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The Magnetic Memory Method Podcast is your portal to creating Memory Palaces and using mnemonics for memorizing foreign language vocabulary (and a lot of other precious information too). But even if you still need software, you can model what I’m doing for Mandarin Chinese.
But if you’re tootling your time away consuming and creating blasts of info pollution, good luck making it to the top.
If you can’t develop the discipline needed to do this on your own, find a co-working team. At the beginning of 2016, I performed a life assessment with the help of my friend Jonathan Levi. So then I did a severe time analysis and found that I’d unconsciously slid away from my tried and true time-tracking technique. Because blaming software, hardware and online platforms for siphoning our time amounts to technological determinism.
Better yet, go for broke and determine to visit your favorite noise pollution sites once a day.
Frankly, if you can’t keep up with friends by visiting Facebook just once a day and scanning their feeds, then you need to find a way to get paid for the labor of liking their posts. Instead, use the power of mathematical rules to set yourself free and then report on the experience. There's a moral element to memory and you can use these 5 rules from Albertus Magnus to make better Memory Palaces. Did you know that your ability to be a moral person directly connects to the quality of your memory? Born sometime around 1200 in the Duchy of Bavaria, Albertus Magnus spent a fair shake of time writing about memory skills before dying in the year 1280. Memory, or memoria, belongs to prudence for Magnus, along with intelligence and providence. Magnus breaks prudence down even further by saying it has a rational part and an emotional part. Calling up positive things from the past to guide your behavior in the future is fine and dandy. It’s an interesting suggestion because often the more meaningful the building, the more powerful the Memory Palace will be. That said, it’s good to stretch once in awhile, so keep working progressively to extend your abilities.
I think another reason the light issue crops up throughout the history of mnemonics is that so many people built upon the Ad Herrenium. In fact, probably especially if you’re a bat, since echolocation is a powerful metaphor for how you can navigate a Memory Palace efficiently without seeing a single thing in your mind. Hansel and Gretal would have been in big trouble if they’d done that with their crumbs, and so, I reckon, would you. The reason long distances creates problems is because your mind spends time and energy scanning the territory. To reduce drag, try keeping your stations as close together as possible without creating issues for yourself. One of the coolest ideas Magnus brings to the table involves the notion that both the memorizer and the Memory Palaces are physical bodies. When you read a book, for example, the information has been physically stored using ink on paper. This info then enters the physical bodies of your eyes before entering the gazillion roller coaster rails of your brain. Anyhow, Magnus’s point appears to be that by focusing our concentration on the physical reality of both the locations and the information, we can create much more powerful sense impressions. And if all of these points from Magnus don’t make your memory more poignant, perhaps a previous or future episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast will. In fact, as I mentioned in The Story Of How To Learn And Memorize German Vocabulary, I studied dozens of memory improvement books, audio programs and video courses. That’s why I recently attended the ThinkBuzan Memory Training at the Henley Business School in Henley-On-Thames taught by Phil Chambers and Tony Buzan himself.
And even if you’re already equipped and running memory circles around your friends, here are 13 reasons you still really ought to get trained at the Summit of Memory. The best part of the story is that it contains all the elements of good mnemonics: strange events and colorful characters. There’s history behind memory research too, so getting both the past, present and future of memory science makes ThinkBuzan memory training a tremendous asset. MIG, also known as The Most Important Graph In The World, shows you the most cutting edge elements of memory science. You’ve heard me talk about the importance of educating others about memory skills before. For example, in Language Learning For Introverts, I suggest that you explain to anyone who will listen the Memory Palace and mnemonic imagery you use to memorize new words and phrases. Nothing enthused me more about the ThinkBuzan memory than creating a Memory Palace together as a group. To really let you have your cake and eat it too, Phil then shows you how to compound the countries with the capitals of each. Again, you get all this amazing memorization in less than 20 minutes, plus sufficient review over a week or two. ThinkBuzan makes sure that you get to know your classmates from the moment their memory training starts. This bonding occurs not only because you share the amazement of instantly recalling the information learned throughout the exercise. As the dating gurus often point out, if you want to create the feeling that someone knows you better, have them share time with you in multiple locations as quickly as possible. And although my girlfriend wasn’t there, one part of that couple convinced me to finally propose, so the magic of taking a memory training really does go beyond the skills of recall.
By the same token, I’m proud of my results given the circumstances (jet-lagged, suffering arthritic joint pain, unkempt, unrested and moronically hungover from the last time I ever touched alcohol). As Tony describes time, our perception of its speed changes based on our psychological states.
Plus, they’re making friends with other mnemonists and talking shop about the art of memory. As a story consultant, like others in the movie plot improvement industry, I’ve improved screenplays and seen them made into films. When it comes to memory, I’ve memorized thousands of words and bits of ultra-valuable information. Tony Buzan, co-founder of the Wold Memory Championships has never himself competed in them.
To tell you the truth, I didn’t even know Tony Buzan was going to be at the training.
For whatever reason, the resonance continued, and when the event was over, I offered to help breakdown the classroom. These were by Lorraine Gill, the woman who inspired to include images in Mind Maps in the first place.
In sum, if you want to continue your education in memory and feel the rapture of memory improvement as can only be offered by the best on the planet, booking your seat at the next training is a must. And you know, people often ask me about how Memory Palaces and mind mapping could work in tandem. Simply mention my name when registering for your seat at any training and you’ll get an incredible percentage of the tuition lopped off.
Listen, even if you forget to mention my name and claim this generous discount so you too can become a world class practitioner and teacher of memory techniques, you’ll never regret making this choice. Learn how to solve the biggest memory problems students create for themselves, almost overnight.
Even a former dropout like myself dreamed of getting all A’s during all those years goofing off took precedent over serious study.
With rare exceptions, none of these places support extended concentration (more on that topic in a bit). And that’s where I stayed for a very long time after she threw in my backpack, a blanket and a few pillows.
Over the course of the day, Joanne kept me fed and watered and facilitated the odd trip to the washroom. Anyhow, the whole ordeal turned out well because not only was I very comfortable, but I wound up reading a challenging book from cover to cover and getting key points down on index cards.
Heck, when I was in Gran Canaria, I even recorded two episodes of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast in the closet of my hotel! But the reality is that we as students and lifelong learners often fail to follow a planned schedule. Have you ever sat in class with a burning question and yet … you didn’t raise your hand?
It’s a little-known fact that you can influence the course of your education and tailor much of it to your needs. For example, one of the most exciting third-year courses I ever took was also … dreadfully dull!
Anyhow, as much as I loved listening to the professor, it also pained me to see him wrestle with my unprepared peers. Instead of showing up for class to get my participation grade, I wanted to write extra essays to make up for the missing marks.
Well, the professor seemed to understand exactly my needs and I wound up completing most of that course on my own.
I went on to ask that question of professors again and again, ultimately customizing my entire undergraduate and graduate programs entirely to suit my needs – such as spending hours of study time in dark closets. But if you do it right, you can learn more by revisiting your topic with others in some pleasant and exciting ways. For example, after I dropped out of high school and returned, I had my first study partner.
That way, when I finally got around to reading her half of the load and she to mine, we knew exactly what we were looking for. When it came time to take the tests and write the in-class essays, we were both in top form.
Heck, it even happens in a certain way through the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, such as when people tell me about the best parts of books they’ve read and I zip out my own study notes.
But by studying together, you’ll also be talking about deadlines and the conditions of the game.
Keep watching TV and farting around on social media and you’re giving up your right to be free. I know that sounds harsh, but all appearances suggest that TV, social media and other digital delights like video games and instant messaging create dopamine spikes in the brain. Just as you should get all the most important activities finished before you switch on the computer and get tossed by the sea of email messages and social media, vow to stop all of it by a set hour. Not only that, but my iPhone doesn’t receive calls, receive or send texts or have roaming Internet.

Most students chase after tutors – or get forced into having them by well-meaning parents.
The most shocking thing in the world is that the simple memory skills that help students the most are taught in schools the least. Finally, starting over sucks because self-doubts creep in the back door, playing with your mind. Take heart, my friends, because it just so happens I am the self-proclaimed big deal in the world of starting over.
In a previous relationship, well perhaps several, the occasion to try and make things work occurred a few times too many.
I think I’d ditch the cape myself, but having superpowers and flying around would be awesome, right? An important facet to starting over means you have to be willing to change any aspect of your life that no longer works. That common definition of insanity (dare I repeat it?) is accurate – to avoid more mistakes, change that which is in you versus what you have no control over.
Whenever your world upside down, forcing you to start over, a vital lesson should be at the forefront of your brain. One day, a friend of mine introduced me to running sprints instead of running long distances.
I ripped up most of my work, I cut my thumb open, and my kids learned a new curse word from my repeated frustrations. A potential reason you are in need of starting over is that as hard as it may sound, you may lack the resources to get the job done. Speaking of giving, I have a self-titled website where I give as much of my experiences as I can write down. But the good news is that in Fooling Houdini, magician and outstanding author Alex Stone takes you into the world of Magicians, Mentalists, Math Geeks, and the Hidden Powers of the Mind. So tune in to this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast and enjoy the full transcript below. Alex: It was definitely when I was 5 years old and my father went on a trip to New York for an academic conference of some sort. Alex: Mnemonica is, I believe, probably the greatest, most important book on card magic published in in decades. It sounds very complicated but using the memory techniques it was actually fairly easy because I was able to memorize the deck quickly and it’s so robust that it just sticks in your head for a long time. But yes, so I used his method up front, which was, again, I mean really based on the same concept right? Hosted by Anthony Metivier, the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary in a way that is easy, elegant, effective and fun. From ages four to twenty-four, I managed to meet people all over the world without having an email address or a cellphone. Switch it off so it doesn’t buzz, beep or otherwise bang its way into your attention from within a bag or pocket. They even send me excellent drawings that demonstrate substantial knowledge of the Magnetic Memory Method.
For example, you can cut the number in half and use a Memory Palace and the Major Method to track the number of times you’ve popped in.
At first, I didn’t know what to do with it all, even after reinserting bass practice and language learning.
Especially when the excuse for multiple exposures comes down to not wanting to lose touch with friends. You’ll win back the time you spent reading it back in droves and become one of the smartest human beings on the planet. He was influenced by Aristotle, who also wrote about memory, and left his mark on Thomas Aquinas, who also filled a few pages on the art of memory. Keep that in mind when creating your next Memory Palace and avoid basing any on buildings that may suck your enthusiasm.
It kind of makes sense for them to mimic the intense concentration needed for creating powerful associative-imagery inside the Memory Palace. If for any reason your memories of the excitement do get in the way, simply move on to another place.
They draw diagrams of shopping malls, airports and try to use each and every floor of New York skyscrapers. In many cases, I stick with a mere 10, using proper Magnetic Memory Method form to get the into long term memory so any given Memory Palace can be put out of rotation for a while and then reused.
But in principle, you sure can confuse the heck out of yourself if you can’t distinguish one Memory Palace from another. Even up to Giordano Bruno, mnemonists were bonkers about the level of light in their Memory Palaces.
Just as they wanted to use quiet places to maximize concentration, they figured it might be useful to see the Memory Palaces.
If your Memory Palaces aren’t supposed to be too big, how does one leave this much space between stops along the path?
Whether you see the Memory Palace or merely conceive it like stars in a constellation, you’re still using spatial memory. Cramming is the inverse problem and without breathing room, your associative-imagery might not correctly consolidate.
In this case, you’ll need to work on a case to case basis since, with the rare exception of places like the Ross Building I just mentioned, there are no uniform Memory Palaces. In fact, the entire world is physical and so anything you imprint on your mind essentially resembles tattooing. Not only does all information require physical storage in order to be receivable, your brain either uses or creates new chemicals and structures to perceive it. Read the same book on a computer and the information is stored both in the physical chips and wires, but also in the electricity itself. Ben Pridmore certainly did (reportedly just one) and worked miracles at the World Memory Championships.
The Magnetic Memory Method simply wouldn’t exist without years of relentless research, experimentation, documentation, reconfiguration and teaching. To develop as a mnemonist, a journalist of memory and a lifelong devotee to teaching the art of memory, I consume all the wisdom about memory improvement I can. However, never have I encountered it so thoroughly and elegantly expressed as when Phil Chambers took us through it.
I always talk about how and why you must do it immediately in order to get the best results from what you’ve learned and memorized. Phil Chambers had us memorize all the member countries of the European Union in alphabetical order.
Do this while deliberately creating a Memory Palace together, and those locations become infinitely stronger.
Sure, I took a hard loss when I competed against Dave Farrow half on a whim and only then in support of my favored charity. I start thinking about what strategy I’m going to use and then switch them up mid-stride. Instead, I swallowed my pride and the throat-constricting desire to bury my head in the suffocating sands of Phil’s official World Memory Championships digital hourglass. But this essence, this substance, this engine that has driven the world since, well … the beginning of time, needs no management and cannot be managed.
I plan on going back for more training and fully expect I’ll get 100% next time if I can just settle on a strategy first and get my thinking about time unwarped and humming.
You can be a perfectly amazing memorizer and teacher without ever throwing down the gloves. To this day, I’ve never completed one myself, let alone had a movie from my imagination made.
But he’s still helped millions of people get more from their memories and their minds overall. I was asked to carry some paintings to the main building for safekeeping as Tony prepared to leave. The next thing I knew, I was wearing the beautifully executed rendering and holding back tears. I just didn’t have the guidance and strategies talented young people need to get the most out of their education. They try to read The Canterbury Tales in cafeterias, do math at the mall and even work on programming logo-rhythms in the loo.
But even if you do study well in a variety of noisy places, having a dedicated and protected area can work miracles for your memory. She was my main squeeze during my BA years, but for a long time, I was her best-kept secret.
The only solution in our intellectually intelligent but emotionally immature minds was to hide me in her closet.
I’m talking about giving yourself enough time to take a warm up exam before sitting for the one that counts. I’ve been using morning routines for years to get the most important tasks out of the way first.
It’s part of the human condition not to want to stand out, or feel stupid or be the first to say something. Their position obligates them to serve you and if you’re worried about the opinions of other students, stop.
I admired him so much that I asked him to serve on my doctoral defence committee many years later. Most of the time, the last thing you want is more of the same after a long session in class. We took the advanced literature course instead of normal English 12 and it had so much reading, we split it between us. I would read the extract from Paradise Lost and lay out all the cool things Satan says when he first lands in the pit. You also get to frame time by meeting on a predetermined schedule and using something like Roberts Rules to control the flow. You’ve got a cozy study place, the shotgun of your schedule racked, your teachers in the palm of your hand and a powerful study group. Unfortunately, we get addicted to these, which can reduce concentration and create impulsivity that makes it difficult to get things done.
Sure, I break this rule once in awhile of something needs to get done, but rarely by more than 30 minutes. As more and more things compete for our attention, those who can avoid all the failures discussed in this post will rule the world.
A mentor shows you how not to need a tutor at all by modeling effective study skills, lifestyle habits and teacher management. And you can get it right, right now and right here from this website with my FREE Memory Improvement Kit.
In this guest post from Jeffrey Pickett, you’ll learn how to minimize the suffering that comes from rebooting your life and how to get back on your feet in the best possible manner.

You’d love to blame others, but after close analysis, you realize it all points back to the person looking at you in the mirror. The sky is no longer blue, the chirping birds are dead, and someone pulled the chain, diminishing the once bright sunlight. The bottom eventually fell out and I beat myself up for letting things go on as long as I did. Just when the trail appeared to dead-end, I’d take one more step, and my perspective changed. I did as he suggested and my race times came down even though I ran shorter training distances. Before starting over, research your topic of interest or situation, gain the extra knowledge and get back into the fight. It’s a real honor and exciting because I myself have a relationship to magic and the whole world. It is exploring, not just this great world with amazing characters and amazing stories, which as a writer was you know just a wonderful gift to be able to share this world with other people that I’d already been immersed in. There is a bridge with memory and magic as well on multiple levels I can think of such as memorizing tricks, like the actual routines, memorizing the scripts, memorizing the moves in performance and then remembering to execute certain moves while you’re performing.
So anyway for this trick, which is one of my favorite tricks of all time, it was really first developed, the idea was first developed by Persi Diaconis, a guy at Stanford, for that I use the Memory Palace technique.
I’d never done this kind of technique before and I was so impressed by how powerful it is. I think that’s why people like Harry Lorayne you know he used it in his shows because it really felt like, wow, this guy has superpowers. He talks about the importance of like memorizing the names of your participants that you use in routines. In fact, when I memorized Mnemonica the first time around, I used the technique that he recommends in the book, which is to basically draw faces on the cards if I recall. Believe it or not, people have learned languages for a long time without the aid of machines.
He starts and ends each session and manages a spreadsheet that lists the activities of each attendee to help create accountability. We determine our own way onto them and into their forests of noise pollution all on our own.
We’re oozing precious lifeblood each and every second we spend in states of media-induced excitement.
But I soon found ways, such as reviving my passion for reading novels and even created my own coloring book so I could dive into a form of guided creativity so many of us have lost since childhood.
Using the power of your imagination to make Memory Palaces is the most natural activity on earth, especially compared with spaced-repetition software. He advises using only real locations and especially recommends churches because of how they can move the soul. Sure, creating a Memory Palace with 5000 stations would be cool – but can you get measurable results from it?
The rest of the similarities in the Memory Palace divisions don’t matter because the information itself marks the territory.
When you’re ready to expand, add gradual challenges that will help you grow your memory and memorization management skills. For example, in one of my Aristotle Memory Palaces for my dissertation on friendship, I had some waaaaaaay too far distances between stations.
A Memory Palace in ruins that, albeit utterly destroyed, still stands in the minds of millions nearly two thousand years later.
The ThinkBuzan teaching approach also uses the science underlying the graph to get it into your long term memory.
Using The Most Important Graph In The World (and with a bit of stretching, maybe even without), this is information you can get into long-term memory for the rest of your life.
A married couple took the training I was in and I saw them strengthen their bond before my very eyes.
That makes you feel like no matter what you use the tools of recall for in your private life, it won’t amount to much if you cannot win a prize. You’ll be pleased by the results that your regular homework, writing and study space brings.
You might also be wrongly assuming that the teacher will get to what you want to know later anyway. In the years since, I have done this with study groups large and small and we teach each other the key points from books we read. Of course, you can pat each other on the back for things said in class, but it’s not the same thing. Those who sink in the mire of unproductive lives and disorganized confusion will be their slaves. A mentor lives the way you want to be and will never be caught dead lapping up a pay check to tutor others. That’ll put you in good stead, and if you execute, you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams with the help of a carefully identified individual who has the qualities and accomplishments to which you aspire.
Who hasn’t at some point wished they could perform miracles and win the admiration of the masses? How did you manage to combine throughout your life and particularly once you got into university and so forth, physics and magic and journalism. To see that there was this science to the magic and that a lot of the literature in psychology were essentially applied to magic tricks and to see all these connections, that’s what really kept me fascinated and took me along this kind of quest, if you will, to understand magic. But then to also be able to incorporate my love of science, my interest in in scientific mysteries and to see all the overlap and to see all the magicians who are interested in science and all the scientists who are interested in magic, that to me was just this blessed confluence of all my geeky interests.
I wonder, for people who aren’t familiar with magic and this world of circles, brotherhoods, personal mentorships and the lineages, how would you describe the magical community? I’ve always loved those kinds of books where it takes you and pulls aside the curtain and takes you behind the scenes.
Whereas, like with the memory book Foer wrote, he went into this fascinating subculture, and I think it was probably easier to learn these techniques than it might be if you are a newcomer to the world of magic where not everyone wants to share. So I wonder if you have any thoughts on how those things are part of magic as you have had in performance, in studying with a mentor and in actually competing as part of your career as a magician. Probably the most famous or one of the most famous magicians who was also kind of a memory expert was Harry Lorayne. Each card you draw some image of something fanciful and it links it to the number in an interesting way, in a visual way.
That’s my wish and hope and dream for you because we are nothing more than our memories and their quality shapes everything.
As a seminar course, there were no lectures as such and the purpose was to have student-driven discussion. A mentor is too busy modeling others higher up the ladder and helping those a few rungs down.
Share what happened and what you did to get over it and I’ll see you in the comments. It was just like one of these little kids kits, but he brought me back, and I was 5 years old in just remember like being enchanted by it. Is there a common thread between all those three things that the more you see a connection or is it just happenstance? It was this wonderful moment of realization when I sort of saw that, well first of all as a writer, this world, these concepts and ideas hadn’t really been written about.
It lends itself to an even more extreme version of this kind of hermetic community of people. You have to become much more imbedded to then benefit from this exchange of ideas and information. It is just incredibly rich and it’s filled with wonderfully interesting and often very brilliant people. In fact, there are magicians in the past who have used the mind power, the memory power as a kind of magic or as a kind of performance technique.
In particular for that one, because I had to learn to map a six-card configuration of red and black to a number that corresponded to the first card in that sequence, I had to use the Memory Palace, the method of loci – is it loci or loci?
I figure out what the red black configuration is, that’s a binary number, which I can turn into a digit, a regular base ten number. Lorayne is not really well known as a magician, but he was a huge contributor in terms of literature. I couldn’t stop playing with it, and I learned all the tricks and went around just showing them to everyone every time. Then the fact that magic also has all these sort of hubs, or whatever, that connect to the science, but also there are connections to crime and scams. More specifically, there are a lot of magic tricks that rely on memory techniques and memory and memorizing decks. You know, you combine memory techniques with a few other basic magic techniques like false shuffles, card controls, and double lifts, it’s almost like you can do anything. I use the major system to turn that into a word, that word corresponds to a station, an image in my Memory Palace, which in turn corresponds to the first card in that sequence. This was one of those rare instances which I was like wow I didn’t know that I could do that. I thought about going back and making the Mnemonica into a Memory Palace, but I have it now and I use it so often that I’ve got it. I mean some of my favorite tricks, honestly, are tricks that require you to memorize an entire deck of cards.
Because I memorized the deck, I then just walk through my Memory Palace, and I see all the cards so I know where I am. Honestly from there on, I was interested in it and it became like a thing that my father and I kind of bonded over and did together. You have all of these overlaps with other kind of allied groups and that is something pretty incredible.
He would perform on the Johnny Carson Show and do these remarkable mnemonic demonstrations. It’s turning numerical or verbal memory into visual memory which we know is far more powerful.
I mean not just because, I mean obviously they have a hard time sitting still and they can be rambunctious.
Gosh, come to think of it, it probably is up there with some of my earliest memories actually. He was also a magician who pioneered some wonderful tricks and sleight of hand and whatnot. You know there could be a lot of reasons behind that, but I think part of it is that they don’t have quite so many assumptions going in.
If you talk to magicians, they’ll say the same thing that kids can be remarkably difficult to fool.

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