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Remember those times when you couldn’t solve a puzzle or find a solution to a problem, only to find the right solution occur to you during breakfast, akin to a light bulb lighting up in your head? Engaging in meditation, at least a few minutes each day, can also greatly enhance your memory. Reach Deep Meditation Quickly & Easily Learn about meditation's incredible array of benefits, and how EquiSync® allows easy access via powerful brainwave technology.
Balance Left & Right Brain Hemispheres Meditation effectively balances your brain hemispheres. Beat Anxiety, Depression, & Addiction Permanently upgrade your body's stress response, become immune to anxiety, depression & addiction. Naturally Boost Good Brain Chemicals With incredible health benefits, meditation boosts chemicals like Melatonin, Serotonin, DHEA, GABA, & more.
Strengthen These 10 Key Brain Regions Harness the power of meditation to make your brain smarter, happier, & healthier.
EquiSync: Frequently Asked Questions Learn more about the highly powerful brainwave system through users' most frequently asked questions. Verified EquiSync® User Testimonials Just a few of the many testimonials that our happy customers send to us every day. Order The Full EquiSync® System Now Access highly pleasurable, super beneficial states of meditation quickly, safely, & easily using incredible brainwave technology. The Benefits Of Bridging All Mind Layers Meditation unleashes the incredible potential of our untapped mind layers.
Have you experienced the embarrassment of forgetting a family member's birthday or an important assignment? Sometimes the best "improve your memory information" can be found by asking someone who's got a lot of experience under her belt.
However uncertain we are about whether or not smelling rosemary will help you to remember, it seems to be well and widely accepted that rosemary provides some amazing benefits to various cultures and as per traditions.
This special and cherished herb no doubt offers special contributions to medicine, literature, and culture. Here at the Healthtipswatch blog we look for interesting articles covering health, fitness and diet tips from around the world. Exercise increases oxygen flow to the brain, spurs new cell growth and boosts your supply of neurotransmitting chemicals—making you awake and attentive. Sixty-five percent of people are visual learners, according to the Social Science Research Network.
Visuals help combat information overload – because data needs to be put in context, and images help connect the brain to the emotion behind the information. Our memories are volatile, and our brains like to gather information in the form of a story. By seeing or doing something, your audience is over 80 percent more likely to remember after they leave the event.
When you combine activities that require movement, talking and listening, it activates multiple areas of the brain.
According to a study by the Wharton School of Business, 50 percent of the audience was persuaded by a verbal-only presentation, while 67 percent were persuaded by a verbal presentation that had accompanying visuals. If your ideas of getting participants in tree pose and crafting presentation slides with no more than six words per slide are seeing internal pushback – have no fear.
This entry was posted in Corporate Events, Event Planning and tagged corporate event, Event Planning, tips on June 15, 2015 by luke. That’s why it’s so common for people to find ways on how to increase memory power—most even resort to falling prey to modern-day snake oil salesmen who peddle “magic pills” for memory enhancement.

On the other hand, not all types of food are equal in terms of providing ample nourishment to the brain.
Physical activity—even the moderate kind—can also cause the release of a number of pleasure-inducing neurochemicals, all of which serve in one way or another in enhancing our brain’s processing capabilities and memory retention. Sleep works wonders on your brain and memory—not getting enough sleep can seriously degrade your brain’s ability to process and retain information, so much that even if you chug down as many “memory enhancing pills” as you can, they still won’t work as effectively as having enough sleep. Healthy interpersonal relationships have been shown to have a great effect in the maintenance of mental health, mainly because human beings are essentially “social animals”—in isolation, disconnected from others, our faculties tend to wither away. In fact, if you’d look at the neuroscan of a brain of a person laughing, the brain’s internal reaction is comparable to that of a Christmas light. In fact, in most of the “how to increase memory power” guides you’ll find everywhere, you will almost always find meditation in everyone’s list. My grandmother used to tell me about an old trick to help remind myself of something I had to remember. The easiest way to accomplish this is to create a scene in your mind of what you are trying to remember. The improve your memory information that I've shown you here is easy enough that you can start practicing right away! And recent studies are boldly claiming huge memory enhancements from merely sniffing or inhaling vapors from rosemary oil.
It may be beneficial for a number of diseases and conditions, and research has been done to look at how it benefits memory.
You know the kind – endless presentations, not enough breaks, where you walk out tired and less excited than ever before. Consider adding a light mid-day yoga session to your event, or even a simple seating stretch break between speakers. The more areas of the brain you stimulate, the faster your audience understands and remembers. A recent report in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology showed even people who doodle during meetings have better memory recall.
In the end it will be good for participants’ brains and help them remember what you presented. But while these “pills” may be of dubious benefit to our brain and memory, the following six sure-fire tips to enhance our ability to retain and retrieve stored information have been proven to work wonders. There are those that contain nutrients that sufficiently feed the brain, while there are those that contain substances that are not only useless, but are also harmful to the brain.
Well, aside from keeping our memory in good condition, exercise can also keep other dangerous diseases (such as diabetes or heart disease) at bay. No less than the results of a study from the Harvard School of Public Health show that those who are most active socially have the slowest rate (if there’s any, at all) of cognitive decline. Of the many methods on how to increase memory power, having and enjoying a good laugh is probably the easiest—you can pop in a hilarious movie in your DVD player, for starters. For the information in the brain to be used beneficially, it must be available for quick retrieval.
The technique is to tie a piece of yarn on your finger, or put some tape on your hand to serve as a reminder that you had to remember to do something.
In my language learning hobby, I have found this technique very effective in learning new vocabulary. In no time, your memory will be much improved, thanks to the new techniques you've learned and practiced.
Everyone has times where they just cannot remember something and short-term memory loss is a common side effect of many medications, as well as a symptom of a number of medical conditions.

Additionally, present the future path for your company as the natural conclusion of an already half written story.
Schedule group breakout sessions or projects in your agenda, this will increase interactivity and engage more of the brain.
Learning requires effortful recall, and recall is dramatically improved when the brain is stimulated.
Generally, any diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables (the more colorful, the better) and nuts are great. Several studies have demonstrated how regular meditation can actually increase the brain’s neuroplasticity, gray matter and white matter—producing the overall effect of keeping the brain as healthy and well-functioning as possible. Thousands and thousands of individuals out there have the same challenge, and it doesn't just affect senior citizens.
One such case of quick recall would be answering a question like, "how old are you," or "what is your address?" How many of you have searched high and low for a pair of eyeglasses, and found them right on your head? Since the string or tape is out of the ordinary, it will help you remember what you were supposed to do. This heavily documented article from Herbs Info and the many sources they cite, suggest there just may be some truth to the notion. So how do you overcome this common challenge and create a lasting impact on your attendees? It releases hormones, which act as chemical messengers to regulate insulin control, metabolism, mood and emotion. The Japanese keep it simple: they make it a point to have five colors of food on their plate to ensure a completely nourishing meal. In school, they never teach you improve your memory information, or the time-tested strategies for successful memorization. Maybe you have forgotten something more important like a project at work, or a homework assignment.
You could tie a string on your thumb, wear your watch upside down, or even set an alarm on your mobile phone. At the very least, you can order a streaming video of the latest episode of Saturday Night Live.
The secret is to mix up your normal environment just enough to tune you in to the fact that something is wrong and you have something to remember.
On the other hand, keep your consumption of saturated fat or any high-calorie food as minimal as possible—such foods have been linked to cognitive impairment in older adults. Regardless of age or ability, there are lots of things you can do to exercise, and improve the performance of your memory. You're shopping for groceries at a store in Berlin and see a gigantic cart of rotten potatoes. Your buddy exclaims, "That is a cart of awful potatoes!" Implant the image in your mind and think about how bad that smells. If your image is wild and imaginative, even a little dirty, you are much more likely to remember your vocabulary word.

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