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Before we can stand up for our rights, before we can organize for a strong democracy and a just society, we need to know our rights. But it is up to all of us to ensure that constitutional rights and equal justice are upheld by law enforcement.
And there are certainly those who don't believe human rights should be universally recognized, those who selectively believe in the Constitution and don't want it applying to undocumented residents. The strongest tool against anti-immigrant sentiment is knowing our rights, being informed on the issues, and advocating against the harsh enforcement policies that separate our families and keep workers living in the shadows.
The iPhone 5 is the largest, lightest, thinnest and most refined smartphone Apple has produced to date.
BlackBerry’s Q10 is a compact smartphone with a smaller display and a physical Qwerty keyboard, a dual-core processor and the company’s new BlackBerry 10 operating system.
It has a high-end, premium feel and the cohesive visual design is very pleasing to the eye. In the hand, it’s one of the lightest smartphones we’ve handled – it barely feels like you’re holding anything – but despite this it still has a remarkably robust quality to it. The metal can be scuffed, granted, but tests have shown the iPhone 5 will stand up to quite a bit of punishment while remaining operational and with an undamaged display.
The other key draw for the device is the iOS platform and how well it is optimised to Apple’s processor hardware. This isn’t the most powerful setup on the current market but it matters very little as the iOS software is precision engineered to work flawlessly with it.
The same is true of the 700,000+ apps on the App Store, you can be sure all will work brilliantly on the iPhone 5.

The user interface is highly intuitive, though it is starting to show its age, but with the iPhone 5 being the most recent model you can guarantee it’ll get the next version of iOS which is said to be a significant overhaul. The camera is a capable 8-megapixel shooter with an LED flash, good stabilisation features, panoramic capture and 1080p video. The display is as good as ever – it’s not the largest around at 4-inches but it’s sharp at 1136x640 pixels and 326 pixels-per-inch (ppi), while also being colourful and bright. The BlackBerry Q10’s build is very different from the iPhone 5, but no less compelling in its own right.
The build quality is great – there’s no flex in the chassis and the materials have a premium finish. The app ecosystem is over 100,000 strong at the moment, which is way behind Apple’s platform, but it is growing, has some useful stuff and you can also side-load Android apps onto the device.
The Super AMOLED display might be small at 3.1-inches, but it’s bright, colourful and reasonably sharp at 720x720 pixels and 328ppi. Quotes from Jennifer Winslow-Naeger: Live your life in such a way that those who know YOU, but do not know GOD~ will come to KNOW GOD, because they KNOW YOU.
Universal human rights are for all of us - regardless of nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, language, or any other status. It's vital that we all are prepared and informed regarding our rights before, during, and after interacting with ICE, local police, or other authorities. The Obama Administration has increased efforts at implementing programs that link local law enforcement to fedreal immigration policies despite the lack of trust this promotes in our local communities. It features a metal unibody chassis with a 4-inch display, the latest version of iOS and an updated set of internal hardware.

The metallic back panel looks great and adds a level of durability which far outshines previous models from Apple. Apple’s Retina display is still a significant player in the market for gaming, video and multimedia. The Glass Weave back panel has a rewarding texture to it which also ensures a good grip – crucial when typing on the physical keyboard.
For one the feedback is much better and it makes typing a more accurate, enjoyable experience. It’s the movement we will need to build our voices and protect immigrant rights in Washington State.
Inform yourself on what is happening, threats and opportunities for our communities, and what you can do locally to advocate for pro-immigrant policies! For another, you’ve got features such as 'Smart Actions', which means you can start typing and useful results (apps, contacts) will pop up straight away – you can also issue certain commands such as ‘Tweet I love BlackBerry 10’ and that message will go to Twitter. There’s a really useful notifications and messaging aggregation suite in form of the BlackBerry Hub, which is always accessible with a simple gesture and multitasking is excellent all round.

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