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During this process you create a pleasurable state of being and it is a way of escaping from the reality around you.
There are two types of meditation – the first one is used by most people and it ismeditating on the floor. The first one is placed down in the base of the spine which is called “the red root” chakra. The last chakra is the “crown” chakra and it is placed on the top of the head and it has a white colour.
Step 5: Keep that position for at least 15 – 20 minutes a day in order to be healthier and happier than before. Practicing meditation has many advantages:First of all, after meditating you feel you are at peace with everything inside and outside your body and you keep that feeling for the entire day. This simple techniques help you overcome your animal nature and build your life to a next higher level.
All in all, meditating makes you stronger and healthier person with better personal and professional relationships, who lives healthier life.
If you want to find a way to decrease your stress levels, attain more moments of peace in your life, find clarity and improve your overall health, your journey can start tomorrow, March 16th. No matter what type of person you are (hyper, a go-getter, always in your head) you can meditate.
I was also thinking of starting a small meditation group during this 21 day experience for those who would like to be guided through their first experience.
Photo credit: Thank you to Virginie Lemieux for the wonderful pic of me in one of my favourite spaces, Luna Yoga. These are two wonderful quotes from two of the most prominent advocates of meditation in the world today.
Learn about the science and benefits of meditation, discover how to meditate, and enhance your practice with our guided meditations to connect your body and mind.
Find peace and empowerment in this guided meditation from Sonima and Elena Brower using mantra and affirmation to expand consciousness and increase joy.
In this guided meditation from Sonima, find balance and light through breath awareness that will uplift your practice of parenting. Janet Stone, who will lead our upcoming Yoga for Moms online course, suggests this 10-minute meditation to help you focus on everything you DO have.

If you can’t set aside dedicated time to meditate, this practice from Sonima will help guide you to higher awareness wherever you are. Yoga nidra, also known as “yogic sleep” is also a wonderful alternative to sleeping pills for anyone suffering from stress-induced insomnia. Tiffany Cruikshank shares a meditation to help you become more conscious of the patterns in your mind so you can begin to rewire the soundtrack and guide yourself to a healthier mind and body. Come to stillness and ease through this simple meditation from Sonima that helps cast away the excess and delusion of human identity. Senior Kundalini Yoga teacher Guru Jagat shares a meditation using sitali pranayama to help let go of the daily stresses of life. Find nourishment in this powerful meditation to unlock the rigidity involved in unhealthy patterns and return to more exalted and essential states.
With this practice that helps dissolve the urge to react, you can use frustrations and irritations as learning devices that point you in the right direction.
Senior Kundalini Yoga teacher Guru Jagat guides us through a sweet and powerful mantra meditation to let go of heavy emotions, get out of our headspace, and find self-love.
We are told that in order to be healthy we must eat a well-balanced nutritious diet and exercise daily. Enlightenment, or oneness, is nothing new; Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna and Mohammad were all enlightened beings. By Danielle Graham: How exactly does an artist go about portraying the intangible?  Alex Grey entangled his artistic skills with the memories of his mystical moments and in doing so found spiritual connection. His unique style is immediately recognizable – a kind of luminous x-ray technique – and fans of his work claim his paintings visually represent their own sacred experiences. On June 3, 1976, we (Alex and his wife Allyson) simultaneously shared the same psychedelic vision: an experience of the Universal Mind Lattice. For some of them it is simply clearing the mind and relaxing the body which gives you the feeling of peace and quiet that you need.
You will lower the level of stress which will reflect on the attitude towards the other people and you will have better personal relationships. If you get angry or annoyed, or if you feel ashamed, you need to spend just a couple of minutes inhaling andexhaling, concentrating on your breath, andyou will feel better.
A lot of my friends, family and colleagues have been asking me questions about my meditation practice so I thought this could be a good opportunity to offer you support and guide you along the way. Also, I would love for you to share with us your own personal experience with meditation and how it has helped you.

I need this right now more than ever and I know you will be an amazing coach to support me (and discipline me)!
That’s why finding the right intention will help you stay focused on your goal of keeping a consistent meditation practice.
Most people equate it to God, religion or have an image of a monk sitting on a mountain while meditating. Their teachings all contain the same message of love and balance and provide a path of truth where we are all part of the same whole. Today he is internationally renowned as one of the world’s premiere visionary artists.
He has come to understand that Theologue depicts “an experience many share during deep meditation. For some people the meditating leads them to the feeling of being closer to God or the so called “nirvana”. We could do a couple of Skype or Google Hangout sessions in the evening together to cover some of the fears, challenges, realizations you are uncovering during this process. Whether you did it once, have a regular practice or want to share your process during this 21 day meditation experience, let us know how it went and the lessons learned (head to the comment section below).
The truth is that enlightenment has less to do with God and meditation and more to do with the oneness of all living things, loving our fellow man and connecting with universal consciousness.
Once we truly realize and actualize our connection, we can become and create anything we choose. Comprehensive catalogues of his work are available in three DVD presentations and four books: The Mission of Art, Sacred Mirrors The Visionary Art of Alex Grey, Transfigurations, and just released, Art Psalms. However, what we are never told is how to take care of our mind and soul and the subsequent power in doing so. Enlightenment is all about becoming aware of your true power as the creator of reality, both your own and the world itself. The truth is that modern society doesn’t encourage or teach the average person to walk the path of enlightenment because if they did, it would not be very easy to control us and keep us in the dark.

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