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YogaYoga is a set of practices and principles for individual’s comprehensive wellbeing and spiritual growth. CommunityOne of the greatest supports through the ups and downs of ones spiritual growth is time spent with others who are treading the path of meditation. In Ananda Marga Copenhagen we have a fantastic community, open for everybody, where we support and share our common interest in spirituality and meditation. Taught by Dada Ambareshvarananda who brings a lifetime of experience as a monk and meditation teacher in both East and West.
It is hard to pick up meditation from just reading an article, but I would like to share a few basic pointers about what meditation involves.
About Latest Posts Tejvan PettingerTejvan writes about meditation and many other topics at his self improvement blog Sri Chinmoy Inspiration.
I know from personal experience that some forms of meditation (such as using affirmations) can definitely help with depression. I don’t see meditation as a way of controlling thoughts but just to be aware of them when they arise and bringing them back to the present. Meditation is not an effort to quiet the mind, althought this misconception is wide-spread. By watching and naming the process can be quitened though, although this is not the number one goal.
That was many years ago, but I still count on affirmations and prayer, and occasionally meditation to keep me on even keel. Ihave two girls ages 10 and 7 – I stop working ex travel the world while I stay at home now I realize Iloss all power no job ment no money, very difficult . I’ve been meditating for 5 years, and I remember my biggest problem when I started was boredom.
I’d like to add that my Zen training taught me to turn other activities into a meditative practice.
I believe meditation is whatever means available or within a given person’s capacity to remove physical world distractions to find inner peace. Mindfulness and meditation brings out a certain spaciousness in my world which is truly liberating.
What is weird for me is that if I meditate once or twice a week or even less I can get to the void.
I find it odd that you wrote this long article on mediation and depression but you don’t talk at all about the *scientific* reasons meditation works.
Hence, 5 weeks of meditation on a regular basis (I think it’s a few hours a week) is as effective on depression as 5 weeks on an SSRI antidepressant, which also happens to be just as effective on depression as regular exercise for 5 weeks.
This is why I often try to tell people to get off their asses (or meditate) instead of turning to a drug that has, at times, complicated side effects. Meditation on God’s Word and prayer were the secret to David’s vibrant spiritual life and keen insight. David said that he had more insight than all of his teachers not because he read more, but because he meditated on God’s Word (Psalm 119:99). David was fixated on God in meditation of God’s Word, and David had a heart for prayer because he understood he was inadequate apart from the Holy Spirit’s leading. Meditation is a tool for gaining more insight from input, but insight is only useful for holiness if we can live it out.
The difficulty with learning and living spiritual truth is that it differs from learning the steps to work a simple arithmetic problem. Sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the truth leads to salvation, and neither of those happen apart from God’s choosing us (2 Thessalonians 2:13).
Without the Spirit, meditation will only lead to head knowledge and not belief that transforms our life and motivate obedience from the heart. Do you desire insight find insight in Scripture that will forever change the way you walk before the Lord? Start sorting out the text. The more sorting you do, the more learning you’ll retain later. As you meditate, distill Hebrews 11:24-27 into a statement that embodies the concept of the passage.
The last step is to start making connections between different Scriptures (cross references), and then your life. Valuing eternal things allows us to not only reject seemingly positive earthly things like the pleasures of Egypt (Moses), but also to accept seemingly negative earthly things like the persecution of Babylon’s fiery furnace (as with Daniel’s three friends). Be both intentional and specific in finding and connecting concepts from Scripture to your life. How does this concept specifically connect to what you’ve seen in the past in your own life?
If truly believed, the truth of these Scriptures banishes the fear I may have to verbally share my faith.
The last post in this series will deal with the Holy Spirit’s role in bringing heart-level change once the truth has taken hold in our minds.
We can gain that insight by using an aggressive three-step process of mental engagement for meditation. The main advantage of this three-step approach is taking things an unusual step further by looking to engage the mind in connecting additional concepts together across the Scriptures and into life. Remember, real learning happens when new information is connected with previously known information so that the two are blended, which enables the brain to learn and lock it all into long-term memory.
So connect the concepts you find in the text you read with other known concepts in other places in Scripture. Now prayerfully consider specific relationships where you might be bringing hurt by acting more like Nebuchadnezzar than Christ. It’s the same feeling a kid gets when his parent asks, “What did you learn in school today?” and he answers, “Uh…nothing.
Real learning only happens when the mind is actively engaged in sorting out, processing, and connecting the new information to previously known information.

When you take in new information and have an “Ah-ha!” moment after reflecting on the new and connecting it with the rest of the puzzle of previously known information, then you’ve learned something you can retain.
The need is not for additional information but rather for time spent processing the information so that it is understood and learned. Some may object and say, “Christians need to read their Bibles more, not less.” Which is completely true.
In order to keep from being a mile wide and an inch deep, we need more insight, not more input. There is a direct correlation between understanding of scripture and time spent meditating on scripture.
Yoga is not only physical stretches and exercises, as commonly is misunderstood, but an age-old intuitive science, that helps us to get to know our innermost self, an?d to express our potentialities to the highest. Meditation is the best known method for experiencing the love, peace, wisdom and well-being which is our own true nature. No matter what form of meditation you follow, the basic shared principle is to quieten your thoughts and mind. If you keep rejecting thoughts, what happens is that you may be aware of thoughts, but, they have much less intensity. Often when we become depressed, we don’t feel like meditating, everything seems lacking in hope. We have to be careful, if we feel miserable or angry, we need to be even more careful that we meditate properly. I had enjoyed the usual student life, but, there I had an increasing sense that something was missing; nothing could really give the sense of satisfaction I was searching for. In this respect it’s unlike almost all other things we do except perhaps making music and dancing. There was a time when I was so overwhelmed with financial woes that I just wanted to bury my head in the sand and ignore my problems. And there is nothing more demanding, for one day it will require you to have both feet on the same path. It took me a good two months before I really was at the point where I could silence my mind. David exemplifies properly approaching Scripture through meditation and prayer for all who would seek to draw near to God in faith. David is a testimony: insight is gained by meditation, not by floods of unprocessed information.
Where did David find hope that he would be able to learn and live the truth he saw in God’s Word? So even if we solve the fist problem with a three-step process of meditation, the second problem still glares us in the face.
The evidence that we have believed the truth is that we put to death sinful deeds and the fruits of the Spirt are produced in us (sanctification). Do the same thing every single great man of faith has done through history: Make a habit of prayerfully mediating on God’s Word in humble reliance upon the Spirit’s fruit-producing work. To reject such tangible, immediate pleasure took a rock-solid conviction that the future reward in Christ was a greater hope than the fleeting pleasures of sin in Egypt.
You want to find what is in the text instead of interpreting the text to match what you want to find. Each connection you make links more concepts together so that they can blend and shed light on each other. The three men evidently had the same value system as Moses, but with a subtle difference in application.
The source of that fear: I value the earthly pleasure of man’s approval and risk losing that if I open my mouth, and I am afraid I might be ridiculed for my faith. This process lends itself to gaining insight by discovering the connectivity of the Bible instead of reading passages in isolation.
Kevin Washburn teaches that to learn, it is necessary for our brains to “identify, label, and sort incoming data.” We must process what we’ve read, sorting it all out mentally to gain comprehension.
We can see that if we don’t have the attitude of Christ, God may use physical humiliation to bring about humility in our heart as He did with Nebuchadnezzar.
Washburn is that in order to retain more of what you read, the key is spending time engaging your mind to process the information and look for patterns. We need to give our hearts time to sink roots deep into the river bank and absorb the water. This involves the moral and ethical principles of yoga, such as non-violence, the physical yoga postures, or asanas, and various meditation practices.
There is also the opportunity to develop your meditation technique and to learn various forms of concentration, breathing control and other elements for deeper meditation.
Its activities encompass a wide range of projects for the welfare of humanity, animals, plants and the whole planet. We can sit in a chair for many hours, but, if thoughts continually pass through our mind then our meditation will be ineffective. When giving meditation classes, the difficulty of controlling the thoughts is a common experience.
We have been thinking all our life; to change a habit of a lifetime requires persistence and perseverance. However, if we can meditate effectively; if we can go beyond these negative thoughts and quieten the mind, we really can have a dramatic change in our frame of mind. If you sit down to meditate but can’t stop the thoughts endlessly going round, it is better to give up and try something else like going for a walk. If you are depressed to the point that it is interfering with your life in any way (moderate to severe depression), take the drugs first.

When we make music we don’t do it in order to reach a certain point, such as the end of the composition.
When I realized that having my head in the sand left another part of my body vulnerable , I knew I wasn’t helping myself by dwelling in denial and evasion. Facing my problems head on and taking small steps eventually got me out of my emotional and financial slump. Over the course of that two months, I slowly became aware of my thoughts and learned to observe them, detached, and let them float away. Every mention of faith in the chapter ties back in as an illustration of Hebrews 11:1, the key verse. Why did it take faith for Moses to refuse to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter? This meditation method takes into account the way the brain best learns and remembers, but there are many varied ways to meditate and accomplish the same thing (and many kinds of people with different needs).
The concept illustrated by Moses and Daniel shows that if I value eternal things, I will not fear losing earthly pleasure or enduring earthly pain. Take a look at Demian Farnworth’s 10 creative steps for right-brained thinkers to study the Bible. The key is not to flood your brain with more information, but to spend time meditating, absorbing the Word. Yoga asanas are gentle and controlled yogic practices, in which movement of the body is synchronised with breathing.
Mantra Mantra meditation is a powerful resource that helps guide the mind on a set path and keeping the mind engaged with a single idea. Womens meditation At the moment we also have collective meditation only for women, once a month in each others homes. We share a female energi, and enjoy and strengthen our relationship. These include yoga and meditation centers, schools, children’s homes, food distribution centers, disaster relief, medical centers and community development projects. However, if you sincerely try, you can learn to reduce the power of thoughts over yourself. Meditation is not something to be done mechanically; it should be done with intensity and focus. I went to some meditation classes organized by the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Oxford and have been meditating as a student of Sri Chinmoy for the past 9 years. It’s nearly impossible to work on higher order brain functions until you get your emotions stabilized.
In fact I’m so interested in it that I built a subdomain of my blog just to focus on it. However, living out spiritual truth requires a heart change because we are naturally born with an whole-hearted inclination toward evil.
It’s a good idea to working through the chapter and mark the word “faith” with a colored pencil, highlighter, or pen so that it stands out visually. Or, to use the words of the key verse, the definition of faith: In what way did Moses show an assurance of of things hoped for, the conviction of things unseen?
Sound has the strongest effect on the mind of all the senses, and so the internal sound of a mantra is the most powerful way of concentrating the mind. This is a good sign, it shows you are developing the capacity to separate the sense of self from your mental thoughts.
Also, when we are dancing we are not aiming to arrive at a particular place on the floor as in a journey. The practice of yoga has its roots in ancient India where these postures were called asanas, which means “posture.” We teach yoga practices of varying difficulty suitable for both women and men of all ages.
It is an all-embracing outlook, recognizing that everything is part of one limitless supreme consciousness, with all beings of the universe part of the one cosmic family.
Try listening to your heart beat and feel your awareness leaving the mind and entering the heart. Therefore, when meditating to overcome depression, it is even more important to detach from these negative thoughts. When we dance, the journey itself is the point, as when we play music the playing itself is the point. Although it does bring you to some beneficial level, I am still studying it because I am getting different bodily responses from it especially with regard to sleep patterns. But because we are a fallen creation, we also need need new birth and then regeneration by the Holy Spirit in order to live in accordance with God’s commands. Goal of meditation A common reason why people practice meditation is to relax, but that is actually not the purpose of meditation, just a side effect. If you can consciously leave the mind, it becomes much easier to reduce the power of thoughts. It is the ability to silence the mind and thoughts which will help the depression to clear. This together with strengthening the nervous system is the main way in which yoga brings physical and mental balance. Meditation is the discovery that the point of life is always arrived at in the immediate moment. But when I use brainwave entrainment, I have to make sure I do it in the morning because when I do it even a few hours before bedtime, I cannot fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning.

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