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Many other companies have copied our product and have cut corners to bring you a cheaper supplement. Join thousands of (busy) women getting inspired to greater fitness and well being and receive our FREE 12-Week ‘No Time’ Fitness Program! Get your girlfriends to move more and improve your fitness and fun factor at the same time! At the very core of Fit to Inspire is the concept of grabbing your girlfriends and getting out the door. Choose an activity you like (walking on the beach, cycling, swimming in the lake, window-shopping walking, running, etc).
You’d probably be amazed at who among friends, co-workers and family would join you for any event you sign up for.
Anyone who takes on a challenge you put to them will be that much more motivated when you show up with advice, time together, useful information, cool gear, stories of when you started out (the good, the bad and the beginner mistakes to avoid).
I live near a lake and right on the cusp of ski country, yet you would not believe how many people do not take advantage of their magnificent surroundings. Instead of meeting your girlfriends for another round of shopping, or coffee, or drinks, why not hit a pool, go for a hike, power-walk around the neighborhood? When I moved to France almost 20 years ago, my eating habits were erratic, I was totally addicted to sugar, and I had extra pounds that wouldn’t come off despite an intense fitness schedule.

Over the years, I’ve adopted a structured eating pattern full of delicious, whole foods (and regular treats too!) and moderate exercise that helped me lose the extra pounds. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for a walk, a run, zumba class, paddleboarding, whatever! If you want to give up unhealthy habits too and learn to feel amazing, click on the button below to find out more. We want you to increase your fitness and well-being in a fun way, and fun usually involves getting girlfriends onboard. Friends who are not into fitness may balk at the suggestion to begin with, but if you keep it up, they will notice how much better they feel, and it may eventually become a habit. Even if it has to be in the company parking lot (we have friends who do this, if the space is big enough). Wallking makes you feel better, boosts creativity, and most importantly it can be a fun, creative way to enhance your work life. You can be who you are, and feel welcome!  If you are a fitness junkie, keep your friends in the loop about free classes and open houses.

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