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The app may help in reducing the stress levels of people who are victims of over-use of technology, work-life imbalance and relationship problems. Deepak Chopra’s Non Local App in collaboration with DTS with its spiritual content and 3D audio experience helps you to disconnect from the clutter and connect with yourself. There are moments when we want to stop, cut off from the world, reflect and re-energise ourselves before we join the mad race again.

Built on DTS-HeadphoneX technology which basically enhances a user’s listening experience with normal head phones into a 3D immersive panoramic listening experience.
We come from the transcendant, non-local which is nowhere in particular and everywhere in general and I chose it purposely for the DTS headphoneX because this app creates the ambiance of surround sound, so the sound seems to be coming from everywhere,” says Deepak Chopra.

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