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The person you choose to partner with for life is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.
It’s been nearly five years since the cataclysmic Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in one of the deadliest and most destructive events in our nation’s history.
The goal was to help people get their lives back on track and kids get their education back. With some $2,000 still available in the UFT fund, “We wanted to make sure that money — earmarked for New Orleans — made its way to New Orleans public schools, to help them rebuild,” said UFT Vice President Karen Alford, who is chair of the union’s disaster relief fund. The school lives up to its name, which honors the American educator and civil rights leader, a daughter of slaves, who went on to found a university for black students and advise President Franklin Roosevelt. Teachers Paulette Porche (center) and Ramona Davis (right) meet with students during a Positive Behavior Support class and discuss making better choices. Among the great programs at the pre-K– 6th-grade school are two self-esteem clubs — The Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club, for the boys, and the Young Ladies of Destiny, for the girls — a student council, and the Positive Behavior System class that helps students make better choices and redirects negative behavior. Teacher DaVen Lewis founded the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club in 2003 to help 3rd–6th-grade boys learn better morals and how to be gentlemen. Serving as mentors on an ongoing basis are the 100 Collegiate Gentlemen of Dillard University who “come and mentor and tutor our boys and talk about how to act in professional situations,” Lewis said.

The student council gets involved in extracurricular activities and raises funds for events in the school and local community, said Principal Mary Haynes-Smith, a big supporter of the programs.
The UFT is pleased to be able to contribute to “the wonderful programs at this great public school,” Alford said.
Sponsor and teacher DaVen Lewis (right) with members of the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club during their self-esteem meeting.
Frederich Magee Jr., a young gentleman in action, opens the door for classmates before a self-esteem club meeting. Letting off some steam after their “Young Ladies of Destiny” meeting are students with teacher Sharon Magee (back, right). Molly Mikesell, founder and director of Hairamedics, has been in pursuit of enhancing women’s confidence and success through expert hair color and styling for nearly two decades.  When combined with solid fundamental values and inner-strength, Molly believes that great hair is vital to a woman’s positive self-image.
In 1997, under the tutelage of world-renowned colorists, Tommy Aucoin and Tanner, and Sonya and Christopher Dove, Molly developed sophisticated color techniques that won her awards and sought-after positions with top lines.   Accordingly, she became a certified national color educator for elite brands including Rusk, Wella International and Paul Mitchell, where she trained beauty professionals nationwide.
Following her passion for color, Molly now leads her own team of Hairamedics—experts in hair color and color correction, located in La Jolla, California.  Her refined aesthetic and technical savvy has attracted long-term contracts with beautiful, successful women from New York to California, including international Playboy Playmates, the San Diego Chargers Cheerleaders, and most recently, Broadway performer Anna DeVere Smith. Because of her strong belief that great hair contributes to a woman’s positive self-image, Molly spends her days off volunteering her services at battered women’s shelters to help victims of domestic violence rebuild their careers and self-esteem.  She also donates her time to help less fortunate high school girls prepare for fulfilling and independent futures.

For more information, or to receive a complimentary consultation, email or phone Molly Mikesell at (619) 278-1120. Just because you’re married or in a long-term relationship doesn’t mean you should stop flirting. The club went on hiatus for a year after Katrina as the school was rebuilt and returned in full force in the fall of 2006. The Young Ladies of Destiny has a partnership with Links, Inc., an international not-for-profit dedicated to enriching the lives of African-American women and girls.
Mikesell believes that every woman has their unique color palette and incorporates her expertise to identify a color and style that will magnify your natural beauty.  Although versed in the latest, cutting-edge techniques, Molly’s clientele tend to be women who simply want to radiate timeless beauty with brilliant hair color and polished cuts. The UFT, members and retirees donated thousands of dollars and supplies and recruited volunteers to help out in Louisiana and the gulf states to which many people were evacuated.

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