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Meditation, in the deepest sense of the word, refers to the complete settling of the minds activity. Many people say that they don’t meditate for rest, they meditate for activity – or rather, they meditate for the improvement that deep rest provides in activity. Also there has been countless studies on the effectiveness of meditation for improving health, increasing mental capacity and decreasing stress in the nervous system. Mindfulness has recently surged in popularity, but its modern application has ancient Buddhist roots. When clients start using the skills that we teach them you can see their lives begin to slowly stabilise and head in a direction that they are hoping to head in. All In The MindA finds out what long-term meditators and neuroscientists can learn from each other. It refers to the experience of silent, inner wake-fullness – not wake-fullness of what’s going on in the outside world, but awareness of the silent reservoir of intelligence that resides within ones own Self.

The reason for meditating are two-fold: the first reason is the experience itself, and the second is the results that experience produces after meditation.
After meditating, most people go into activity with far greater energy, creativity and efficiency. You can read more about this research on the American National Institute of Health website.
Lynne Malcolm and Olivia Willis find out what long-term meditators and neuroscientists can learn from each other.There's no shortage of press touting the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.
Or, Matthieu Ricard, the French neuroscientist who became a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan tradition many years ago and described as the happiest man alive based on a 12 year brain study connecting meditation and compassion by the University of Wisconsin. As amazing as the experience of meditation is, perhaps the most important reason for meditating is the results it produces in activity. People report feeling less stressed at work, having closer personal relationships, being more motivated to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle, and more.

If you’re looking to get started, click here to check out a free directory of many different groups. It’s amazing that so many results can come out of just that simple experience of deep inner rest! And equally, what can the ancient Buddhist tradition teach neuroscientists about the brain?In an effort to find out, a group of meditation practitioners, psychologists and neuroscientists gathered together for a weekend Zen retreat in rural New South Wales.

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