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HI, I WANT TO KNOW IF YOU CAN HELP ME TO KNOW WHERE IS ALL THE FREEZE PLUGS ON A 302 ENGINE. Here's my question: Do I have to drain the oil, drop the pan, and disassemble the oil pump JUST to get the driveshaft in? A 'Stang Banger friend of mine had mentioned that there was a locking clip that goes onto the driveshaft that assists in keeping it in place. 2006 Mustang GT, 76mm Turbo Kit, Diablo Mafia, 3:73 Gears, Flowmaster Mufflers, Steeda Sport Springs, Pro Action Struts, Upper Strut Mounts, X5 Balljoints, Bumpsteer Kit, Eibach Sway Bar Kit, Edelbrock Panhard Bar, Foose Nitrous Wheels, GT500 Wing, CDC Chin Spoiler, CDC Blackout, SOS Pillar Pod, Auto Meter Sport Comp II gauges, Steeda Billet Lower Control Arms, Steeda Adjustable Upper Link, Spydershaft Aluminum DS, BMR Safety Loop.
The ring on the shaft is to prevent that from happening, and should be set to allow the shaft to move up, but never enough to come out of the oil pump. Originally Posted by 855.0drop View Post with the water pump and timing cover off you can get a couple fingers in there to guide the shaft in from the dist hole.
As mentioned above, you run the chance of dropping the rod into the pan if you have to remove the distributor. Member: Mustang Club of America #82740, White Mustang Registry #362, NMRA, Fun Ford Weekend, Mustangs of Burlington MOOG Certified Technician For mods and sound clips, see profile and gallery. The following errors occurred with your submission Okay Message: Options Quote message in reply? In order to be able to post messages on the Ford Mustang Forum forums, you must first register. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. Confirm Password: Email Address Please enter a VALID email address for yourself, otherwise you will not receive the necessary confirmation email needed to confirm, validate and activate your new AFM member account. Failure to provide a VALID email address, will result in the cancellation of your new AFM member account registration. As part of the annual winter preventative maintenance, this year I am also replacing all the seals including the ones for the oil pump. I researched all the previous posts on this and so some of what I included was already discovered by others. Before even starting this project you need the Porsche parts (Large O-Ring, Shaft seal and small O-Ring (x3) for the bolts).
Comparable alternatives for the STP Oil Treatment or the Engine Assembly Lube can also be used.
During Dwayne's water pump write up he mentioned to leave one of the bolts out because it will be needed later on.
Use a permanent marker to place marks on the block and pump to aid in the re-install later on.

As mentioned in other posts as well, a few soft taps with a rubber mallet will loosen up the pump.
Transport the pump carefully (so as not to allow the internal gears to fall off) to a clean workbench where the rehab is to occur. Looking at the pump shaft you will notice behind the woodruf key is a spacer its 1mm thick and is removed from the final assembly if a new steel gear is fitted. There is a bevel on one side of the outer edge and this must face to the front of the car or away from the block.
The straight edge side has the dimple as a marker because if the ring gear is installed backwards the pump will seize.
I did not have a problem but I used the opportunity to show you that it is important that the spring on the seal did not become dis-lodged. Do a final check by turning the pump by hand a few times to ensure it turns smoothly and there is no noticeable play between the shaft and the seal. Anyway, when it was all said and done, the mechanic started her up and told me he was getting very low oil pressure.
After the oil change he told me the oil pressure climbed back up to normal and after a quick test drive it seemed fine again. It's a pain but he may need to pull the oil pressure sensor and blow out the passage (which will probably require pulling the intake manifold). I was doing some researching and read about the oil pressure sensor and how they are pretty easy to damage and break. JMac Performance put together a 550 Horsepower pump gas 383 Small Block Chevy. Here are the details from the parts selection to the dyno testing. The key to making good horsepower is in the heads, camshaft, intake manifold, and carburetor.
To ensure the 383 will live a long and happy life I mocked up the bottom end and checked all the clearances.
After all the clearances checked out I assembled everything together torquing the mains to 65 ft-lb. Because of the roller block the factory style hydralic roller lifters (I used Comp Cam lifters), guide plates, and holder were used in place of retro fit lifters. Using custom length Comp Cam one piece push rods allowed for the proper rocker arm geometry. Or, is it possible to simply lower it down carefully into the holding position below where the distributor would settle? I believe it's only there to keep the shaft from falling out when the engine is upside down during the build.

If you don't get the distributor in right the first time, or have to pull it again for any reason you will have the risk of pulling the shaft back up with the distributor, and dropping it into the oil pan. We borrowed a distributor and put in a new shaft from the top just to be able to run the finals.
I used this bolt as an anchor point to brace a crowbar to aid in removing the pump (step #9).
While this step is not necessary for the pros because the pump can only be installed in one way only due to the bolt pattern these marks allowed me to align it immediate with no fuss. Use the flat blade of a screwdriver to dis-lodge the woodruf key and then remove the washer.
I know it's a little far off but do you think it could've gotten damaged while pulling the transmission for the clutch install?
The mid 90’s truck blocks have thicker castings, 1 piece rear main seal, and are fitted with hydraulic roller camshafts from the factory.
We also feel the love from a Water Leak Detection company here in Tampa called I Find Leaks. It worked, but when I pulled the distributor back out to return it the shaft came up with it and joined the broken one in the oil pan.
J’s match ported single plane intake manifold, custom ground hydraulic roller camshaft from Iskendrian, and a 750 Mighty Demon carburetor. It took quite a while to finish up since I had to wait for the clutch to be delivered plus the mechanic re surfaced the input shaft since it looked a bit worn. So he did An oil change and told me the oil was pretty dirty and he found what seemed to be paper bits in the oil. The oil pimp comes with a new hardened drive rod and the pump screen comes with a new gasket.
They are extremely knowledgeable and I like to support local businesses as much as possible. A local Orange County Plumber called SOS Plumbing provides trenchless plumbing services in Orange County California. And, last but not least we love Perma-Liner Industries they are a trenchless pipelining supply manufacturer. However, he was using a drill and had simply lowered the shaft down into the hole and then later removed it.

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