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Whether you are an athlete or a weekend warrior, or just like to keep fit, a balance is always healthy between strength and flexibility.  Interested?
So many people have requested time with Rana that she is now offering initial Yoga Therapy consultations by Skype or Phone.
Over the past twelve years, I have guided many thousands of people through how to change their lives, using exactly this combo.
And some of the top achievers in the world are clear that their daily Non-Negotiable Meditation Time is the foundation for their success. It doesn’t have to be that way – when you know the insider secrets and short cuts that make it easier! Do you think that you could possibly find 10 minutes a day in your schedule (I can help you with the ‘how’!), if you knew that your Non-Negotiable Meditation Time would help you to feel less stressed, feel calmer, feel less anxious, concentrate more easily (get more done!), feel less irritable, feel less overwhelmed, feel more at peace and smile, for no reason?
The twice-weekly messages are a combination of meditation and NLP and they act like a virtual coach.
It felt like a had a reassuring hand on my shoulder, willing me to allow myself 10 minutes a day to find peace.
Like most good meditation courses, of course it teaches you how to meditate – you’d expect that! How to handle your pesky Monkey Mind and its incessant chatter – without waging war on it!
I have been a certified NLP Trainer for over a decade and a formally-trained Meditation Teacher for much of that time.
Now I invite you to imagine it’s your eightieth birthday – or a birthday at least ten years ahead.
If your heart is calling you to join in with this programme on 1st May, then I urge you to take action now and to make that commitment to your future.
On May 1st, instead of this course being an interactive online course, I’m going to be running it as an Inner Circle programme (these are like gold-dust), meaning you’ll get to work with me, as part of the invitation-only online group, to truly make the shifts you have been dreaming of! AND I’ll be spending even more time than I usually would, supporting you in the online community.
To do this meditation course as an Inner Circle programme, as we’ll be doing from May 1st, would normally cost ?497. How To Meditate And Why Pinterest Pictures, How To Meditate And Why Facebook Images, How To Meditate And Why Photos for Tumblr. How to meditate is quite simple as any act can become a meditation; it is a question of bringing our attention to what we are doing and taking notice.
In Christian spiritual training, meditation means thinking with concentration about some topic. Instead of pushing and straining yourself physically and mentally, just relax; sit in a chair, any chair will do, even the chair at your desk, as long as it is comfortable.

Sit with your feet flat on the floor, hands resting in your lap or on the arms of the chair, and your head comfortably balanced. Bring your awareness to your breath as it is a good way of bringing attention into the "here and now".
Meditation Share - Share your meditation or experience with others as we could all benefit and learn from one another. Meditation is about relaxing and letting go into deeper levels of your being, and sometimes this is best achieved through a passive "non-doing" state. Above all it is about staying with the moment, about being in touch with your surroundings and your inner world, much of which is more easily reached when in the contemplative state, when you allow yourself to be "lost in thought". Instead of hurriedly rushing to be somewhere, slow down and take the time to feel your feet connect with the earth as you take each step.
As you walk, be mindful of what you are doing, thinking and feeling, and be aware of your energy flowing through your body. He walked up and down the same path in the forest everyday; he moved slowly, giving total attention to his feet, the movement of his feet, the changing pressures on the soles of his feet, and the reaction of the ground to his feet.
ATMOSPHERE - The best environment for the practice of meditation is a quiet place with minimum distractions. ATTITUDE - The best attitude to follow while practicing meditation is that of a receptive observer. POSTURE - Assuming a certain posture has been central to many meditation techniques however a major characteristic of prescribed meditation postures in many traditions is that the spine is kept straight.
ELEMENTS OF CONCENTRATION - In Hindu meditative techniques, the object the attention dwells on is often a mantra, usually a Sanskrit word or syllable.
In Buddhism, the focus of attention is often the meditators own breathing, a luminous sphere or a translucent Buddha Statue.
Whether one performs mantra meditation, Buddhist breath meditations or any other for that matter, they all fulfill all the elements required for meditating for relaxation.
Non-Facebook Users You need to create an account at Facebook before you can register your "Like." Facebook is a fun and effective way to socialize and network online. This amazing course Including access to the "Healing Library" as well as discounts of more than $50.00 all yours CLAIM HERE. FPMT is an organization devoted to the transmission of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition and values worldwide through teaching, meditation and community service. The products displayed here are made available for dharma practice and educational purposes, and never for the purpose of profiting from the sale of holy objects.
I offer private yoga classes and Yapana® Stretch One on One, as well as have a YOGA MIND cd which is a compilation of tracks you can add to your existing practices to center and relax.
Also reason to pay attention to any feelings of compression during asana practice.  That is where private yoga sessions can help.

But we think it’s going to take loads of time and effort, so we put off even getting started. In fact, some students email me to tell me that they are noticing shifts even in the first week! After a while, you increase your awareness of the habits and thought patterns that no longer serve you – and you’ll feel inspired to deal with them! So I know about meditation excuses – and I know what it feels like, to feel too busy to change your life.
So I’m only asking you to donate the regular price for the 90 day course, which is ?97.
Simply reply to one of the daily emails and a member of my team will sort out a full refund for you – no tantrums, no awkward sulks, no hard feelings. It sometimes helps to set up a meditating room with special pictures, icons, holy books or even burning incense sticks and soothing music in order to infuse the atmosphere with spiritual energy.
Try to observe either the mind or the immediate physical environment, without thinking anything in particular. This is true in Hindu and Buddhist yogas, in the Christian attitude of kneeling prayer, in the Egyptian sitting position, and in the Taoist standing meditation of "embracing the pillar." People with misalignments may feel uncomfortable in the beginning when assuming these postures. It is a time to connect to your inner Source and let go of the things and roles we get caught up in: work, parenting, concerns and responsibilities. If you meant to show your support, please click again to make sure the button is dark blue.
And, as part of this course, I share with you the simple, yet profoundly effective tools you need to make the most of that, right when you need them.
Here the objective is to become detached from thoughts and images and opening up silent gaps between them.
The spine is put back into a structurally sound line, and the weight of the body distributed around it in a balanced pattern in which gravity, not muscular tension, is the primary influence.
It may be that your meditation is peaceful, or it may be fretful and full of obsessive thought.
I am in Bergen County and can show you a few tips to take on the road with you – or stop by one of my public yoga classes in the new year. You hit your 80th birthday party and look back, wishing you had made those changes years ago. It is possible, although it has not been conclusively proven that this postural realignment affects the state of mind.

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