over 10 minutes on a rowing machine or over 20 minutes on an exercise bike. Regrettably, researchers also have found that the dropped level of nerve growth factor after roughly 1 year leads to a decrease in feelings of romantic love. To improve emotional health, the first thing you need to do is to find out the exact cause that causes your bad emotional health.
These strategies include keeping the positive view of yourself, having a social support, and keeping things in perspective, and accepting change.
The appropriate ways are to ask someone who is outside the situation including a counselor, your family doctor or a religious advisor. The opposite of your stress response is the relaxation response that is necessary for your body to cure, repair and renew.
Your feet should now be about 2-3 feet apart, and you can draw a straight line from the back heel of the front foot to the arch of the back foot. Your gaze should stay steady directly above you, as you are on a vulnerable part of your neck.
That’s right, many health issues and symptoms are tied to the status of your digestive system.
Plus, it’s high in antioxidants and studies suggest it can help protect against diabetes and obesity.
You might also consider entering into a yoga or meditation practice, which can help you ensure that stressful situations don’t start to wreck your gut health. As you gather together during the holidays, think of what each person in your life means to you.
By connecting and finding what it is we really love, we can be complete-that is if our minds, body, spirit and environment is in balance. In addition, anger may cause liver qi to attack the spleen, leading to lack of appetite, diarrhea and indigestion (people who eat while driving or arguing at the dinner often experience this condition).
If you or someone you know want to relieve impacts of anger, it is necessary to avoid drinking coffee while treating liver disorders related to anger, because coffee heats the liver and then greatly intensifies the condition. Chronic stress caused from shock can debilitate to the whole system, causing many health problems. Treatment for this condition will include moxa and herbs, which help strengthen the spleen, and allow a person to have the energy to deal with his or her life’s problems instead of dwelling on them.
To treat for disorders caused by the imbalance, you can use an acupuncture along the heart meridian.
If this hypothesize is exact then your emotions may be at the root of mental health problems, cancer, headaches, immune system disorders, blood pressure, forgetfulness, sleep problems, and other types of human ailment.
Some studies indicated that the high stress levels might result in delusions, hallucinations and schizophrenic symptoms. Therefore, id you have recently experienced a dispute, a simple frustration or a seething irritation, you should think about forgetting it. They say the continued condition of these substances will keep you in the needless state of tension. These people will give you advice & support to help you be able to improve your emotional health.
Not only will they add a dose of probiotics, but they’re also nutrient-dense and research shows they aid in digestion. Who knows, maybe this will help you sleep better, feel calmer and avoid stress eating, which can undermine our best intentions. Now read what you wrote and ask yourself, “Is this the story I want to tell?” If yes, hooray!
There is a standard treatment that has used to treat this condition is the use of herbs that help tonify heart blood as well as spleen qi. In addition, herbal treatments can be useful for you as they consist of formulas, which nourish heart blood (or yin).
Besides, the studies also uncovered that negative emotions can lead to affecting to your mental capacity and result in an inability to focus and mark forgetfulness. The only 30-minute argument with your lover may slow your bodya€™s healing ability by at least a day.
Consequently, your body will then be prone to negative effects of anxiety such as impaired memory, weakened immunity, and poor digestion.
In addition, a recent study at the University College London discovered that stress has ability to raise cholesterol levels leading to an increase of the risks of cardiovascular disease. Check out my blog post on Fitting in Fitness for some quick activity options to get you feeling fit. Keep reading this article to discover the truth about how your body will affect your brain, how your mind will affect your body, and what you will do to keep the completely brilliant system to work to your advantage. In addition, researchers at a university found that when testing married couples with the suction device, they discovered that these couples created tiny blisters on their arm.
To learn more, I recommend reading the book “Intuitive Eating” by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. The treatment methods for severe shock include regular acupuncture treatments, psychotherapy, and herbs that help calm the spirit as well as nourish the kidneys and heart.
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) affects adults of all ages but often begins in early adulthood.
Put your hands behind your back, resting on the hips, and do a slight backbend (hold for 20-30 seconds). However, booze culture is a mounting problem, and liver specialists are worried about the number of new cases, many in young people, of alcohol-induced liver damage.
However, many people are still unaware of their blood pressure being high and this remains the single biggest risk factor for stroke.
In many ways it is a disease of the cardiovascular system as much as of blood glucose control.
High levels of blood sugar over long periods of time appear to be toxic to the heart and blood vessels.
Lack of exercise plus the easy availability of high-calorie food amounts to a public health bomb. Statins have also reduced cholesterol and hence cardiovascular risk in many thousands of people with existing heart disease. It occurs when the heart’s blood supply is blocked or interrupted by a build-up of fatty substances in the coronary arteries.
This can lead to angina (chest pains) and follow, in some cases, to a heart attack (there are 230,000 every year). Poor lifestyle behaviour and the accompanying rise in cardiovascular risk is becoming just as much of a problem in the Mediterranean.

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