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As a new Christian, I always heard that I must meditate on the Word of God, but no one ever told me how. The practice of writing down my thoughts as I read my Bible has had a transforming effect on my devotional times.
The Bible is the very words of God, given to us that we might know him, love him, and obey him.
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It has been one of the greatest keys I have ever learned to obtain understanding and truth.True meditation will give you understanding of God, His ways and His Word.

According to our culture, meditation is the relaxation of the mind to the point where little or no thought occurs.
As you begin to meditate on the Word, you will know how to walk in what God is revealing to you. But according to scripture, meditation is the increased focus of the mind with much deep thought occurring.
We must have God open our eyes to understand and apply the glorious truths that we read in scripture. I find that my most effective times of biblical meditation come in the quiet of the early morning, before my day is rolling.

The goal of secular meditation is to empty the mind, the goal of godly meditation is to fill the mind with God’s truth. Meditation isn’t just for Tibetan monks wearing burlap robes that chafe their armpits.

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